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No Reserve: Low-Mile 1993 Toyota Pickup 4×4

It’s hard to believe a truck you previously loved to abuse because it never ceased to start up the next morning is suddenly viewed as a collector’s item. But that’s just what has happened with Toyota trucks from the middle and late 90s, as their reputation for reliability has made them the darlings of a certain type of buyer that wants to protect their investment while also having a usable vehicle in their possession. The Toyota Pickup and Tacoma lineup stands apart from many other trucks of the same era, and examples like this one – featuring four wheel drive, a manual transmission, and the legendary 22R-E powerplant – go for all the money. Find this 1993 model listed here on eBay with bids to $9,350 and no reserve.

This truck also benefits from being a low mileage example, with just 77,999 miles on the clock. That’s literally nothing on a truck like this, as the Toyota pickup is the Mercedes W123 of the truck world. The four wheel drive models always looked beefy with the jacked up suspension and the tubular bumpers only enhance the off-road ready looks. The Toyota has clearly been used as a light-duty driver or work vehicle, as there’s virtually no signs of the cosmetic damage that usually stems from having a jobsite as its second home. The bed cap is painted to match and has hopefully kept the bed itself in excellent shape.

Now, the Toyotas of this era did have a tragic flaw, which is that of its frame that was exceedingly prone to rusting out and snapping in half. Toyota issued a massive recall over this oversight, and some trucks received new factory frames while others were unceremoniously scrapped. Today, you can find any number of trucks that appear to be in great shape for too good of a price, at which point the listing usually reveals that the frame is junk. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this truck, which also has an extremely well preserved interior to go along with the spotless exterior panels. Factory floormats appear to be in outstanding condition as well.

The engine continues a legacy of decidedly unexciting powertrains that will long outlast the truck body that surrounds it. The seller notes it runs and drives as you’d expect a well-kept Toyota to perform, and that the suspension and exhaust are both tight and quiet. The truck features an aftermarket-but-high end Sony head unit, and the bed sports a plastic bedliner – that’s it for alterations. The brush guard and fog lamps are described as factory options, and while no recent maintenance is listed, it seems like a safe guess that the previous owner worked just as hard at maintaining the mechanical components as he did the cosmetics. How much would you pay for a pristine Toyota truck?


  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Interesting factoid RE: the frame, Jeff, & it accounts for all these that turned up in seemingly nice condition at the wrecking yards sooner than expected as you mentioned. Good research!

    On another note this one looks really clean but it almost appears as though it’s got a lift kit on it-am I looking at this from the wrong angle?

    • Gnrdude

      Mehhh It’s possible that it HAS a One inch lift or something But I can tell you in the early 90’s these SAT Pretty High off the Ground from the factory that’s why people so Desired these back then Ohh & their Superb Reliability. Though look at the Truck over all it’s BONE STOCK.

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  2. Steve R

    The problems with frame rust through was regional. Toyota trucks and 4 Runners of this vintage, and earlier, are a common sight on the west coast. Rust around here was never an issue. I have several friends that have owned them, including one that still owns a mid-80’s SR5 4×4 he bought brand new. I’d never heard anyone mention rust issues until the online forums brought it up.

    This looks like a really nice truck, the bidding is likely far from over, rightfully so.

    Steve R

    • Todd Zuercher

      @Steve R – that was my experience as well. I don’t remember many complaints about this vintage truck regardless of its location. And rusty frames were never a thing here in AZ or in the west in general. Most of the western Toyotas disappeared because they were all bought up and driven south to Guatemala and other southern American countries in the infamous caravans you’d see (still do see!) here on I-10, I-8, etc.

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      • Todd Zuercher

        South American, not southern American Countries. What happened to the 5 min. edit feature that we used to have on here?

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    • George A Gillespie

      The rust issue was with the 1995 Tacoma as Toyota bought back many of these trucks. Rust out on the frame was not a major issue on pre Tacoma Toyota pickups. Check it out if you don’t agree.

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      • Todd Zuercher

        George – I agree.

  3. Bruce Turk

    Yes I know I am the only one—- I owned the same year, same color truck from new and it was a lemon from 26,000 miles when the clutch went. Then the gears in the rear end, rear wheel bearings, frame rotted through, but not before the engine blew, twice. The truck was never abused and well maintained, it was just a nightmare. What a POS.

  4. Nathan brossett

    What is the current bid right now.

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