Mini Camper: 1981 Ford Roll-A-Long Conversion

Roll-A-Long the company has frequently used Ford trucks as the foundation for its compact R/V conversions. Though the Ranger was the more popular model to use for the transformation, the F150 seen here also looks like it was always intended to have an integrated camper shell over the bed. Roll-A-Longs also utilized the tidy Ford Courier pickup as well, but those are hard to find for sale and in good condition. The F-Series Roll-A-Long looks to be in outstanding condition inside and out, with just 51,112 miles from new. Check it out here on eBay with bids to $8,100 and no reserve.

Right away, you notice the interior is truly set up like a very nice living room in a tastefully decorated apartment. While I’m sure this is staged, there’s no denying the camper shell is clean and well thought out. The kitchenette is tiny but has everything you need, and the sitting area around the small tables looks perfect for enjoying a TV dinner with your travel companion. The wood trim all appears to be in fantastic condition, as does the stove and sink area. I’d assume that is a mini-fridge to the right of the sink, and a sleeping area above the driver and passenger seats.

Speaking of the front of the Roll-A-Long, the cockpit is in excellent condition, with clean carpets, untorn upholstery, and a dash free of cracks. The low mileage certainly helps here, as the driver and passenger seating areas look like they belong in a truck with half the advertised mileage. It seems possible this R/V was purchased by an older couple that simply didn’t use the camper as often as they expected, resulting in the slightly time-warp condition you see here. The seller notes this is an 18 foot / Class C motorhome which should be fairly easy for novice R/V drivers to navigate.

The Ford is powered by a huge 4.9L inline-six paired to an automatic transmission, which should do a respectable job of getting the Roll-A-Long out of its own way. I love the period graphics down the sides, which appear to be holding up well with no obvious signs of sun damage. The seller doesn’t provide any excruciating detail about recent services or other mechanical upgrades done while in his care, and despite the low miles, I’d still want to know about what they’ve done to keep this Roll-A-Long…well, rolling along. Old camper conversions are quite popular right now, but especially the ones that never fell victim to unchecked water damage and being lived in by rodents.

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  1. Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Nice write-up, Jeff. I haven’t seen a full-sized pickup version, only the Ranger. I could use that thing!

  2. Glenn Schwass Member

    That is in awesome shape.

  3. petemcgee

    One of these in mint condition parked a few miles from my house. Drive by often and think it’s cool. Looks like I’m not alone!

  4. Andy

    This looks like a nice layout, and it’s even shorter than my Econoline class B, but a straight 6 from 1981 is not going to be fun on hills. Condition is impressive, though.

    • Will Irby

      If my memory is correct (which is not a sure thing), the 300 c.i. inline six had a little more torque than the 302 V-8.

      • Gary M Osborne

        It did have a lot of torque. A Buddy had an ’85 F150, with 65,000 miles, just a few years ago. Was a 4 speed, with overdrive being the 4th gear. You started out in second gear. They called first, a granny gear. Great motor! Had a one barrel carb.

  5. Mike

    Looks like a great interior layout. Way too clean to camp on the streets of Seattle.

  6. Gunner

    Super cool and in amazing shape. I have not seen this type of model before. Love it!

  7. Howard A Member

    Needs dual wheels on the back. This will be a handful in the Colorado cross winds, tip over, it might.

  8. jerry z

    Too bad only a straight six, can’t really tow much with that. Otherwise really nice looking camper.

  9. JimmyJ

    It’s nice a clean but I’d rather have a normal pickup that u can use day to day and a camper that you can put on the truck for those couple weeks a year you actually need it.

  10. chrlsful Member

    these motors were in B I G trucks (use of the spec exh mani) and the one to have (the “gasser that’s a diesel’). Not sure if dualies would fit, like the auto too. Gear Vendor hasa under and overdrive for it if U R complainin.
    Good interior for the age.
    One to ck out close up…

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