Mopar Flamingo: 1958 Chrysler Windsor Sedan

Factory “Flamingo” pink with tail fins, this 1958 Chrysler Windsor screams the 1950s. Although a great deal of time has passed since 1958, this Windsor is an interesting original that isn’t too shabby. This body style of the Windsor was only offered for 1957 and 1958. Complete but needing some attention, this 1950s delight is currently bid up to $787.00. Find it here on eBay out of Ottertail, Minnesota.

The 354 cubic inch Spitfire V8 is dry, dirty and rusty. Missing the factory carburetor, the rest of the engine and its components appear to be present. There is no history, or information offered on this one, so worst case scenario the engine is seized.  There is still some pink in the engine bay which is cool to see the richness of the color.

Mostly there, the interior is rough. The seats have withstood the test of time, but the door panels, dash, and steering wheel did not fare as well. Despite the condition issues, this interior isn’t hopeless. The floors are described as “not that bad for a 50’s Mopar”, but the floors look wet, and rusty. Although the rust appears to be more surface than rot, the driver floor looks like it may be thin. Rust looks to be concentrated to the lower areas of this Mopar being in the floors and in the rockers. The quarters look nice with what looks to be minimal bubbling occurring. The front fenders are nice, with no rust, dents, or dings. Overall this Windsor seems pretty straight. The paint is old and dry, and has succumbed to time. The white inlay on the rear doors into the quarters has faded showing more pink than white, and the passenger side has some mild surface rust from missing paint. The driver side mirror is missing and there are also a couple of missing headlights. The chrome looks straight, and mostly rust free with only a few nooks and crannies having some mild rust.

Wearing a very 1950’s color scheme, and being a rather uncommon car, this ’58 Windsor is a cool and unique machine. Making for a great project with its grand 1950s appearance, would you save this old Flamingo?



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  1. Howard A Member

    Why is it, some ebay ads you can zoom and others you can’t, Is that cost extra? Anyway, I’ve seen other vehicles on CL from Ottertail, MN. like the trucks in the background. I’m way more interested in them, actually. ( looks like 30’s IH) This car is pretty shot. The only way these are attractive, is if they are already in nice condition, and the restoration costs on a car like this, other than emotional attachment, would far exceed it’s value. Parts car, now, about them old Binders,,,,

    • packrat

      And years ago, I’ve watched Ebay listings from Ottertail regarding other fifties vintage Chrysler products. There was one ’57 or ’58 Plymouth 4dr which was persistently listed for awhile–was a mediocre builder or a promising parts car–but it would’ve been only slightly easier for me to acquire and move across the continent than one on the surface of Saturn. Same view in the pix, a neatly mown field and the cars backed into a tree line.

  2. Brian T Kearns

    I would restore this old flamingo she’s a nice car I think it would be worth it and the cost is not so bad if you know the right people and where to look for parts

    • Neal

      I like your optimism.

  3. Ed P

    I’m Leary of this one. All of Chrysler’s 57-59 cars were rust prone. I would approach this car cautiously.

  4. Rustytech Member

    If this were a hardtop, not a sedan I’d be in. Are the trucks for sale?

    • Dave Wright

      It is a hardtop………

  5. daniel wright

    That water stain on the seat makes me worry about the state of the floors. It’s also missing the carb, I wonder if the mice nesting under the hood stole it.

  6. Jim Mc

    That front bumper….

    It’s like the outside wire retainer holding straight the braces on the teeth of the grille.

    Ladies and germs, the Chrysler Orthodonta.

    I’ll show myself out now….

    • DrinkinGasoline

      By your post, I can only assume that you have never been among the privileged to drive a late 40’s to early 50’s Chrysler product. I on the other hand have been privy to numerous 40’s and 50’s Chrysler experiences, having been reared in a Chrysler family. Had you been offered the opportunity to actually drive a Chrysler product of the time, your response would be quite different. It is no fault of yours….it’s considered historical denial.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi DG, now, now don’t be too hard on the ol’ chap, I’ve always thought the front end styling of 50’s cars looked like toothy grins, as well. I think that’s pretty funny, Jim. Look at the Buicks. I really can’t say on the quality of these cars. Like I say, the 1st car I remember riding in was the old man’s ’59 DeSoto. He seemed to like it, and probably would have continued buying them, but I don’t think he liked the styling of the 60’s, and went with Ford, then GM, and never went back to Chrysler until his minivans.

      • Howard A Member

        Oops, ran out of time. He did have a Plymouth or Dodge wagon, 70’s ish, like the green one, but that was it.

  7. erikj

    Jim Mc, Funny I’m the same when a post just happen to hit a chord in the brain and you just have to get it out.
    Then apologize and bow out gracefully, You made me laugh!!!
    As far as this old mopar goes, not really for everyone-so unless someone has a love for this, the resto. costs just don’t make sense.
    Just my thoughts.

  8. DrinkinGasoline

    The Windsor in 58 was the most affordable option of all the Chrysler model offerings of the time. It was not the highest nor was it the lowest.

  9. Jim Mc

    Thank you, Erik!

    I tried to thumbs up your comment but because my thumbs – up, down, or sideways – are mis-guided digits on their best day (I have to ten times-over re-edit myself before posting anything) and I think I hit thumbs down. So ignore it.
    That’s why I rarely thumbs-comment, so little room fo error.
    These phones are tiny in my mitts. But the pictures are good!
    Thanx & cheers….

  10. Jonny the Boy

    I could picture this car restored to perfection and cruising South Beach Miami…

  11. Brian R

    I’d love to get this car and restore it. Definitely respray to original colors. However I already have a ’57 Plymouth Belvedere, a 1958 Plymouth Plaza Silver Special and 2 1957 Dodge Trucks (one is the rare Sweptside). So no space or time, but love these 50’s Chrysler products.

    • Eric 10Cars

      Oh, Brian, you’re definitely the guy for this Chrysler! Find a way :-)

  12. Martin

    Are U kidding it would cost more to wash it than it’s worth restored !

  13. ben

    ad says sedan but it looks like a hard top would be nice restored mopars are going crazy for most any of them but as u guys know till the last few hours of the auction u never know where it will go kinda like the pink and white 50s colors ben

  14. Mark S Member

    As Dave pointed out it is a hard top and cool one at that I think this car should be restored. It would be a good project for a DYI guy with some skills and tools. It’s to bad it got left outside to rot but that just goes to show how little value the owner had for it. All he would have had to do would be to put it on a coupe of sheets of pressure treated plywood up on some blocks, then pull up the floor mats and drill some small holes in the low spot on the floors. It would have saved the floors. There will come a time when most of these are gone and it would be a shame if this is one of them. This being a four door hard top will be a rarer car then both the sedan and the two door hard tops. If your a DIY guy and work on a budget this is not going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to restore, remember this era of car had single stage gloss paint and is not that hard to apply with a little practice and far Cheeper to buy than base/clear paints. I’m not in a position to take this on and it’s to far away but I sure hope someone takes a liking to it.

  15. Dave Wright

    I had one like this in High school…….one of the cars I wish I had kept. Same color and everything.

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