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Longstepper! 1967 Chevrolet Pickup

The seller of this neat old truck is kind enough to inform us that less than 7% of all 1967 Chevrolet pickups were “Longsteppers”; that is, a step side with a long bed. This Arkansas lifer is now listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding has reached just over $2,600 as I write, but has not yet met the reserve. It currently is waiting for you in Greenwood, Arkansas, quite an appropriate place to be considering it’s color and wooden bed floor!

With too much wear and tear for the claimed 20,800 miles, I suspect the odometer has either been around the clock or the cable was broken for part of this truck’s life. But don’t let that dissuade you from looking it over; this is a great classic truck that can both work for a living and look stylish enough for you to take it to Cars and Coffee with pride. I suspect the paint could look a lot better with some serious compounding and buffing. There are a couple of small dents that it might be worth trying paintless dent removal on–or you can be like Mater and let the truck wear the scars proudly as signs of its history.

If this really is the original bed floor, it’s in remarkably solid shape. While rust is starting to creep in on the edges, I don’t see anything to worry about, at least for a while. Of course, if you want to repaint it, go ahead, but if this is really the original paint other than a few spots, why not keep it for a while. That hubcap belongs on the right rear, and certainly shows that this was a working truck from birth, not some shiny showpiece.

Here’s where the truck shows how well it was cared for. It may have been a work truck, with a three on the tree and a rubber mat for a floor, but someone sure didn’t abuse this old truck. A good cleaning is all that’s needed in this interior.

Based on the air cleaner and thermostat housing, this is the 250 cubic inch six-cylinder rather than the available larger 292. Whether 20,800 or 120,800 miles, it should have plenty of life left in it. The seller claims it “runs and drives excellent”. I know I’d like to give it a try–I have fond memories of driving a 1970 Chevrolet work pickup in the same color for several years. Would you clean it up and drive it as-is, or repaint it?






  1. Howard A Member

    This truck has the US Forest Dept. colors. Green with a white top. Which could explain the low miles, which, by looking at the interior, I’d say it is 20K. (no pedal or steering wheel wear) Not to say, this truck wasn’t used, just not very far, and may have sat outside. It would never look like this at 120K. Great find. From a time when you could walk into a dealer, and say,” I want a basic pickup”, and drive away in this. They were already on the lot, and any options could be added by the dealer later. Just the opposite today, if you could even get a basic truck. Why don’t these fruit cake automakers offer something like this again?

    • Raoul Robichaud

      I believe Howard is likely spot on. I had a similar experience, in the mid 90’s I bought a 1981 Dodge Ram , with dual fuel capacity- gas/propane,
      a 383 ci engine, it had earned its few shallow scars from its service as an airport service vehicle in the Canadian prairies. The paint was dull, the interior a bit grungy but complete, no rust on truck except for above the front winshield. Mileage read under 30,000 miles, which I first I didn’t believe, but the more I used it l came to accept that it was likely correct, though it was far from a creampuff.

  2. Johnny V

    Hey guys thanks for posting this. I am the current owner and I do have mileage documentation. I just love what a cool old truck this is but I want something different so alas she has to go.

    • Woodie Man

      Heres a pix of Colonel 72………maybe I need another one!

      Love the longsteppers!

  3. JW

    Johnny that is a very nice truck, I had a 68 long bed fleet side 4×4 and the 67 to 72 Chevys were one of the nicest of GM’s trucks and I’m a Ford truck guy. Hope it sells and you don’t regret it like I do with the 68.

  4. Ed P

    This is a work truck. 6 cyl with 3 on the tree. I remember pickups in this era being advertised for about $2k, similar pricing to a Falcon or Chevy 2. Great find.

    • Tyler

      Yep, base price on that truck was $2,371.

  5. Dave Wright

    We bought a perfectly straight rust free 66, small rear window last fall with a 4 speed and a 307, the bed and bumper is off, PS, PB, A/C truck with a nice original interior , short fleetside. 400.00

    Like 1
    • Dave Wright

      Photo didn’t take……..

      • Dave Wright

        I am mistaken…….it is a 67 with the same body as this truck.

  6. Pappy2d

    Rare perhaps. But a short box in the step, or fleet style would bring double what this will go for. Folks love the 67 and 68 C10’s. Especially with the small rear glass. If memory serves, that bed floor wood is southern yellow pine. Heavy and dense. If kept dry, it would last a long time.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Not arguing, just curious–why is the short bed worth more? I’d prefer the long bed–proportions look better to me and it’s more useful!

      • newport pagnell

        IMO, just aesthetics. Most people that are into these like them mostly for looks and less functionality. The SWB’s(as they are known) are preferred for their proportions.

      • Woodie Man

        funny I think just the opposite. I think the SWB proportions look stunted. LWB looks better to me. This longstepper is super sweet.

  7. Ck

    Well Howard thats what the robots are programed to make ,cookie cutter vehicle s .Unfortunately thats what people want .Power this and power that heated and cooled seats,together all in one.They dont want to sell you a reasonably priced car,they want you to pay the no haggle price for the100 all the same vehicles that they have in the back lot .But hey it does come in black, white,and 3 shades of silver not like this old school truck with crank up Windows and three on the tree.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I have to contradict the 7% claim as far as this style goes. Unless the chinook belt and the intermountain regions are completely unique I’d say closer to a third. Farmers and construction companies preferred the stepsides and there were times when you had to look for the fleetsides. By ’69 the numbers would have dwindled but ’67 was still a lot of old school customers. I was 14 in ’67 and I was really starting to notice what everyone was driving. Now if that was said about Fords I would have agreed. But then maybe my region WAS unique. Other than that I love the truck.

    • HeadMaster1

      geomechs, the seller is claiming the 7% NOT for all stepsides, but for LONGBED stepsides…..Something I didn’t even know existed….until I bought a 69′ last year with a 350 and 4 on the floor

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi HeadMaster. The longbed stepsides are what I was referring to; back then shortbeds weren’t popular at all. The farmers, the power company, the gas co-op, all 1/2 to 1-ton longbed stepsides. In my neighborhood I think there were more stepsides in ’67 than the ’66 models. But then, sometimes certain regions can vary from the norm too. When I started working for the GM dealer there were still a lot of them left over and we got lots in the service department. There are still a couple of 1-tons with 9 ft. beds that were surplus from the power company that are used daily as farm trucks. I like your truck by the way; I hope you enjoy it….

    • Tyler

      In the 1967 model year, there were 288,317 C10’s built of all versions, with 19,969 of those being 8 foot step side beds. In contrast, there were 165,973 8 foot fleetsides built. So the 7% claim is accurate.

  9. Pappy2d

    For short bed fanaticism, check out:

  10. Pappy2d

    It’s the cool factor for sure. There are kits to convert the 8 foot bed to the 6.5
    Lots of YouTube videos too. No one is making long beds from short beds.

  11. jef ray

    I love this truck. Unfortunately I have no room left at the inn, and no idea what I would sell to make a spot….I will have to admire this old guy, and be glad these are still out there.

  12. Derek F

    You could work with this original paint for sure, a little touch up here and there with some polishing to keep it original. Though I might repaint the grille, bumpers and wheels to visually tidy things up. Cool truck fosho.

  13. TRC

    Had that exact truck given to me. The bed wood was rotted but, the cab was solid as all hell. However, the rear suspension swing arms were rusted to death. I listed it on eBay as a must be trailered home because of the bad suspension arms. In less than an hour, someone hit buy it now for $1500.

    When the bidder came up to see it he flipped cause of the rusty swing arms. He let me keep the DP but, walked away claiming I didn’t list the condition? Took pics of the rear arms relisted it and sold it for less but, I was loosing storage so what ever I got was better than paying to move it and pay storage again.

  14. Marty Member

    Another lesser-known variant of this generation of Chevy truck, is the “extended long bed”. It’s a fleet side with an 8.5′ bed. The extra section was added to the front of the bed by the factory.

    • Tyler

      Those are known as Longhorns, & were very low production, with less than 15,000 total made between 1968 to 1972.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member
      • Tyler

        That’s interesting, as a Longhorn was never available as a 4wd since C30’s weren’t. The Longhorn used the one ton C30 chassis. I wonder if they stretched a K20 frame or put the body on a later model suspension.

  15. Mat

    This was my uncles truck, he bought it new. The picture was taken in late 1968/early 1969.

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    We have a lot of them down here….kinda a ranchers right hand…..cut mine up and the bed went to a Ford guy…..he wanted to tow it behind his truck….

    • Woodie Man

      Between Mat’s picture and Stillwater’s I see two trucks with that damn mustard yellow color that’s on my ’72. Off the top of my head i cant recall the color….I call it mustard or CalTrans yellow……fugly

  17. Wayne

    You can still get a basic truck. I sell them sell them all the time. (I sell GMCs)
    You only need to go talk a fleet sales guy.

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Can we buy just 1?

  18. chad

    drove that yr/model w/o ever hittin pavement for several yrs –
    it wuz the short bed same color cept no white top.
    Put in 20 mi of post’n board by hand in rocky New England soil
    over that time w/it.
    Mounted a big sno blower on frnt for the bad storms (left the plow in the barn then).
    Great truck only got 1/2 stuck once (on a rock @ plow frame) bein ignorant…

  19. Pete

    6 years ago I drove by a mechanic shop and I noticed a green 67 long bed sitting near the back. It had $750.00 written on the windshield. I thought wow that seems like a pretty good deal to me. I made the mistake of mentioning it to a guy after I came back from going to lunch. The next day I was going to go over and check out the truck up close and personal. It was sold that very afternoon I told that dude about it. I even told him I was going to look at it. When I mentioned it to him the next day he got this real uncomfortable expression on his face. So he must have gone and snaked it out from under me. At the time I figured as solid as it was I could have quickly doubled my money with very little effort. Oh well ya snooze ya loose I guess.

  20. Melvin B.

    Beautiful truck. Wish it were closer. My favorite body style and truck. I’m in Los Angeles.Looking for a 67-72 Chevy. Ex neighbor had a 71 C10. Immaculate.

  21. HeadMaster1

    Melvin B, if you really want one, I might be willing to part with mine. 69, 350V8, 4-speed, Longbed stepside. The motor runs awesome, trans shifts in all gears, needs brake work still. It’s in KS, but I still have a house in CA and plan to make a trip back that way, you could twist my arm to haul it to Cali…….email me if you’re interested “”, put TRUCK in subject so I don’t miss it……

  22. mars2878

    I love this body style, always had a soft spot for the GMC nose.

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