Looking To Trade: 1968 Dodge Charger

If you have a 1969 Dodge Charger and always wanted a ’68, you may have found your soul mate. The seller of this 1968 is looking to trade for a ’69. They say “Looking for a 1969…willing to trade for one in same condition or better.” The ad can be found here on Facebook Marketplace and the seller appears to be in the Houston, Texas area. There isn’t any explanation for why they want a different year, but you never know someone’s motivation. Maybe they had a 1969 when they were younger and thought a ’68 would fill the need but it isn’t? Maybe they found a good donor car that is a ’69?

Photo courtesy Vanguard Motor Sales via Facebook

At first glance, the average person wouldn’t be able to tell a 1968 from a 1969, however, there are subtle differences. As you can see in the photo, the front end and rear end were both significantly modified from one year to the next. The split grille is a fairly dramatic change, but the rear end had the most interesting change. Round taillights were replaced with wide and long ones. I personally prefer the round taillights myself, but everyone has an opinion. What is your choice?

The seller admits the car will need a lot of metalwork. There aren’t any photos of the engine compartment, interior, or trunk, but the seller says the car was born with a 383. I’m not sure if there will be any takers for the trade, but hopefully, this car will find a new home.

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  1. 8banger Member

    Similar condition? Looks like its roof is whacked!

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  2. flmikey

    Why do I, and maybe most people, prefer the 68 over the 69? One word…Bullitt…

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    • Skorzeny

      It is just a prettier Charger, but the ‘70 is just ugly.

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    • Gary Rhodes

      Much cleaner looking than the 69. I’ve owned 68s,69s and 70s but 68 is my favorite by far

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  3. William

    If he can’t get a 69, he will opt for the Hope Diamond. Mopar crazies think these things are gold. Oh here is an idea, maybe he likes the number 69 for what ever reason that may be. Crazy people have crazy motivations.

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  4. Lynn waller

    Charger convertible candidate

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  5. Ian C

    Just so I understand…

    “willing to trade my Charger for a 69 with something in similar condition”

    uhhhh…. EWWWW!!!

    (Please don’t ban me! LOL)

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  6. George Mattar

    Will trade my Corvette and he gives me $75,000. What a heap. Even GYC would not restore this.

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  7. Hank Kaczmarek

    He’s got to be kidding.
    I’m a big Charger Fan—Had a 73 SE
    But I wouldn’t go through the trouble of towing that thing away. Even if I was paid to.

  8. Kenn

    First, is it numbers matching? How about original miles? I know how important that is to most the commenters here.

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  9. Stan Marks

    I’ll have to check my local wrecking yard, to see if there are any rusted out old ’69’s.

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  10. Mikey P

    Shlt Box

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  11. martinsane

    68 is way cooler and that has nothing to do with a movie.

    The continuous grill and circle taillights are faaar superior in look style than the 69.

    But opinions are like Camaros everyone has had one, wants one or knew someone who had one .

  12. Carson Cole

    I would love to have this car what does the owner want to trade for it

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