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Mucho Macho: 1982 Jeep J-10 Honcho

To say that this 1982 Jeep J-10 Honcho is in charge would be repetitive. Although, the Honcho for Jeep was basically just a trim package so it wasn’t any more or less capable than a regular Jeep J-10 from 1982 was, but this one sure looks good to me. It’s on Craigslist with an asking price of $3,999. Thanks to Pat L. for submitting this find.

The Honcho trim package was available from 1976 to 1983 and it came in several colors. I miss those wacky days of heavily-graphic’d cars and trucks; I’m guessing that most people don’t care for such things. I would have to believe that a black J-10 Honcho would be the most valuable today, not to mention a Honcho sportside!

This particular truck looks great from the photos, but there is a little work to do, as there always is. The body looks solid but it has a few dings and dents in it. I can’t quite tell if parts of the tan paint have been redone or not?

The interior looks pretty good, too. The floors will need some welding and the seller mentions that replacement pans are available for $60 each. And, you can see that the door cards are missing and those will be needed along with new carpet.

But, look at those seats! Other than the crack in the driver’s side bolster, what a great 1980s classic! There is AC but no word if it works or not, and there are no engine photos, but it’s a “strong running in-line six”. The engine should be AMC’s 258 Cubic-inch six with around 110 hp. There’s a little work to do on this one but, as the seller says, it would be a nice project. Is this Honcho worth $3,999 considering the rust in the floors and interior work that’s needed?


  1. Rustytech Member

    Wish I was in Dixie, especially Texas, this would be in my garage before the new year. I’m a sucker for Jeeps, you could search high and low up here in the north east and never find a good one. I went and looked at one last spring here in PA. There was more rust than steel, and the guy still wanted $4500 for it. Needless to say, it’s still sitting in his yard. Great deal here, and I love the graphics.

    • Jay M

      Totally agree. I went to look at the twin of this truck last year…no salvageable panels anywhere…rusted thru everywhere.
      I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen an unrestored rust free example.
      Seems like a great buy.

  2. mark

    This one won’t last long. Looks like a good truck and a more than fair price.

  3. boxdin

    All I remember is Honchos in step side form, this short wide bed is rare.

    Like 1
  4. David

    What a great, honest looking truck. Floor pans needing replacement? I would welcome rust that minor on any project. In my parts, the floors are more of the Fred Flintstone variant by the time rust has done its work. Nice find.

  5. Jeffro

    Cheap & Jeep usually don’t go together. However, this is a sweet deal for someone.

  6. Art M.

    Looks to be in really nice condition. These are notorious for rusting and in my neck of the woods they seldom look like this one.

  7. Woodie Man

    Quien es mas macho? Este jeepo con slushbox y un tercel con mas macho quatro speedo?

  8. Ck

    Nice solid old jeep.Words that rarely are spoken up here in MA. Not crazy about the color ,but it looks good with the orange graphics .For a 35 yr old truck it really doesn’t need much .Its got air,the seats are kool ,and the price is rite.I like it.

  9. Howard A Member

    If I could get past the awful memories of my ’78 Cherokee, which I could very easily with this truck, I’d go for it. Got to admit, it’s one of the nicer offerings for the time. In all fairness, the Cherokee was very rusted, and contributed to many of the problems. This would be a great truck to have. That 6 was one of the best motors ever.

  10. James

    There is one near me (1974) with 15k original miles in perfect condition that I am trying to buy right now from the estate of its 80yo owner. :)

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Best of luck James, keep after it.

  11. Kevin

    I had a 79 Golden Eagle J10 in the late 80’s and regret selling it daily. The V8 quadratic setup was almost impossible to stop. These are great trucks, if you can deal with the electric gremlins on the creature comforts. This one shouldn’t stay on the market very long.

  12. Pete

    He’s been trying to sell it for a while now. Paint has been redone, the tailgate latch is body color, which isn’t factory. Looks like they taped off the decals.

  13. Claus Graf

    If I had the space and money…….I would
    1.- Swap in standard trans (with granny gear)
    2.- Remove chrome grille and fit an older gladiator grill with round headlights
    3.- Drive it every day!

  14. Jeffrey Duddles

    Not a Honcho, but here is a J-10 from my photo archives:

  15. Wayne C Pickhardt

    I had the black stepside Honcho with the 360. One of those trucks you wished you never sold.

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