Looking Gangster: 1937 Buick Special

The Buick Special was introduced in 1936 and was Buick’s entry level car. Some of us love the styling of prewar cars and find this Buick especially enticing. This one is listed on craigslist in Minburn, Iowa for $6,300. The seller has redone the brakes and fuel system. It runs and drives but needs lots of restoration work. It looks mostly complete and original, but it needs interior as well as paint and body work to make it really nice. I occasionally drive a Buick very similar to this one and and it is wonderful to drive.

The dash looks very original and complete. The steering wheel needs help but it looks usable. The interior needs work, but it appears a good cleaning would make it useable.

The fuel system has had attention so the engine runs. The engine is a 248 CID overhead valve straight eight. The engine looks complete and original but could use a good cleaning and paint.

The seller has left this old Buick sitting for several years after rescuing it from a barn. Perhaps something about the restoration overwhelmed him. It has dents scrapes and patina. It needs glass and interior work. This could be a cool car to drive after resolving any mechanical issues, new tires and a thorough cleaning. It could be restored over time. Of course, there are also those who would choose to install an updated suspension and a modern engine.

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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    All day long…An era never to be repeated.

  2. Wayne

    Looked at this one today for less money

    • glen

      What one?, should there be a link to another car? Am I missing something? sorry for all the questions.

  3. Larry K

    Love to own it.

  4. Howard A Member

    I had a friend with a ’38 Pontiac and was very similar to this ( not the engine, of course) I remember working on it, it really wasn’t much different than more modern cars ( to a point) We went on a cruise, and it did 50-55 no problem,,,eventually. (anything more than that, was a bit tense). Great find, can’t be many left like this.

  5. Capt Doug

    This is a very affordable, sensible old car to drive on weekends and special occasions that will be easy to maintain, draw a crowd when parked and lots of waves on the road.
    It deserves a nice warm garage and a new owner with the time to make it shiny again.

  6. nessy

    I am an Oldsmobile fan as some of you may know but the 37 and 38 Buicks were by far, the best looking cars produced for those two years, even better looking than the Cadillacs which were also beautiful cars from that era. I have a 38 Buick Opera Coupe. It was the first “Old” car I bought that started me on my Pre War 2 kick.

  7. Dave Wright

    Under appreciated car in today’s market. These are wonderful powerful cars a few cuts above the common Ford or even Chevrolet. Great design, fit and finish. Sure to appreciate faster than most with time.

  8. Dale Leier

    Fair price for a fairly decent condition.

  9. bingb

    As a teen dad had a 37 Buick convertible almost as old as he was.It ran rough in Upper Michigan winters so he traded it in.His brother drove by the dealer and saw it ..and bought it the same day.. Ha, grandparents were not amused..

  10. Anthony

    What a shame today’s vehicles are pure plastic garbage and all look the same to me.

    Good thing for websites like BarnFinds and others to appreciate what once was…

  11. Joe

    Nice car for a decent price.Wish it was closer to me.

  12. Pete

    Awe man, I would love to buy that car. But noh not in a posistion to be able to. Durn it.

  13. Dave

    Had a ’37 Buick back in the 60’s. Cool car. Paid $125

  14. K. Alan Robbins

    These are awesome cars as long as you don’t have to park in tight spaces as the visibility from the drivers seat is really poor, you feel like you’re sitting in a tank.

    The location of the master cylinder is very curious.

    Other than that they drive GREAT and that Straight 8 is one nice engine.

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