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Maybe The Coyote Got This One? 1968 Road Runner


While this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner convertible has some bumps and bruises, and even some rust, it’s a basically solid car that could be something really special, or you could drive it almost as-is! It’s located in Shelton, Washington and is up for auction here on eBay, where bidding is already at $14,600. Thanks to our own Josh for this great find!


The seller seems very forthcoming about the car, which was last licensed for the road in January of 1980. As you can see, there are some body issues pretty much throughout the car, although it’s certainly not a rust bucket. The seller describes how the car was parked in someone’s barn north of Seattle after being taken off the road and sat there ever since. The seller describes the frame of the car as being “super solid” but they also state “it has the normal Northwest rust (they always have good frame rails).” Unfortunately, both the trunk pan and the floor pans have some “pin holes” of rust. As you can see from this shot, the driver’s side quarter panel was hit in the back at some point, and will probably need replacing.


Here’s a closeup of both the passenger side quarter panel rust and the collision point. I almost wish whomever tried to “repair” the collision point hadn’t bothered! Ouch!


You have to wonder how the front seats could be SO bad and the back ones so nice. I’m guessing one or the other wasn’t.


Although I wish the original engine was in this picture, I have to admit, the replacement engine isn’t anything to sneeze at! The seller tells us that it’s a 400-based 451 stroker engine, using the early 71-72 thick wall 3614230 casting block. The Mopar yard drives right now, but the numbers matching original 727 transmission has a pretty bad leak so the seller tells us “it won’t drive very far.” The seller has some original engine auxiliary components if you want to try to find a dated block and try to restore it completely to original specs. Personally, I wouldn’t! I’d want to make it safe and driveable, and then just wait for folks to flag me down, trying to score a bargain! What would you do?


  1. Fred W.

    Only problem with this one is, if it goes for much more there’s no room for the complete restore it needs. Driving as is might be OK for a while but lets face it, this one deserves the works.

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  2. Mike

    I would agree with Fred W. Get it going for now, and drive it until you have the time and money to do a full restore. Then look out because if done right it can be a real Road Runner. I would leave the current motor in it, I had a 73 Duster that we squeezer a 451stroker into, and man we had trouble keeping it on the track, but man it was a blast to drive.

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  3. JW454

    Like most Road Runners it isn’t a highly optioned car but, unlike most Road Runners, its not a rust bucket. With only 2025 built in 1969, its kind of a rare bird. Totally restored, it would be a very desirable car. I like this one.

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  4. Jubjub

    I kinda dig it much the way it is. A time capsule of a time when these were usually seen in this condition. A great time, before I could drive, when stuff like this was dirt cheap!

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  5. Loco Mikado

    The car looks to be restorable, just a matter of time and money. If you look the patterns of the seats do not match the back seat is the correct one, so draw your own conclusions.

    The transmission leak is more than likely the shift rod grommet. When they go out you have an oil well size puddle under the car. An easy fix. Many a unwitting person have paid for an unneeded full reseal job on their transmissions due to a less than honest shop. One quart low on fluid the transmission slips and then the soak you for an unnecessary full overhaul. Had a supposedly very respectable dealership try to pull this one on me one time. Almost as good as when I went to get a front end aligned and they told me they couldn’t do it because my tie rod ends were shot. I looked the guy in the eye and said “that is awful funny because I just got through installing new ones myself 1\2 an hour ago”. He got all red in the face and hemmed and hawed. I got in my car and drive away. And auto repair businesses wonder why I haven’t trusted them in my over 50 years of driving.

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  6. stillrunners

    rare and pretty darn complete – it’s what’s driving the price….paint does appear to be original so if so not hiding much on the body….would like an under side pic though….most likely the white panels and seat are replacements…..correct – 2128 on RR – 700 on GTX and 1137 on Sport Satellites are the convertible B-body Plymouth #’s for 1969

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  7. Tom

    The front seats are out of a charger, not sure why they were swapped. Rear seat is original.

    – The Seller

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  8. Bill Norman

    Pretty darn old ugly color and color scheme, unless you are 80 years old, wow times (colors) have changed for the better! Albeit beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What other colors were offered? Worth changing the color code.

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