Movie Look Alike: 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

Belvederes have always been great looking cars, but upon the movie “Christine” being made it would seem these cars are more desired than ever, yet almost impossible to find. Although appearing a bit like a basket case, there are some definite positives to this two door. With 15 bidders, it is clear that they can see the potential in this classic as bidding has risen to $7,500. Check it out here on ebay out of Valley Center, Kansas.

In need of a total restoration, there aren’t many detailed photos of this car. The seller included this particularly valuable image that shows that the floors are solid, and that there is certainly potential in this classic. I would have liked to see the condition of the dash, and other interior components, but they are hopefully in acceptable shape.  Also there is no mention of the drive-train or its condition, but the seller has a dual quad manifold, and air cleaners included in the sale. One interesting thing is the seller has a 4 door parts car that he is willing to let you take whatever you please, except for the actual body itself, and the frame. So with that thrown into the mix, it looks like there are quite a few valuable parts on the parts car that would make this two door that much sweeter.

With plenty of surface rust, there appears to be little rot overall.  There are a few holes at the top of the driver fender, which is a very common place for rust in these cars. Also the passenger rear quarter has some rot as well, but it appears to be concentrated to a small area. Thankfully the seller did offer up the passenger quarter off of his parts car, which I would assume is in better condition. Appearing as a worthy car to be saved, it’s a shame that “Darnell’s Garage” isn’t around to aid in reviving this cool Mopar. With many bids, and the auction price on the rise, what do you think this Mopar will sell for?

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  1. Tony S

    “Arnie this thing ain’t worth 50 bucks”

  2. Sean D

    Someone cue “Bad to the Bone”…

  3. Fred W.

    Would a passenger quarter from a 4 door parts car fit this one?

    • Vince Habel

      @Fred W

      No it won’t fit

  4. Don H

    Please don’t paint it red and white ,I think it would look cool black with red interior .

  5. Tony Kunkel

    Not to mention it comes with a complete set of bumper wings. Those alone are worth about $3,000.

  6. JW

    One of my favorite car movies. Especially the gas station scene.

  7. Paul & Jen A

    Okay show me as Arnie said

  8. John D.

    I agree with Don H., I’ve seen enough Christine clones and that movie never got my juices flowing. I don’t know if I’d do a
    period correct two-tone or tri-color, I think I lean more in the monochrome direction.

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    Christine was OK but I’m more partial to Miss Belvedere, even if she’s a year older. I remember the anticipation of that car being removed from that time capsule virtually unscathed then the total disappointment when I watched them pump out that rusty slough water and hoist the rusted remains of that brand new car out. It broke my heart….

    • ags290

      I was at the Tulsarama just to see her come out of the vault.

      • Skloon

        A bit of a disappointment that was

  10. Shelli Anne

    I had a 1958 Belvedere 4 door hardtop, canary yellow with a black top which I washed and waxed until it was blinding to look at on a sunny day. My father forbade me to park it next to his new gold 1968 Dodge Polara in the driveway. And then my brother brought home a 1961 Simca Aronde , and HE had to park his car at the other end of the driveway !

  11. Mlaw

    Buy it,put it in your garage,and by morning it will have fixed and painted itself but be very nice to it lol

  12. Woodie Man

    Crazy price for what is essentially a junker

    • Burger

      Crazy price ? Just try and find a better one for less ! A car like this, you buy at whatever price it takes and sort out the details later, or you go without.


      Back in the day the Plymouth V8 engines were crap.No kid wanted a Plymouth.

  13. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Yep…Junker you see these everyday…..those that know are bidding….had a 59 hardtop….those are GREAT floors for the years 57-59 !

  14. Rustytech Member

    You would find 50 Chevy’s and a couple Fords before you found another one of these. If this stays under $9 or $10k it will be worth every dollar. One of my favorite cars ever was a 59.

  15. Robert Gallagher

    I have been there and looked at this car. There is a lot of rot on the floorboards.
    It’s near or in Rockford, Illinois. Everything needs to be rebuild on this car and the chrome is pretty bad as well.

  16. rumpfox

    I have a friend who has quit a few of these furys some converts but he won’t sell any part off of them cause he’s going to restore all of them. he sell everyone he restores and all of his cores came out of the south rust free. he’s got a 57 dodge convert. that is one out of seven in the whole usa that he’s tuned down 3000,000. for

    • rumpfox

      hear are some pics of his plymouths

      • rumpfox

        another pic

  17. rumpfox

    one more

  18. LAB3

    With the ratty look being so popular this car’s body might be best left alone. Make it run, turn and stop for now then in a few years when florescent poster colors and led blacklights shining on the body become popular you can paint it.

  19. Ram Rod

    This is a popular old mopar. Mopars are threw the roof. No ford or chevy can match them in price today. This car will bring 12 to 14gs.

  20. hotrod joe

    Go online and price used parts for a 57 or 58 Plymouth very expensive I had a 1958 Belv with a 392 Hemi 2×4 s 4 speed in 1964 candi blue with a siver metal flake strip down the middle got my share of tickets when i did take it to the drag strip I ran B/MP 12.8 in the 1/4

  21. Mitch Ross Member

    The reason to paint it red and white is that, when you find your next “must have” project, you can sell this one to a Mopar guy or a Steven King enthusiast. Mo money.

  22. Steve

    3 days left and still under $10k… a bargain

  23. JimmyJ

    Those old forward sweep mopars are impossible to find parts for I know cuz my dad has a 57 coronet 2 door 325 he’s had since 1990 it’s real clean but finding parts is unbelievably tough it’s not like a 57 Chevy but he gets a lot more attention cuz he’s the only one driving one. He busted his ass to find parts and it’s almost pristine!

  24. Joe Marshall

    I was lucky enough to grab this beauty. Drove 2600 miles round trip to pick her up.

  25. mark struglia

    Glad you got her Joe! She’s a beauty.

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