Mopar Collection: ’64 Hemi Belvedere Wagon and More!

This stunning Hemi-powered 1964 Plymouth Belvedere highlights the sale of several desirable New Hampshire Mopars listed here on craigslist. Thanks to reader Pat L. who spotted this listing. The Belvedere wagon came from California and its 76,883 miles are believed to be original.

I learned to drive on a later Plymouth wagon that my parents ordered with a 318 and a three-speed floor shifter, so I can’t help but admire this one. No doubt this Belvedere has no problem keeping up with traffic. The seller reports that the power rear window works, and so does the radio! The Tremec TKO 600 five-speed transmission will let you tear up the pavement in the lower gears, then shift into overdrive on on the highway for lower RPMs to soothe your engine and ear-drums.

The “newer” 472 Hemi’ features racing heads, headers, solid lifter roller cam, electronic ignition, and a Mopar Cross Ram intake with Holley race carbs (no chokes). The Dana 60 rear end should take some punishment.

This 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite features the factory combination of 383 V8, four-speed manual transmission with Pistol-Grip shifter, air conditioning, and painted white top.

This 12,000 original mile 1974 Plymouth Duster with factory crank sunroof, disc brakes, and 318 V8 boasts original paint, exhaust, brakes, tires, and more.

Delicious FJ5 Sublime paint assures no one will miss you driving this 1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE. Power comes from the iconic 383 V8. This is another standard-transmission car with Pistol Grip, air-conditioning, and leather seats! Which one is your favorite?


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WANTED 1968-1977 Ford Bronco Have all their parts. Running engine or rust free not necessary. Prefer southern US Contact

WANTED Lancia Scout 4×4 55 Contact

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  1. Aaron Crabtree Member

    Wow, this is a great collection! The Duster doesn’t have the panache that the other cars do, but one of my first cars was a Duster so I love this one. The manual crank sunroof is a rare option too.

    I can’t decide on one. I want them all!

    • Bryan Corey

      Me too,
      My first car was a plum crazy 70 340 duster, had it through high school in the late 90’s. Took care of all the Ford and Chevy kids with it

    • steve

      The CROSS RAM came out on the 413….Strange to see it on a 426>>>>.

  2. sir mike

    The station wagon is beautiful.Great build,

  3. Michael

    That wagon would look great in my driveway. Love it.

    • glen

      Better in mine!

  4. Blueovaldude

    The Wagon for me!

  5. JW

    The wagon or the Challenger.

  6. glen

    Stunning is right!, outstanding.

  7. LAB3

    I’d be inclined to swap the engine/trans combo between the wagon and the Duster, the other two are sweet just as they sit.

    • r spreeman

      Putting that Hemi in the Duster sounds like Project Pluto to me, and would result in a small nose-heavy car with just too much power.

  8. Joe Howell

    Not a big Mopar fan but I worked at an A&P supermarket as a kid in high school loading groceries into shopper’s cars and took note of every one. Every Saturday a certain housewife driving a 4 door Plymouth hardtop would shop and I would load up her groceries. She had a 426 Wedge in that family sleeper. Mom got her 4 doors and Dad got his 426 with Torqueflite.

  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Sweet! That’s a good looking set of rides there that would be desirable in most garages.

  10. Ian C

    I will take the wagon please! Just include some stock steel wheels with it. (Rears stretched to 8-10″ wide of coarse)

  11. Tom Justice

    I will take the Challenger. You MOPAR experts out there, isn’t it rare to find an SE with an RT package and a stick (I guess the stick is part of the RT?)

    • r spreeman

      R/T could just as easily been an automatic, as could an SE.

  12. David Hunt

    Owned Sunfire yellow rt/se was too sporty.

  13. Tort Member

    No disrespect to the others but the wagon and from 1962 through 1967 are the best styled Dodge’s and Plymouth’s to date. It may be because I grew up in the fifties and sixties too!

  14. DrinkinGasoline

    “Oh Belvedere ?!…..Come here Boy !!” (reference to an old Looney Toons cartoon).

  15. Mike R.

    Get the wagon, silver tint the windows to match the paint and hang the front wheels high !! Change to efi with twin throttle bodys to make it much easier to start and live with. Edelbroc sold 2-4 cross ram manifolds for this stile hemi in the 60s -70s. May still be in their catalog.

  16. Troy s

    The wagon is for draggin’! All four cars are really nice looking machines, but for everyday motoring the duster would be the best bet for me. That duster would be more in tune with the other cars if it had a 360. Cross ram intake on the 426 hemi was what the “race” version of this engine used to terrify the drag strips, although I don’t know if this is the exact manifold.

  17. Gay Seattle Car Nut

    Awesome pics! My favourite cars have always been the 1962-64 Plymouth Belvedere/Fury/Savoy. I’d buy a 64 Belvedere station wagon if the price was right.

  18. Hemi Charley Member

    I neeeeed this hemi …..No, wait I need this hemi wagon for a stable mate to my 64 Dodge wagon.

  19. r spreeman

    Thanks everyone for so far noy suggesting putting clown shoe low profile wheels on the wagon.

  20. Joe

    yummy i love this car !!!

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