Lost Interest: 1957 Chevrolet 210

As car enthusiasts, it can sometimes seem strange to lose interest in a project. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened with the previous owner of this ’57 Chevy. While this 2 door isn’t perfect, it is a very promising start! With several days remaining in the auction, this Chevrolet has been bid up to $9,200! Take a look at it here on eBay out of Rogue River, Oregon.

Appearing to have been someone’s hot rod at one point, this 57 shows some evidence of its past that will hopefully lead to a brighter future for the next owner. While the front and rear windows are not in place, the interior is fair but is going to need attention. The dash and gauge cluster is in fair shape, so that is a good starting point. Perhaps some of the other interior components can be salvaged depending on the direction the buyer goes with this car. Originally powered by a 283 V8 3 speed, I am assuming that the drive-train is included, even though there is little information provided. There are a few pictures showing casting numbers, but the condition of the drive-train is unknown. Another neat feature about this Chevy is that it sits on a “Daytona” style frame which can be seen in the photos.

Overall the exterior shows quite well with its singular color and minimal rust. Small patches of rot can be found in the lower rockers, as well as in the bottoms of the quarters. Also, the front section of the floors needs some help as rot is present there as well. Despite the rot, this 210 is a nice car that looks like it could be handled with patch panels, instead of replacing entire panels. Most if not all of the trim appears to be in place, and the body appears relatively straight. There is a smorgasbord of parts in the trunk, so who knows what all really comes with this old Chevy. Could you revive some interest into this ‘57?

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  1. PatrickM

    There’s no way I’m forking out $10K for this….’57 Chevy or not.

  2. Gaspumpchas

    Good start with this 57 if you go into it expecting the worst. Primer. Undercoating. Hiding many sins. you can see extensive rust on the body and in the floor. Everything is available Frame looks good from what you can see.Engine is a mystery, is it included? and why couldn’t the seller clean the buggers off the casting numbers before taking the pic!

    Good luck to the new owner.. you could throw a mill in it and drive as is also!!!

    • Kuzspike

      All that is true, but hey, the VIN plate is spotless!

  3. stillrunners

    Daytona frame….is that another name for the California mandated frame ?

  4. jw454

    You know… if you were taking a picture of a casting number on a part wouldn’t you take less than a second and wipe the cob webb and leaf debris off of it first. Some people… they just don’t get it.

    • 1st Gear

      I noticed that too,and agree as to the brainless ones in this world,jw454.Also something fishy about the VIN tag-I got pop rivets EXACTALLY like in my tool box.Who would of thunk . . .

      • Norman Wrensch

        The only tag I saw was the trim tag not the vin tag. And the vin tag on these were spot welded on. was a nice clean trim tag though

  5. Steve A

    After looking at all the pictures in the listing closely I’ve came to the conclusion that at least 2 people are extremely stupid to get the bidding that high. Love the seller description: “Needs a few patch panels”. 😂😂😂 This this is rotted out BAD.

    • Fred Alexander

      A FEW patch panels – – – – define FEW please seller – – – – –

  6. Suttree

    Get it on the road. Enjoy it. Let the next owner decide to fix it or not.
    This one could be fun.
    Rust? Highly overrated as a buzz kill.

  7. david

    Another semi-rare tri 5. Have the only 210 ht in town

  8. Rex Kahrs Member

    I, too, have lost interest in the ’57 Chevy.

  9. canadainmarkseh Member

    That body needs to be stripped bare to get a good look at what your up against. There are hunderds of hours of rust repair work here. So you better get good at welding sheet metal together without wrapping it to badly because to farm it out to a shop is going to cost thousands. There is potential here but only for a skilled restorer amitures stay away. The price is bid up to high too I’d never pay that much for a rust bucket. $4500.00 tops don’t be fooled this is a piggy with lipstick on it.

  10. scottymac

    Educate me, what’s a Daytona frame and California bumpers?

  11. Neil

    Seems to be missing front and rear screen as well as needing at least a drivers door glass – are they easily available?

  12. Pete

    SMDH I sold a running and driving complete 57 Belair car with no rot for $8200. Thanks berrat jackson for creating all these delusional sellers.

  13. Ldockey17

    Lost interest might mean that he bit off more than he has money for.

  14. Chuck Turner

    57 Chevys came with a frame with a seam on the top or a frame with no seam.
    All 57 Chevys built in Oakland or Los Angeles (Van Nuys) CA had one piece bumpers. All other assembly plants had three piece.

  15. Chuck Turner

    Sorry, too long a weekend. The seam was on the bottom of the frame. The picture I included is the frame from a car we did. Car came from San Diego and was built in San Francisco. A dual quad convertible the scored 998 points at the Chevy nationals.

  16. Eddie Surles

    Well it is all in what you want .and if you really want it you could pay a good price for it. It’s all in the buyer I know I bought a 1970 nova for 3 Grand and now have10 grand in it but it was worth it

  17. bruce baker

    This makes me think of the Pawn Star episode where Rick Harrison paid Rick Dale $ 70,000 for a fully restored nearly stock Chevy 150 in black for the “Old Mans” birthday. Pickers Mike, & Frank found a 150 as bad off as this 210 for about $5,000 an delivered it to the restoration shop in Las Vegas. The car turned out great, but isn’t $ 75 grand restored stock Belair or even Nomad money? May the “Old Man” R.I.P. now.

  18. Gaspumpchas

    They said they did. Probably all fake. These tv shows are 99% BS, and all scripted.


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