Low Production? 2002 Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible

Except for one eight-year absence from 2003-2009, the Chevrolet Camaro has been in continuous production since 1967. During this time, more than five million of the “pony car” have been made, making it one of the most endearing automotive U.S. nameplates. Before taking a break, the 2002 Camaro would be “last call,” including this convertible said to wear Rally Sport trim. It’s located in Guttenberg, New Jersey and available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $7,500.

The fourth-generation Camaro saw a run between 1993-02. It was based on an updated F-body platform, but was still a Camaro at heart: it had 2-doors, 2+2 seating, coupé (with optional T-Top roof) or convertible body styles, rear-wheel drive, and a choice of pushrod V6 and V8 engines. General Motors dropped the Camaro after 2002 due to slowing sales, a soft sports coupé market and plant overcapacity. They would recoup and the Camaro would make a comeback eight years later.

Camaro production would rally to 42,100 units in 2002, including nearly 8,100 convertibles like the seller’s car. Nearly 70 percent of all Camaro’s built that year would have an automatic transmission. The seller mentions some missing Rally Sport trim, which would have included less than 500 cars. So, by adding convertible and RS together, that suggests some really low production numbers that this specific car presents.

At 106,000 miles, this Camaro has seen some use, but looks to be in overall good condition. The RS trim, as mentioned, is missing on the front spoiler. But the paint looks good and we don’t see any dents, dings or rust. The windshield wiper rain guards will need some attention as will the decorative trim where the top meets the door. We’re told the undercarriage is quite clean and tidy. The leather on the front seats has pretty much run its course, so that materials should be replaced. All-in-all, not a bad picture for a two-owner, nearly 20-year-old car.

We’re not told know which engine is under the hood, although we get a photo of it and it looks clean. Three were two V6 and three V8 motors that a Camaro could come with. Since it’s not an SS model, we’re leaning toward either the 207 or 231 cubic inch V6 which had a horsepower rating of either 160 or 205. The automatic transmission would be a 4-speed. The seller’s asking price is about in the middle of the other ones we’ve seen online, so if you’re looking for a “modern ragtop” that won’t need a lot of attention, what about an ’02 Camaro?

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  1. jwzg

    3800 v6

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  2. Ike Onick

    New Jersey, sketchy parking ramp images. 106K miles. “Gee, Wally what do you think Dad would say if we bought it?”

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  3. The Tower

    There was no RS in 2002. That’s a 6-cylinder base convertible with the Y3F sport appearance package package. Nowhere was the car ever referred as an RS.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Yep. I had that package on my ’99 Z/28.
      The spoiler on top of a spoiler was an interesting look.

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    • walt meller

      the rs package was built by slp. option code y3b.it was offered in 01 and 02.398 in 01 434 in 02.for $849.you got stripes on the hood,trunk and if a coupe over the roof.you also got a different grill with the bow tie emblem and the z 28 exhaust system with rectangular exhaust tip plus rs badging.horse power increased to 205.6 cyl models only.i have a silver convertible with all the documentation including the brochure from chevy.

  4. MitchRoss Member

    The only V6 that year was the . 3800 series III. Those engines are bulletproof so the miles on this one should not bother anyone I had a coupe with that engine and a 5 speed and it was a blast to drive, super balanced and very tossable. Fun autocross car.

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  5. The Tower

    Also, there were only 2 engines available in 2002: The 3800 V6 and the 5.7 LS1. The 3.4 liter (207) had been discontinued in the F-bodies for several years by the time this particular car rolled off the assembly line.

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  6. Bhowe Member

    No wonder why these were slow selling. This was during the period where gm was styling their cars by committee and it shows. Early 2000s were a dark period for GM IMO

  7. JoeNYWF64

    I have yet to see 1 of these after a few years whose original headlites were NOT clouded up. Recalls should be ordered on these, all Neons, many older Hondas, etc. etc.
    There are plenty of aftmkt replacement headlite assemblies on ebay, however.

  8. walt meller

    this is not an rs model.this car has the y3f package which includes front facia,rocker panel and rear facia moldings plus a rear spoiler extension.this package was available on all camaro models except the ss.price was $1,345. and 4,985 car were sold with this option.

  9. walt meller

    the rs package was available in 01 and 02.the option code was y3b and cost $849.for this money you got stripes on the hood,trunk and if it was a coupe across the roof.you also got the z28 exhaust system with rectangular exhaust tips and rs badging.only available on 6 cyl models.available only from slp and they built 398 in 01 and 434 in 02.i have a silver 02 convertible with all the documentation including the brochure from chevy

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