Marriage-Saver Special! 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda

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“Divorce is expensive,” according to the seller of this 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda in  Glasgow, Kentucky. Spousal encouragement led the wise owner to list this numbers-matching pony car project here on eBay. The high bidder earns the right to buy the vehicle after the No Reserve auction ends. The new owner also earns first chance to haggle over the seller’s cache of parts purchased for the car’s long-delayed restoration.

In 1972 Plymouth parlance, base models wore the “Barracuda” moniker while sport models used the adopted street name “‘Cuda,” complete with the grammatically-correct leading apostrophe. The locking gas cap makes it more difficult for drunken passers-by to relieve themselves into your fuel tank or siphon it out for use in their discharged Prius.

Vandals apparently “tagged” the car with rattle-can yellow paint, continuing unhindered by law enforcement or common sense until spraying ceased. “I’ve still got some left.” “Do the air cleaner!” Thankfully some original blue paint remains and the bottom of the filter housing wears some original orange. Air-conditioning belts on this Georgia-sourced car suggest it may have worked when the car left the roadways in the “early 2000s.”

Ordering an automatic transmission behind the hot Trans-Am-inspired 340 cid (5.6L) may seem forgivable only for buyers nursing a war injury. However, shoppers may have simply seen the 340 as a sporty option that doesn’t sound as thirsty as displacements beginning with “4.” The original white vinyl and blue interior will be quite attractive, assuming a true-to-stock restoration. What would you give for this ran-when-parked Plymouth?

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  1. TimS

    No pushy ball-and-chain is better than a ‘Cuda, or any cool car from the last 120 years. But if you can’t complete the project, better to pass it along to someone who can than to let it deteriorate because you’re “gonna get to it.” If I were going to build one of these, it would probably be optioned like this example.

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  2. local_sheriff

    Cool Mopar project car with the desirable 340! His wife better be worth it; from personal experience the longer one hang onto a woman the more tired and dull they get. This ‘Cuda might look tired now but sure have potential to become a hottie

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  3. Saylor

    I divorced the old wifey and kept my rides and still have all of them along with the new wife that actually likes fast cars lol

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    • local_sheriff

      Hoah;that’s my man! Any woman who likes classic cars is worth hanging onto!

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Seller seems honest- I’d say its affordable but who knows where it will go. Needs a 4 speed! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  5. Brent

    A car will never roam lookin for a new driveway. However a wife ………..well. Then ur left not only with an empty bed but also an empty driveway. My opinion… keep the car dude.

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  6. Coventrycat

    Well……not all wives are the devil,but there may be the slight chance this dude is spending what money he has on parts for a basket case he can’t afford to pay someone to restore and lacks the skills himself, while his house or trailer is falling apart not getting fixed – expecting his family to suffer for the sake of saying there’s a ‘cuda in the yard to his buddies.

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  7. brianashe

    I’ve always wanted a ‘70 ‘cuda. I didn’t know how different a ‘72 looks, so I clicked through to look at the listing… and I still don’t know. :-(

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    • Capriest

      It’s pretty much the same aside from the round quad taillights. 71 had the sharktooth grill, and they went back to a grill nearly identical to the 70 for the 72-74 models. You couldn’t get a shaker or an r/t model or a big block. The ‘cuda models being the hi-po version came with a 340 4bbl and the pictured hood. 340 was dropped for a 360 4bbl for 74.

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    • 16ChallengerHC

      1971 Cuda is one of the best looking cars ever made.

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  8. Mike

    Glasgow, Kentucky….. YIKES

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  9. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    Why is divorce so expensive?

    ‘Cause it’s worth it.

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    • Fiete T.

      Sam Kinison!

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  10. Lynn DockeyMember

    Sam was on the radio and the dash and the windshield and ……

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  11. schooner

    … and divorce is the gift that keeps on giving after the ink is dry. You get to be fiscally cuckholded paying the ex to date other guys. Married 42 years as I could never afford the payments.

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  12. Just passing through

    Married a young lady many years ago that actually encouraged me to buy a project car. Turned out to be a 69 BB Camaro SSRS. Never complained about the money I spent restoring it. Doesn’t like riding around in it because it’s too loud, too many people looking at us and it doesn’t have A/C. But she does like to help me keep it clean. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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  13. Terry Bowman

    Same story, different people. We are all paddling the same boat. Looks like a nice car to start a project with, not sure about the wife. I compare the story about “My Dog” as I do with my autos. LOL

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  14. Jay E.

    Why so many wife haters? Mine is great and has supported everything from Aviation to steam and all the cars in the middle! I’d get rid of any toy if it came down to it. Now with years and aging, I appreciate a spouse more than any hotrod. Not PW’d, just found a keeper who stuck with me through all that.

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  15. DeAbreu Derek Wayne

    Metallic blue seem to be the color of that year as I can remember I was a young teenager at that time but my brother got to ride it and it everyday to go to work from a fellow that lived up the street from us me I wasn’t so fortunate back then and now are still not fortunate cuz now all I get to do drool but I have a girlfriend she’s real nice to me so and she likes me and she doesn’t mind me writing little Snippets of two barn finds so it’s a win-win

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