Montana Survivor: 1960 Willys Wagon

This 1960 Willys Wagon is described as a dry Montana truck, unrestored and still equipped with many of its original features. These early SUVs were simple machines that combined go-anywhere capabilities with the space to bring a few friends along for the ride. The seller notes that his truck doesn’t suffer from any extensive rust issues, and that the Super Hurricane six-cylinder engine does still fire up with gas flowing directly into the carburetor. You can find the Willys here on eBay with bidding at $2,850 and the reserve unmet.

One of the more attractive aspects of this Willys Wagon is the fact that all of its glass panes remain intact. That’s a lot of windows that I’m sure the neighborhood kids would be tempted to smash out with a rock or for target practice, so the Willys has already led sort of a charmed existence in that regard. The disclosed rust is minimal, contained to the rear wheel arches and floor boards, and the seller is correct to note that this Willys Wagon exists in the sweet spot of not being a total basketcase but also having not been previously restored and out of reach price-wise.

The seller admits to never having actually driven the Willys, so he can’t attest to any sort of road-going abilities. As mentioned, the original engine does fire with assistance, but it will still need the full going-through of the fuel system and other mechanical components before it’s ready for road use. The transmission still goes into every gear as it should, and the clutch seems to grab OK. Beyond that, there’s not much more the seller can offer us – but given the robustness of the Super Hurricane engine, I have little doubt it can be nursed back to good health.

These photos make every project seem easier to tackle, as once you know it’s not Swiss cheese underneath, the prospect of sorting out the mechanical bits becomes much more palatable. The interior is said to remain fairly original as well, but it is missing one of the original seats. It features a retrofitted school bus heater, and for another fun accessory, you should scope out the roof, where the believed-to-be dealer-installed spotlight is still in place. Overall, this is a truck worthy of restoration or simply returned to running condition and enjoyed with the patina left in place. How would you restore it?


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    It’s located in Clancy,Montana,just South
    of Helena.

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  2. alphasud Member

    These rigs look the business with a mild lift and a good set of wheels. Perfect for a restomod. Drive it with the patina and paint it when you want to make it pretty again.

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    • Tom Bell

      Yup, and trash another piece of automotive history.

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      • Gator Member

        Looks like a really nice project for a starter in this high dollar hobby. That is if it can be had for a decent price. Parts are easy and not too expensive. Hmmm……maybe I’ll…..nah, wife would gut me with a dull spoon if I brought home another orphaned Willys.

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      • RH

        Pretty decent old Willys, but far from automotive history! If you buy it you can do exactly what you want with it. Sounds like you would leave it untouched and make it lawn art. Your choice.

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  3. Howard A Member

    My 1st “ffw”, was a ’54 wagon like this, except it had a sbc. I didn’t care for it, as it retained the stock drivetrain, and 5:13 gears, the motor was not happy. It really was a miserable vehicle. Loud, tinny, hot/cold, all over the road with poor steering, crappy brakes, it was a poor vehicle, BUT, you wanted to get the family back in the hills, at the time, there wasn’t much other choice. My 2nd one was a ’51 pickup, ( with 19,000 miles) with a blown motor, and put the V8 and everything from the wagon into the pickup, with much better results. Still had gearing snafu’s, I couldn’t find any Jeeps from that era with road gears, primarily the front axle, so I put a rear axle from a later Jeep with road gears, and just used it as a 2wd pickup. There’s a couple out here, but I’m set on a CJ, ( or a Scout, yeah, good luck there) but for me, when it comes to flat fender Willys’, been there, done that sort of thing. As is, just not a 2021 vehicle.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      HoA- Sometimes you have to suffer for your art!

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  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Well, I kind of like It. Howard is right on. I have been looking for an MG, maybe a TD. Similar realy, both primative so drive accordingly and have fun. If you have any interest be sure to visit here.

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    • Howard A Member

      D’oh! Another classic HoA foot in the mouth. I apologize for ripping on your ride, Mike. I guess “miserable” is a relative term, I like your “primitive” much better. These had a specific purpose when created, and are horribly out of place in a modern world. Like you say, routes must be planned ahead of time, for safetys sake. Tell you what, I bet that old Hurricane motor will be the only thing that starts this weekend. Stay warm, pal.

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  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    LOL Howard! If the big goose egg on the stick out side was a little warmer I would go for cruise. My nads are pretty comfy inside now. I am sure that Hurricane would start. She has fired up colder. The fun thing is we have a ton of the white trash this year! Sleds all over. Sweet! You are probably not in a hurry to move back with these temps. Take care buddy!

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  6. Dan B.

    Nice survivor. Hope the buyer heads over to Great folks and lots of tech support over there.

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  7. Larry Ashcraft

    My dad had a 56 Willys pickup, basically the same vehicle. I learned to offroad in it, back in the 60s. It had the high compression head and a two barrel Holley and road gears, 4:11s I believe. It was a quite capable hunting vehicle, especially with the fronts chained up. It would do 65 on the freeway, but if it had a radio, it wouldn’t have done any good.

    After a couple of backyard rebuilds, dad bought an OHC six out of a rolled Wagoneer, and shoehorned it into the old Willys.. It was a whole new vehicle after that. Dad traded it in the 70s for a 1973 Jeep J12, which was a lot more comfortable vehicle, but not nearly as good off road.

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  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Surprised it went that high. Ended:Feb 07, 2021 , 8:16PM
    Winning bid:
    US $7,100.00
    [ 84 bids ]

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