Michigan Muscle Stash!

It’s good to have options. Coke or Pepsi? Big Mac or Whopper? Oreo or Hydrox? This Michigan car collection presents its owner with tasty options. Wrench on the 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T convertible, or the 1967 Camaro RS 327? Corvette or Dart? There’s even a classic four-cylinder Henderson Motorcycle. For more information be sure to check out Ryan Brutt’s original article on hotrod.com.

This 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T convertible, especially in this color combination, would look great in my driveway. I owned a ’66 Coronet, but this one is way cooler.

Chevrolet’s RS (Rally Sport) package spiced up the already hot 1967 Camaro with hidden headlights and other doo-dads. This one features the 327 V8 and a host of options including power windows.

Beneath the weed-eater and other garage sale fodder hides a 1968 Camaro convertible.

This second-generation Plymouth Barracuda seems to have faired well for a northern car stored under a tarp.

What yard is complete without a C3 Corvette Stingray?

Now we’re talking! Glowing in the dark garage we find this 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda convertible in eye-popping Sassy Grass Green. This potent 340 car appears to have had its rear wheel wells, uh, modified to accommodate meatier tires than it wears today.

Another 340-equipped 1970 ‘Cuda awaits a quarter-panel transplant, though I’d be tempted to drive it around like this in a pinch… just for the man points. Sadly this awesome stash is not for sale, but which is your favorite?

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  1. Rabbit

    Personally? Probably the 69 Barracuda. I always liked the notchbacks.

  2. stanley kwiecinski

    MUCH to much on his plate! i’ll take the bike off his hands.

  3. dan

    LOL ! ha! another hoarder stash not 4 sale
    already let them rot away for decades,who cares,lol
    maybe the guy don’t even like cars, but likes to piss off people that care????

    • Mountainwoodie

      Flat out nuts.

  4. Steve A.

    “I’m gonna restore ’em,…. some day….”

  5. Eric G

    The coronet R/T for me!

  6. Mike B

    Unload one of the garage bound to free up work space and some funding.

  7. Dirk

    All of that and none for sale? That’s just plain mean and cruel. Why even flash it under our noses?

  8. Spridget

    If anyone read the article, you’d know that the Coronet and Dart are currentlybbeing restored, while the others are next in line. Sure, it nay be unlikely the owner ever finishes all of them, but the cars are not rotting away into a field; they are kept indoors, with someone who will at least keep them in their current condition.

  9. ccrvtt

    The taillights on the ‘1968 Camaro convertible’ are 1967 units.

    • Tom Member

      somebody correct me if I am wrong, and I could be, but 67 & 68 Camaro taillights were the same on non-RS cars. Red Brake/Tail on the outside, reverse on the inside half.

      Also 67 & 68 RS models (were both the same) had the Full Brake/Tail Light (red) with the reverse lights down below in the lower valance. Coupe’s and Convertibles had the same tail light configurations as explained.

      I think you are suggesting that the taillights on a non-RS are different on a 67 vs a 68…..how?

      • EMpTy

        Yes red and white same, but the 68 had a divider cast into the housing between the red and white.

  10. angliagt

    At least I could afford that cool weedeater.

  11. Vic Stein

    A friend bought a new 67 R/T Hemi car that was a blast. I used to chide him because he opted for a 727 over a 4 speed. He could send those polyglas tires up in smoke at any time. 4 speeding tickets later he sold the car without telling me. I’d have loved to have purchased it if I had known.

  12. JimmyinTEXAS

    Restoring, ha. The only thing that looks like it might be able to be wrenched on is the vett.

  13. Chuck F 55chevy

    The Cuda convertible, always been a vert guy.

  14. Joe

    The modified Cuda convertible rear wheel wells comes courtesy of rust…

  15. Yoopermike

    I kinda like the bondo Cuda . Just the right thickness of the bondo and you gotta get it right. Nice collection . If someone was giving them away, I’m sure the Dodge in the driveway would fit me very well.

  16. M

    He can’t even get the lawn mower running..give it up weirdo

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