Low Mile T Top: 1970 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The C3 Corvette has certainly left its mark on American culture with its iconic style and performance. Although the C3 generation covers many years and updates, there is something enchanting about the early chrome bumper cars. This 1970 T top car has 61,000 miles with a 350 4 speed combo that is ready to roll. In good company, this sharp looking classic can be yours for $23,900. Check it out here on craigslist out of Hialeah, Florida. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for this cream puff submission!

What options do you wish for on your C3? We obviously all want a big block big power car with a stick shift, but this car is optioned very nicely. Featuring a 350 V8, a 4 speed manual, air conditioning, power steering and brakes, this Corvette will be a joy to drive in any temperature. Looking over the engine bay, it is difficult to see any issues of any kind. The engine bay paint is in nice shape, and the engine looks to have been recently painted. For a lack of better pictures, or seeing it in person, this engine bay looks very close to prefect. Although I will say don’t exactly agree with the Lev-R-Cap radiator cap.

From what we can see in the photos, the interior appears to be in nice shape, but the seller has certainly hidden whether or not this Corvette has been restored, partially restored, or if it is original. I am leaning towards partially restored as the engine bay is virtually spotless, but the seats do show some wear in the form of wrinkles. The wrinkles do not take away from the car, but there is certainly an indication that this Chevy has seen some miles in both the driver and passenger seat.

Offered in a variety of colors this C3 in its Mulsanne Blue is a beautiful treat, and seems to be a not so common color in a sea of red Corvettes. From what can be seen in the photos, this classic appears to be mint. The paint almost looks wet, and the chrome is brilliant. I would definitely assume that there are no cracks to be found on this car, but the only thing I can see to raise a question on is the driver side door. It appears to be flush at the top, but looks to have a bit of a gap towards the bottom. All in all this looks to be a solid low mileage classic that needs nothing more than a place to sleep, and some roads to cruise. Are you a fan of this Mulsanne Blue C3?

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  1. Rick

    I smell a CL scam. Bumper cars usually command much more than this. Car is in Florida but wearing Massachusetts plates? Could be a collector based on other cars in the background, but still…

  2. Dave Mc

    “Radiator cap kills deal”
    News at 11.

  3. geoff a

    Mass plates check for rust, might explain door issue or has salvage title and was in an accident.

  4. dave

    A sea of red flags in the engine bay: Valve covers, air cleaner, rad cap (as noted), hose clamps, fuel filter, dizzy shield, AC belt. Something funny w/alternator…

    • Suttree

      The car looks good. It doesn’t seem over priced. It has some issues? Is it still OK to consider a car for exactly what it is and exactly what it is not and pay accordingly? That’s the way we used to do it. Still seems viable to me.

  5. JW

    All negatives aside I love the color on this Corvette.

  6. Pa Tina

    Now we are complaining about radiator caps on a 48 year old car? I guess changing an air cleaner, hose clamps, and fuel filter is also a huge undertaking. Yep, sounds like a body-off-frame restoration is required. Must be a bunch of grouchy Patriots fans commenting.

  7. Classic Steels

    Good to see C3 models start to climb in price!

    Pro its a chrome bumper and four speed
    and cons its a C3 and not convertible.

    The dog legs on frame and bird cage are suspect to rot as a warning!

    I had two C3 models in past and both under 35 k miles with four speeds and converts
    with hardtop units, ram air within last decade! Each brought close to twenty in excellent shape in paint , interior and frame etc.
    so it’s good to see these step kid vettes climb in prices as C2s go cray cray in pricing 👍👀

    • Pa Tina

      Standard areas to be checked on any C3. If someone is thinking about buying a C3 and aren’t aware of the “red zones” they should go look at a 2CV. There is enough info on these cars to fill a wing of the Smithsonian. I still think these coupes look like rocketships to this day. Remember the first time you saw one? I remember riding my bike to Glen Campbell Chevrolet on Main Street in Williamsville NY and spending hours looking at the 1969 Corvettes and Camaros. I got the 1969 Camaro, the best I could do on the Corvette was a 1976.

  8. jw454

    As Corvettes go, this looks like a fairly decent one. However, the tilt/telescopic steering column was installed in about 33% of the all the 1970 model year cars so, I wouldn’t call that “super rare”. It was in 5,803 cars out of the 17,316 units built.
    The price seems fair if the car looks as good in person as it does here.
    You can check out the figures here:


  9. dave

    Naw, I’m not trying to be picky, just saying that as far as period-correct parts are concerned…but I’m sure it would be a fun car just the same.

  10. J Pawlicki

    According to the Corvette DNA app, he is spot on the asking price. I do question the Massachusetts tags when the car is in Florida. Otherwise, it’s a nice car. All it needs is the luggage rack for the T-tops and good to go.


    Seems like a bargain to me. The ad states “correct” 350, which doesn’t sound original to me. Anybody know how many hp these had? A.C. is a huge plus for those of us living in the desert. I don’t think I would be brave enough to buy it unseen, but seems like a nice car to me.

    • jw454

      There were 3 levels of H.P. for the 350 in 1970. 300 for the ZQ3, 350 for the L46, and 370 for the LT1.

    • Jim Richards

      Most were 190 hp – 210hp stock out of a 350.

  12. 86 Vette Convertible

    Based on the pictures, looks like there are 4 Vettes plus a mix of Firebirds etc in that building. What I can see looks good but as mentioned, things like the birdcage and frame are subject to rot. Have to wait and see what becomes of it.

  13. RandyS

    I think it is priced right assuming frame and birdcage check out. Could probably get a little more if just put the OEM air cleaner, valve covers and ignition shield back on.

  14. Mike

    The Mass. licence plates gives rise to the questions if this vette was a sun season driver, the nest it kept during winter and the possible likelyhood of accident due mis-alignment of door. The wrinkles in the seat simply add character as long there is no breakdown. A real pleasure to see the engine bay given attention.

  15. Ron

    The drivers door is fine. The second photo in the CL listing shows it closed where as the selected photo above the door isn’t closed all the way. Deluxe interior with crank windows is a bit odd to me. I wonder if they have the tank sticker. Correct engine is seller code for replaced engine and no mention of the transmission being original as well. Asking price seems a tad high, could be interesting what it actually sells for.

    • Pa Tina

      I don’t think the Deluxe interior required power windows. Probably not relevant, but my 1979 had Deluxe interior with crank windows.

    • Adam Clarke Adam T45 Staff

      You beat me to the punch on that one Ron. I noticed the same thing. I must say that I quite like the look of this one myself.

  16. Gary

    The car has been repainted, the door latch is painted, also the engine compartment has been painted flat black.

  17. Gus

    What would I like-1970 c3 blue likr this car with blue leather inter. Small block 370 hp motor ,cr 4 speed, 3:70 posi.

  18. Nrg8

    If it be without the rust in the usual places. IMO it would be a fun car. Not so nice it would have to be a trailer queen. You could actually enjoy it. Tinker with it. Collect swap meet parts. Drive it…..

    • Pa Tina

      Skip the swap meets. Get a catalog, fire up the credit card and spend the rest of the winter getting it sorted out- then enjoy a full season of driving.

  19. Mark J. Soderberg

    Love the ’69’s. But like this one.


    What’s up with the hood?

    • Pa Tina

      it’s unlatched in the main image.

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