Low Mileage Show Truck: 1978 Ford F-150

Show vehicles can often be a little over the top while others are just plain awesome. What happens to these vehicles after the show circuit? Hard to say exactly, but in the case of this ’78 F-150, this truck was used very little having spent most of its time tucked away. With only 6,104 documented miles, this sweet custom pickup is in phenomenal condition. Featuring custom stripes, a roll bar, and a lift bed, this classic just oozes the late 1970’s. With 5 days remaining, this old show truck is currently bid up to $10,600. Check it out here on ebay out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This is easily one of the cleanest and untouched 351’s I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. It would seem that this truck was used very little, and when it was used, it was used gently. With no oxidation, grime, dirt, or oil, this is virtually a brand new engine!

A good condition interior is difficult to replicate in a vehicle from this era. Restoration parts often fit, but never as good as factory components. So to see an interior this crisp and well-fitting is really a treat, as many of these trucks haven’t come anywhere close to surviving as well as this 1978 model. There are a few modifications, like the steering wheel, and the controls for the dump bed and the off road lights. Modern floor mats protect the original carpet, and the door panels and bench seat are in wonderful shape with vibrant color. The dash and gauges are a joy to see as this may very well be one of the nicest surviving dashes for this body style of Ford pickup.

The unique and rather fancy tilt bed is operated off of two lift cylinders, and makes the roll bar seem not as useful. The beautiful paint work is all too common of the late 70’s into the early 80’s. The body work appears factory new, and the paint stripping is metallic catching light nicely in the sun. All of the frame and axles are very clean, and there is not a flaw in sight. The seller mentions that this truck is museum worthy, and also a great example of a unrestored truck that could be used to set the bar for restorations. Absolutely mint inside and out, would you enjoy or preserve this low mileage show truck?

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  1. Don H

    Boring engine for a show truck , nothing but a stock looking 351m

  2. Steve R

    Cool truck as a representative of a certain point in time.

    What’s not cool is their asking price, it’s on their website for $89,000.

    Steve R

    • J Paul Member

      The idea of paying $89,000 for a 1978 Ford pickup, even if it’s the nicest one left on the planet, is so absurd that I just wind up laughing about it.

      Seems like this dealer loves unrealistic pricing—one of their other Ebay auctions is for a plain-jane ’73 Mustang Grande, and they want $25k for that one…

  3. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    That paint was so cool in the 80’s , I did a few myself. Plus a bonus of sixty pounds of wheel weights.

    • jw454


      I agree on the wheel weights. Whoever balanced those wheels like that should lose their job. When I worked in a tire store we were not allowed to use more than than 2 weights per tire. “One on inside and one on outside only” was my bosses rule.

  4. Mark

    No close up photos, junk rims, , rather have the bronco in back. Maybe hiding something.

  5. KevinW

    Extremely nice, clean truck! That roll bar is only good for holding up the off road lights.

  6. JW

    I bought one of these new in 78 at a dealer in Aurora,IL, it was a 400 v8 / auto so the wife could drive it. It had what the dealer called the Midas Touch which was a company in Indiana that customized it. Features were Black exterior, Custom Bucket seats with a BEER cooler in the center, Orange/Brown/Red swirled shag carpet, Roll Bar with 2 KC lights, 33″ Mudder Tires with Mag Wheels. Had headers and dual glass packs put on and I was the envy of every truck guy out there in my area and because it was so light I was beating Camaros, Mustangs, Firebirds of that era Stoplight to stoplight. I would love this truck for the memories !!!

    Like 1
  7. michael streuly

    Nice truck yes show truck no. needs to be taken out and gotten muddy.

  8. Jaygryph

    Well, it’s nice to see these jacked up street queens from the 70’s getting some love. Gives me hope for the eventual sale of my Toyota that’s done up like this.

  9. chad

    Don’t like the paint even 4 10K$.

    However, my fav looking vehicle is da ’73/9 ford p/u (‘n Bronk’a course.)
    Solid color paint, 2 massive race stripe’s bout right.

    Like it’s a 4X4.
    Tilt bed doesn’t matter (less I work it).
    Want 1 wida (‘hidden hitch’ inda bed 4 a goosneck) 400 CDI cuz it’s the largest ‘square motor” (auto/cycle guys No what I mean) I know of…


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