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Luxury Performance: 1975 Dodge Charger Sport

The Dodge Charger nameplate has clearly been through a few iterations, with the earlier models heavy on performance and the later examples oriented towards luxury. This 1975 model definitely falls into the latter category, a far cry from the 440s and Six-Packs that made its predecessors so desirable. Still, it’s an impressively preserved personal luxury coupe with a killer period interior. Find it here on craigslist in Lynnwood, Washington, for $4,300.

I had to start with the interior, as that is just the bee’s knees. The pattern, the bucket seats, and the matching door panels are period-correct perfection. It’s no surprise that the Dodge Charger shared its platform with the Chrysler Cordoba of the same era, which was perhaps the peak pseudo-luxury big body coupe. This Charger has under 100,000 miles, but the condition is still impressive for a specimen that isn’t a time capsule.

The rear is a handsome design, but it’s certainly not anything approaching intimidating like the earlier models were. The inwards angle of the taillamps is a nice detail, as is the way the chrome strip jumps over the license plate opening. The chrome bumpers present well, and it’s always nice to see an original dealer emblem still attached. With no obvious signs of a dual exhaust, I’m guessing this Charger didn’t get the high performance 4-bbl V8.

The standard engine option was the 2-bbl 360, but the 318 and 400 were also options. The seller notes that this Charger is a “Sport” trim model, which was largely a case of cosmetics – but there may be other differences I’m not aware of, so chime in below if there are. The Charger looks just as good around front, with excellent chrome, nice paint, and a grill that shows no signs of major cosmetic faults. As yet another oddball survivor from Washington State, I can almost predict where cars like these are hiding.


  1. Mitchell Gildea Member

    That interior is a 70s work of art

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    Not a first choice – but condition is everything now. Buy and enjoy

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  3. Shingo

    I know that the car say Charger, but if it’s a 1975 it’s a Coronet. There is a 75 Charger but it’s the Special Edition and not this car.

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    • jimbunte jimbunte Member

      Great link, Shingo – i’m going to spend months at that site LOL.

      I think the differentiation is the rear window that makes it a “Charger” – note on the Coronet none of the models have the 3-panel thing.

      In the end, it’s a Cordoba.

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    • Douglas Potts

      There was a Charger in 1975. It was the Charger S. E. Trim. Only available as a 2 door coupe to compete with the Monte Carlo and the Ford Elite.

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    • S

      2 Chargers were offered in 1975. This, which is Coronet based, and the Charger SE – which is the same body style as the Cordoba. VERY CONFUSING, I know.

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  4. Matthewf229

    I’m kinda with Shingo on this one, I think that’s a Coronet or Monaco with Charger badges. The only 1975 Chargers I’ve ever seen were based on (and nearly identical to) the Chrysler Cordoba. It’s a really cool car either way!

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    How many years were those bery bizarre hood springs/torsion bars used?
    Can’t be many. lol

  6. David Skinner

    That’s a ’76 or ’77 Dodge Charger. Chrysler dropped the Coronet nameplate from the two doors in ’76, and replaced it with Charger. The Cordoba based Charger remained, but it was now the Charger “Special Edition”-

    I’m guessing this was an early car built in late ’75, and the seller used the build date for the model year.

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  7. Jcs

    The hyperbole has been just a little thick as of late. “Time capsule”?? Did you even look at the interior pics? Did these come like this from the factory, dash cracks and all?

    • Husky

      Dash cracks was optional…

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  8. Raymond L Saunders

    Its a charger sport which was coronet based…charger se was cordoba based…all b bodies tho

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    Makes me wanna slip a Yacht Rock cassette in the tape player…and cruise down to the Regal Beagle with Janet and Terri for a white wine spritzer.(keep up people…know the references!)

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    • AndyinMA

      Mr. Furley would wear something that matches the interior of this car

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  10. S

    Two totally different and unrelated Chargers were offered in 1975. This, which is Coronet based, and was called “Charger”.

    Then, there was the Charger SE – which is the same body style as the Cordoba. I have no idea why they did this. Should have just called this one the Coronet, since there had been Coronet 2 door hardtops in previous years.

    The interior is awesome!! Love it!! Total 70s!

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  11. Allan W

    Herb Tarlek called…

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  12. JCA Member

    Wow, check out that interior… I bet it smells terrific

  13. Chuck Dickinson

    In the text, it said that it was nice to see an original dealer tag on the car. NO, IT ITSN’T!!!! Now you have to re-paint the area to get the damned thing off since they left holes which needed to be filled. Those things are abominations! Thankfully, very few dealers here used those things and settled on license plate frames. Those are fine, since I can chose whether or not to advertise “JONES FORD–ANYTOWN, USA”. I couldn’t imagine picking up a new vehicle on which some dealer decided to plaster some chrome logo on the trunk.

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