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Modified 360 V8: 1976 Plymouth Road Runner

The first of the last, this 1976 Plymouth Road Runner was based on the Plymouth Volaré and it was the first year of the last body style for this model. The seller has this nice example listed here on eBay in Lillington, North Carolina and they have a $14,500 buy-it-now price listed or you can make an offer. Thanks to Tommy T-Tops for sending this t-riffic top tip!

Call me crazy but I really like the F-body Road Runners. This one almost looks like it’s wearing a drag racing parachute but it’s just a jacket or something. The last of the Road Runners were made for the 1976 through 1980 model years and I’ve always wondered what the A-body Duster would have looked like as a Road Runner. Maybe I’ll try a Photoshop version of that someday. Or, better yet, a four-door version, ala the new Dodge Charger! Ok, enough of that.

As always, I’d prefer the original wheels over the Centerline-looking mags shown here but the rear quarter window louvers are fantastic, and overall this car really looks great inside and out. The seller, who is a retired Army vet – thanks for your service! – apparently owns a shop that works on cars and this was a client’s vehicle that they worked their magic on.

The Volaré-based F-body Road Runner was over a foot shorter in length but the wheelbase was only a few inches shorter than previous Road Runners were. It was also a few hundred pounds lighter which would come in handy with the reduced engine sizes available, or at least reduced horsepower. The interior in this car looks great and original, other than the giant tach on the steering column and the accessory gauges just to the left of the steering wheel on the bottom of the dash. I’m sure they come in handy, though.

The engine, according to the seller, is “a 360 bored .40 over with 10 compression speed pro piston. A 513 HYD cam and roller rockers. A dual-plane intake with a 750 Edelbrock carb. Headers, HV oil pump, Double roller timing chain”, etc. The original 360 in 1976 would have had 170 horsepower, I’m guessing this one is quite a bit higher than that. The seller has provided a video here on YouTube showing this car and you can hear how good it sounds. Have any of you owned an F-body Road Runner?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    “Sergeant Snorkel, your car is ready”. Nice ride, BTW…if you’re not into subtlety…

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    • Mr.BZ

      Yep, deep into the years of over-the-top styling trying to make up for a lack of horsepower, and dragging a great nameplate in the mud behind them. But people still bought and loved these cars and they’re popularity is growing. I enjoy seeing any car that is 30+ years old and still on the road.

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  2. Arby

    Another example of when Detroit lost their way…

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  3. EPO3

    Seen this car before does the owner sport a mullet. I am not kidding

  4. Peter Schweitzer

    I had a 76 Road Runner Jamaican blue 360 2 barrel power windows and A/C..ran that thing 247,000 miles. Never touched the engine or transmission. First new car I ever bought for $5200 Canadian

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  5. Gmoparman

    Needs a bigger tach.

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  6. Jcs

    This appears to be a really nice little Mopar, seems to be sorted well. The engine looks and sounds very healthy – should be quite the runner for a 76.

    If you are looking for a cool little Chrysler to cruise in and take to the local shows I think it would be tough to go wrong here.

    This is exactly what the hobby is all about.

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  7. Steve R

    This car was previously featured on this site on October 18th, 2020 when the seller tried to auction it off on eBay. They also listed it earlier this month for $15,500, but it didn’t sell. They are heading in the right direction, but it’s obvious, the market isn’t interested in this car at the sellers asking price.

    Steve R

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  8. Scott

    It’s so ugly.

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  9. George

    They didn’t show the LHS routing of that exhaust. With that spare in the hole, the tank has a bump on the top, preventing you from just shifting the tank over a bit, like you can do on the later ones with a flat trunk floor. The exhaust has to be fished through the leaf spring or send it on the right and fix at the rear.

    Love those things…had a few.

    • Buffalo Bob

      Or you just dump it ahead of the rear wheels.

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  10. arkie Member

    I had a ‘76 Aspen R/T in this same color, which I remember being named Starfire Orange. Mine had 360-2 barrel, auto, a/c, and several other extras, including a very much out of place landau vinyl roof. I don’t miss it at all

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  11. Desert Rat

    Nope, I can’t handle this, even if it was free.

  12. Dallas

    I had a ‘79 Roadrunner with a 360… black with gold graphics. Looked better than the orange imho.

  13. Bo

    It’s funny how hated these cars were back in the day. Plymouth was really losing all credibility with these cars. It felt like an insult to muscle car lovers.
    It looks great but I’d be embarrassed to be seen in it.

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  14. Scott

    Buddy had a Aspen R/T 318 car with headers only and the car was a freak,ran out better then a lot of other cars that had $ into the driveline,it was red with white decals.Other bud had a R/R,black with gold stripes,also a 318 car.Lot of good times many moons ago.

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  15. Goatsnvairs

    A short while ago there was a same year dodge aspen 360 t top car. It was like this one without all the claptrap on it, and all original (no strap ons). That car was a beauty, this one is a bit of an eyesore, sorry.

    • Jcs

      What’s a “strap on?”

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    • Goatsnvairs

      Strap on tach, strap on gauges…..

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  16. Buffalo Bob

    My brother had this exact car around ’86, except his wore Keystones & came with a popped 318. Apparently the previous owner didn’t know you should change the oil occasionally, & #2 rod bearing was spun amidst all the sludge in the pan. The following weekend, we attended a GSA sale & picked up a ratty 76 Monaco with a 360/4 & only 60K on it. Did a quick freshen-up on it & dropped it in. After a few weeks, we decided it needed a cam & more carb. We also bid farewell to the emissions (don’t tell anyone…). What he ended up with, was a Volare that screamed “notice me” and backed up it’s looks pretty well. Good thing we’d gone to high school with half of the NFPD. He kept it about a year, & sold it to a kid from the City who almost immediately wrecked it. Shame. Car was pretty tacky, but hey, it was the 80’s.

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  17. David ulrey

    Old news by now but I don’t care. I’ll comment anyway. So many haters. You guys just go ahead and hate on this and let’s not forget the Mustang II also. I like both of them very much. Had an Aspen and a Volaré. Loved them both! Would love a Mustang II also. Yeah, you guys go right ahead and hate them. Not everyone shares your opinion. I certainly do not!

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  18. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this auction ended with no sale.

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