Mopar Bundle For $12k: Road Runner And Super Bee

Road Runner And Super Bee

There are two particular Mopars that I’ve always wanted to own, the iconic Road Runner and the Super Bee. Sadly, so does everyone else and finding them for a reasonable price is just about impossible these days. At this point, I’d even be happy with a Coronet project! Well if I had the space, I would be more than happy to give this pair a good home. While the seller’s $12k asking price is a lot of money, when are you ever going to be able to buy a Road Runner and a Super Bee together as a package deal? The seller states both cars are missing their titles, but they have checked the VINs and everything checked out. They don’t want to go through the time or headache of getting new titles, so they are going to just sell both cars and let the next owner deal with getting titles. While it can be a massive pain to do, it isn’t impossible. Both cars will need extensive work done to them, but you would be hard pressed to find a real Ram Air Road Runner project for under $6k. While I’ve always wanted to own both a Super Bee and a Road Runner, I think I would go through the pain of getting titles for both cars and then sell the Super Bee to help pay for the Plymouth. Restoring it won’t be cheap, but you would have a mean machine once it was done! Of course if you kept both, you could find out which one was the better car! Find this package deal here on eBay in Forney, Texas. So would you risk buying these Mopars or does the lack of titles send of some warning flags?


WANTED 1961-1974 Jaguar E Type Contact me if you have an xke or XK Contact

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  1. JW

    Someone thought it was worth the hassle of getting titles as the auction has ended. I might of thought the same thing.

    • Oldstuff 1941

      I agree, getting titles would be worth the time and trouble for either of these sought after Mopars,…. I would definitely check the build sheet for the Road Runner, to make sure it was one….a Sport Satellite was an easy coversion to a road runner I think… In the end, both these would bring some nice money…

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      • booger

        ” I would definitely check the build sheet for the Road Runner, to make sure it was one”

        Numbers stamped into the body are what you want to check and compare against the VIN. Some google-fu will turn up more info if you’re interested.

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      • Oldstuff 1941

        Exactly ‘booger’….

  2. Justin

    My preference would be to sell the Road Runner to pay for the restoration on the Super Bee. It is a matter of preference. I am not a Mopar guy but I like the looks of a Super Bee over a plain Jane, see them all the time Roadrunner. The Bumblebee stripe across the the rear and the scoops on the hood and quarter panels give the car dimensions.
    These cars did sell for $12k.

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  3. Justin

    There are so many wanna be owners of a muscle car these days. Over half of them buy a car, not knowing how the cars are put together or how to work on them their selves.
    I met a guy at a car show and asked if he could blow the horn on his Road Runner for my kid to hear. He did not know why blowing a horn on a Road Runner was so special….???

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Wow, really? Everyone knows the beep beep! Maybe the heat was getting to him or something.

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      • Ed P

        meep meep

  4. Justin

    I found this for the people that do not know what is so “Special” about the horn on a Road Runner.

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  5. Justin

    I found this sales brochure for a Super Bee.

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    • Jason

      That ad is awesome sauce.

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  6. Justin

    I found another sales brochure for a Super Bee. This site will only allow a single image to be posted per comment.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for sharing Justin!

  7. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    The Bee for me, my 2nd car was an emerald green 69 just like the first one Justin posted, no side scoops, and 2 steel wheels with dog dish caps, 2 aluminum 5 slot wheels, was pretty fast for a 383AT, functional ram air, all for $500 in 11th grade around fall of 1974. These both look well worth $12k.

  8. '59FORDfan

    Those are three great posts, Justin; I, too, am glad, that you shared them!

  9. Alex

    Beautiful cars, and the price isn’t that bad either! I have a model ’69 GTX sitting on my desk in the same colors as that Road Runner.

  10. Aidan F

    I would sell the red one,the closest one as I guess is the superbee and use the cash to restore the blue one

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Update – these were bought by a local classic car dealer who has been trying to sell the red one on Ebay….

  12. Steve

    I bought my first 69 Road Runner for $400 in 74. Watched it sit for months and finally stopped. Owner said he blew motor racing. It was in perfect shape except convertible top window needed a zipper. He explained what happened so I quickly paid him and towed it home, knowing he didn’t know what he was talking about. Pull the front off motor, replaced timing chain and gear and drove it back to his house to pick up the title. Was an awesome, fast (383) car and drove it until 82 when I got married and my wife wanted a ‘family’ car. Have a 67 440 Satellite now intolerant I find me another Road Runner. Should have kept the car, left wife anyway.

  13. Bruce

    No title = No buy. That was a hard lesson to learn.

  14. Rich

    I look at every “no title but easy to get” as a stolen car. I had a deal go south years ago when the seller sez his uncle died and gave him the car. I put in for the 3 yr waiting period that Washington state has to get a replacement title. Imagine my surprise when the “dead” uncle 6 months later came back to life and had the original title with him. He brought the state police who told me the car is his! No title,no sale,no exceptions.

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