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Mini Truckin’ Madness: 1992 Chevrolet S-10

Remember when custom mini trucks were all the rage? I admit it, I had a subscription to Mini Truckin’ for while during my youth. I even convinced my father to let me drag home a Mazda pickup I’d found in a field around that time. It had a topper and a rattle can paint job and I had big dreams. Unfortunately, or maybe not so unfortunately, they never materialized. If you had a similar experience, here’s your chance to do it right. Well, at least to buy a truck that someone else did right. This thing has all the classic nineties’ upgrades – shaved handles, custom grill, crazy paint, and billet rims. It’s located in Bucyrus, Ohio and is listed here on eBay where bidding started at $1,992 with no reserve!

Like most mini trucks, this thing was more about show than go. There’s no power upgrades that I can see, but that V6 was the biggest engine you could get in a S-10. It should provide enough power for most hauling duties and luckily there’s no hydraulic or air bag system to lug around. With the 3″ drop and an automatic transmission though, it’s likely this thing will spend more time cruising than it will anything else. Apparently, it’s been a frequent participant in the Woodward Dream Cruise. I’m not sure if that increases the pedigree of this custom like races would add to a race car, but it might be important if you’re into that sort of thing.

Things looks stock inside with the exception of the flamed-out seat belt pads. The seating surfaces appear to have held up well to the 123k miles showing on the odometer. It’s funny how so much effort could have gone into the exterior without any thought of the engine or interior. Perhaps it’s for the best though because modified engines and custom interiors don’t always hold up well to daily use. At first, I sort of chuckled when I saw this truck, but then the more I looked at it, the more I secretly wanted it. Cruising isn’t something I do much of these days, but I do have many happy memories of dragging Main in my rural hometown. Perhaps those sort of memories are what draw people to something like this?

Some of you may not think this truck should be featured here. It’s too new and it’s been customized for goodness sake! But, as the seller points out, the modifications are older and the truck is old enough to qualify for classic plates in many States. We are all getting older guys! Even if this isn’t your sort of thing, you have to respect the creator for all the effort that went into this. I’d want to inspect that shaved rump real close for cracks before handing over any money. Unless bidding goes crazy for some reason, I think this could be an affordable custom cruiser that could be enjoyed for years to come. Now, where did I leave those back issues of Mini Truckin’…


  1. MH

    That’s a beautiful truck! Those seats are not stock. I had a 1995 S-10 SS that was for show only. It was the lowest truck in Minnesota without air bags or hydraulics. It made it into Hot Rod magazine. Wish I still had it but not practical for the life I have now (kids). Mini trucks really don’t hold there value. This one should go for a good price.

    • Moparmann Member

      @MH: The fabric on the seats is a perfect match to the ones in my ’93 S-10, the only exception beuing that mine are buckets, since I have a console. SIngle cabs of this vintage came w/ bench seating. I’ve left mine stock, except for wheels, and I have a cowl hood for it. :-)

  2. Jason


  3. Jeffro

    Be better if it was a convertible.

  4. Kenny

    Swap in an ls motor and a 6 speed and have some fun with it

  5. Howard A Member

    I still drive one, except it’s customized by Wisconsin’s road salt, and looks nothing like this. The S-10/Sonoma was truly an “import killer”. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason to buy a foreign truck, when GM was just as capable. Mine is a ’96 Sonoma ext. cab, with about 2/3rds the original metal. I foolishly got the 2.2 4cyl. thinking it would get better mileage, and THAT’S where the Asian’s kicked our butt, the 2.2 is an awful motor. The 4.3 V6 on the other hand, is probably one of the best motors, and I know many 4.3 S-10’s with 2, even 300K miles. Cool lookin’ truck, for sure.

  6. Kuzspike

    Nice truck, but I still don’t get the fascination with welding the tailgate shut. Liked these trucks when they first came out, but the body’s seemed to go away way before the chassis’ did.

    • Nemosfate

      I never understood it either unless it was bagged and body dropped with a huge C-notch rendering the bed useless, but to each his own.

  7. Mike Butchart

    Had one and it was a great truck for daily driving. Replaced it with a 2004 Colorado and put 185,000 trouble free miles on it. That was replaced with a 2016 Canyon that is too far away from the original concept of small trucks. Too big for the garage and too tall to get into if you have any physical impediments. No more truck in this household

  8. Jim

    Nice truck. Brings back the memories of one my nephew had when he was in high school. It was his dad’s work truck. The first thing he did was put a box with 2 12 inch subs behind the seats. Which meant that he could slide the seat back exactly one click from full forward.

    He’s 6 foot 7 inches tall.
    The truck had a manual transmission.

    Watching him try to run the clutch with the seat slid that far forward was a show you could have sold tickets to.

    The subs eventually had to go in the bed, once he got a topper for it. But for about 3 months, it was priceless.

  9. Hank

    You could easily have $10k in paint, wheels and tires which would make this truck a great buy!!!

  10. Car Guy

    It’s amazing how much smaller these trucks are than the current Colorado. This body style makes a great platform for a hot rod truck.

  11. Ron G

    Brings back fond memories of my ’85 S-10 from high school. Mine was a long bed like this, but nowhere near as nice. It was 17 years old when I bought it, had 156,000 miles on its tired 2.8 V-6 and rust was starting to become a problem on it too. My plan was to do something like this with it, but I never was able to do more than patch some rust holes, put a ’92 model grille on it and add a roll pan. It had carburetor issues in the winter and my dad was sick of me using his car when I went places with friends, so he made me sell it and a ’94 Plymouth Duster took its place. I still love the GM S- series trucks and have owned a few since then.

  12. AMCFAN

    Custom era 1990’s Mini trucks are making a comeback. Not sure where the S-10 fits in but lots of interest with Nissan and especially Toyota’s. Everything comes full circle though

  13. Keith

    Ahhh yes this brings me back to high school in the early 90’s. You just need some Zuba pants and a tank top and you’re all set. At least this one didn’t have one of those dreadful snug tops over the bed. There must have been at least 5-6 of these at my high school in Billings, MT back in the early 90’s. Can’t say I miss them, but kinda fun to see one again.

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