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More Info Please: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

There is little doubt that of all of the versions of the C3 Corvette produced by Chevrolet, those with the chrome bumpers are the examples that are the most coveted by enthusiasts. This 1971 model is just such a car, and this inherent popularity would help to at least partially explain why it has been the subject of some pretty spirited bidding since it was listed for sale. If you would like to join in the bidding, then you will find the Corvette located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has made it as far as $8,478, and with the reserve now met, the Corvette is set to head off to a new home.

The owner of the Corvette is a person of few words, but what he does say is that the car has spent its life mostly garaged. With that in mind, hopefully, the car remains essentially rust-free. Rust issues don’t rate a mention in the listing, but then again, not much else does either. It would be interesting to know how solid the frame and birdcage are, as these are so vitally important in a Corvette.  There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the Corvette has received at least one repaint in its life, and there is also evidence to suggest that this might not have been completed to the highest of standards. The body itself looks to be quite reasonable, with no signs of any major stress or fatigue cracks in the fiberglass. There are a couple of problems in the front corners of the hood, but these look like they would be fairly easy to address. The wheels that are fitted to the car aren’t original, but all of the original chrome and badges are present and look to be in decent condition.

If I was going to search for a single phrase to describe the interior of the Corvette, then that phrase would be ” serviceable, but tired.”  There is no doubt that the Corvette could easily be driven with the interior in its current state, and I wouldn’t blame anyone who chose to do so. The kick panels appear to be missing, so replacements will need to be sourced. There are no obvious rips or tears on any of the upholstered surfaces, but there is some stretching of the upholstery on both leather seats. The dash and pad look quite good, but it’s when you examine the interior closely that you begin to notice a lot of little chips and scratches, and these would be enough to irritate a true perfectionist. Once again, whether to address these minor issues or leave things as they are will all come down to a matter of personal taste.

Under the hood of the Corvette is the LT1 350ci V8, which is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. This combination was enough to propel the Corvette from 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds, while the ¼ mile could be dispatched in 14.5 seconds. I am talking in the past tense here for two reasons. The first of these is because while the owner does say that what you see here is an LT1, he does admit that it isn’t the original engine. The second reason is a bit more fundamental because the owner doesn’t indicate how well the Corvette runs and drives. This is frustrating, so it looks like that is a question that potential buyers are going to need to ask. The engine itself looks clean and free of obvious major leaks or dust build-up, so maybe these are encouraging signs that the car is in mechanically sound health.

It appears that there might be a heap of potential locked away in this 1971 Corvette, but it is equally as apparent that it is a car that poses a heap of questions. In my own opinion, the seller hasn’t done himself any real favors by providing such limited information on the car’s condition. Having said that, this fact hasn’t stopped people bidding away merrily on what has the potential to be a great classic. Maybe they are willing to take a punt, or maybe they’ve asked those questions and received the sorts of answers that have ticked the right boxes for them.




  1. Brian

    $8400 bucks…wow.Someone has got a good project car . Good for them.👍

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    • Steve R

      That’s right, if the auction ends close to the current high bid.

      Too bad for the seller that they didn’t put more effort into their description, the price they pay for that will be reflected in the cars final sale price.

      Steve R

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  2. ACZ

    As long as the windshield header and A pillars are intact, this car is a bargain. If the engine is built as original, it can run on unleaded all day long. The 71 had hardened valve seats. Fun for shows and fun to drive.

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  3. Classic Steel

    NOM engine but its a nice car..,,

    Its a great car with metal bumpers and with manual transmission..

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  4. TimM

    Lowest priced corvette I’ve seen on here in quite some time!! 350/4 speed would be a blast to drive! Maybe someone will actually get a good deal and have a classic with out a second mortgage!!!

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  5. healeydays

    The owner has to be loosing at least a $1000 at a minimum by now writing anything up about the car and the condition. At least as an afterthought be typed in 3 letters LT1

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  6. Weasel

    This baby is certified preowned. Wicked!!!

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  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m wondering if it was hit in the front end or something similar? Looks like the hood and front fender are different colors plus the front edges of the hood have the paint worn off from rubbing.
    Overall it’s a good looking C3 and if the condition checks out (including no accidents in the past) then someone should likely have a good toy there, hopefully at a decent price.

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  8. gbvette62

    I’m not sure why the writer thinks the car’s been repainted, as I see some things to lead me to believe it may be the original paint. It appears that the bonding seams are showing through the paint on the front fenders, usually a good indicator of original paint. Also, the aluminum rivets that hold the headlight support to the front surround, are pushing through the surround panel (the two rows of bumps between the headlight openings and hood). This happens when the aluminum rivets corrode and expand, pushing up through the factory filler. This is usually fixed when a car is repainted, by removing the rivets, and bonding the support to the surround panel.

    As a fairly decent looking, wrong motor car, at $8400 the car might be a steal, but with 3 and a half days left in the auction, it will be interesting to see where the bidding ends.

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    • Tom Member

      I agree. Looks original for those many reasons and it does not look like the jams were done.

      Is it me, but that radio antenna looks really long? Oddball observation, probably just the angle of the photo. IF that is the worse thing about this car, I’ll take it !!

      Thankfully it has a black interior instead of the tan which in my opinion looks terrible with the burnt orange color. I had a 72 in this orange/black combo. No 4 speed and a reg 350. I moved up to a 72 blue/blue 454 M21 car that the recession bought from me !! UGH !! Sorry, still bitter !!!

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  9. jerry z

    Lace mags, now that’s some old wheels! If this goes between $10-12K, it’s still a good deal. It”s a LT1!

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  10. dogwater

    WOW that is a great deal engine bay looks clean etc.

  11. George Mattar

    If a real LT-1 a slamming deal. No way to tell if LT-1 in VIN til 1972 model. I had a 71 454 coupe in 1976. Paid $5,300 for it from second owner. Sold long ago. Loved that car, but my current C3 rides much better. A 73 coupe 350 with four speed. Minor nitpicks on this orange coupe are missing smog pump and HEI distributor. Make sure Bird cage and frame solid. A great price for a real Corvette not a butt ugly C7.

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  12. Steve P

    Excellent observations by all, thx.

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