Luxury Road Trip: 1968 Cadillac Camper

Classic campers are the perfect vehicle to experience and explore America with. This factory built 1968 Cadillac camper was built by Superior Coach and combines luxury and a motor home all into one. Ready to roll, and with many great features for a camper, this nearly 7,500lb camper can be yours for $12,500. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Toledo, Ohio. Thanks are in order once again to Rocco B. for this behemoth of a luxury camper find! 

There is no better engine to tow around this luxury camper than this giant 472 cubic inch V8. Equipped with all of the luxury bells and whistles of a Cadillac, this camper also features a multi battery set up, 20 gallon pressurized water tank, a 30 gallon waste water tank, and many other features. This camper is ready to roll or camp when it comes to the mechanical point of view.

Inside you will find a groovy yet charming camper layout that actually looks big enough to be useful and comfortable. Equipped with all of the basic essentials and then some, this camper was a high end purchase not only for being half of a Cadillac, but also for the “extra” amenities this camper offers. Typically old campers can be a bit scary as they are usually a bit gruff inside from years of abuse and years of storage in a non climate controlled environment. Minus a few signs of age and use, this camper is very clean. Now I am not saying that you might not want to upgrade a few things along the way to your next camping trip or swap meet, but fresh bed cushions could be a nice treat when you are trying to nod off for the night.

Despite some surface rust on the hood of the Caddy portion, this camper is in nice shape from the exterior view as well. The riveted and screwed together seams  and window frames still appear tight and do not look as if they need to be resealed. Although the seller mentions that the ceiling had a leak at one point and some interior ceiling work is needed to make this camper 100%. While there is some minor paint wear along the top rear edge of this camper, the remainder of the paint on the camper portion is in fair condition. If you weren’t sold on this camper being half Caddy, then perhaps the dual continental kit has you sold on this stylish traveler of the open roads! Where would you go in this classic luxury camper?

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    I always find these car / camper units to be very odd looking. You can tell that build quality is better on this one as it looks quite solid, and with a Dana 70 axle out back it is setup to handle the extra weight. The interior is in pretty good shape but many would want to remodel it, I say no that out dated retro look is what gives this thing it’s charm. If it were mine all I’d do to it is repaint the car part of it and do required maintenance. You sure would get a lot of stairs at the camp ground and on the road for that matter. This is one of the better ones I’ve seen on this site.

  2. Fred W

    At first I couldn’t figure out where I had seen that distinctive front door…

    • Gun Smith

      Fred Now it makes sense . Could not figure it out thanks

    • Miguel

      The write up says that Superior made this camper.

      That should have given you a hint.

  3. Dirk

    “…… Where would I go in that classic luxury camper?”
    Nowhere that anyone knew me, that’s for sure.

  4. Jeffro

    You’d better plan on camping at the gas station because I’m sure it’s MPG is low!

    • Scott

      About 2 gallons per mile

  5. grant

    I think I would want to see the presumed repair on the “used to be a” water leak first, then I’d go spend 12k on something else anyway.

  6. jw454

    Well, it looks like it would have the power needed to move it down the road. I have to say this one looks like it was done better than most I’ve seen. Insure it’s road safe, spruce up the outside a bit, and you’d be ready to load up the family for a road trip.

  7. Rusty

    I grew up around Toledo in the 60s and 70s, and I recall seeing several similar vehicles back then. Many were built on Cadillac chassis. I always wondered how bad the handling would be with such a high CG on what was originally a low-slung platform. Having spent time behind the wheel of Toyota and Ford trucks with chassis-mount campers, I remain quite curious about these. Certainly that 472 and THM-400 would give it a lot more pep than the ones I drove.

    As for this one, the ask seems high. Depending on how thorough the water leak repair was, the camper body may need additional structural repairs. The interior need some work. The car body needs paint and perhaps some rust repair. The lack of a/c makes it pretty unpleasant for use in the South, where I live now, so I suppose it’s all academic for me anyway.

  8. Chebby Member

    Bet you never took a dump in a Cadillac before!

  9. Howard A Member

    $12,500, they’re nuts. Probably could get a decent used “pusher” for that. It is way cool, but not that cool. Maybe $2g’s, tops.

  10. Miguel

    That fact is, is that old campers don’t bring any money.

    You can buy a nice old class C motorhome for around 2Gs.

    Now you have to ask yourself, will you pay the extra 10 grand for the Cadillac front end or for the fact that it was built by Superior?

    I don’t think so.

  11. Ben T. Spanner

    I lived in Columbus, Ohio in the 1960’s and 1970’s. There was a used car dealer named Vaughn Motors who sold late model used Cadillacs, and hearses converted into motor homes. They also sold Vouge tires with the gold and embossed sidewalls which somewhat popular on new and well used cadillacs.

  12. OA5599

    Waste of a Cadillac and a camper.

  13. boxdin

    I prefer this version;

    • grant

      Holy carp. The Caddy was bad, that thing is downright bugly. And I love it…

  14. Mike

    Be lucky to get 2500 or less

  15. Marko

    OK. Now that Toronado / Airstream fusion is interesting.

  16. Phil Daugherty

    No way Superior built this. It is a truck camper on the back half of a funeral car. I worked for Superior in those days and did not see this. They did build motor homes in the 70’s.

    • jaygryph

      Yeah, as many hearses as I’ve owned over the years, I have to agree. It’s a superior coach, but it started life as a hearse. I would put money on that.

      It’s a nice custom job, but it never rolled out of Superior that way.

      Old hearses could be had cheap, and it was an easy way to get a big car chassis to modify. They were generally worthless back in the day.

      • Suttree

        I suspect this rig was built in the 70s after it’s life as a hearse.

  17. Wrong Way Member

    With a ceiling leak buyers beware of mold behind the wall

  18. George

    There were companies that made them new on the Cadillac commercial chassis, but I don’t think that Superior ever did.

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