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Muscle Maverick: 1972 Maverick Grabber


When thinking of muscle cars, the Maverick is not usually the first car that comes to mind. This Maverick is optioned with the “Grabber” package, which added some neat features to the Maverick. In beautiful shape, this Grabber looks to have only covered around 65,000 miles. With an asking price $8,000 we are enticed by this muscular Maverick. Find it here on craigslist out of Monaca, Pennsylvania. Thanks Stuart F for the submission!


The interior of this Maverick is excellent. The dash, seats and door panels are very nice, with only a few ripples in the door panels. The carpet still looks rather plush and not faded. The floor mounted manual shifter draws you in a little more on this cool Ford. Power comes from a Ford 302 cubic inch V8. The seller apparently had the car running at some point but we are guessing it hasn’t run in a while.  The car looks to be a solid survivor, but the seller has mentioned that there is “putty” in the quarters. We are unsure if that means the car has been repainted, or putty was smeared over minor quarter rust, or what exactly the seller means. From the photos, the quarters look nice, further information would certainly be welcomed on this Ford.


Since this is a 1972 Grabber, it has this neat twin scoop hood. This hood was offered on 71-72 Grabbers only. The paint and chrome looks excellent on this Maverick.


Grabbers also came with this nice but subtle rear spoiler, along with the striping down the sides with the Grabber logo. The color combination on this Maverick is fantastic and really has a great muscle car appeal.


In solid shape, with low miles, and great looks, this Grabber is hard to deny. What would you do with this muscular Maverick?


  1. Bingo

    $4000 tops

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  2. Boss351

    Asking too much! I agree with Bingo, that $4k would be the top going price for this bare bones Maverick. No mention of A/C and should have non power drum brakes. Disc brakes were available as an option in later years. The Ford 302 was really detuned by ’72 and down to 143 hp so this car isn’t as fast as you would think.

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    • Richard Gaskill

      how fast is this car ? top speed:112 mph
      accelerations: 0- 60 mph 9.6 s 1/4 mile drag time 17.2 s

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  3. erikj

    pull the motor and beef it up a bit. clean car!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. JW

    If the wife wouldn’t scream I would give 5K for it, that 302 can be bored and stroked to suit the loud pedal crowd along with the manual trans and a rear gear swap you are ready for cruise night proudly.

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  5. Chebby

    That color is actually called Grabber Blue, correct?

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  6. duke

    grabber blue was the color on this light weight car-the 3 speed standard just meant someone was not willing to buy the 4 speed for the extra money-they should have been a more remarkable performer with a 302 under the hood being an economy car,but never were back then-

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    • Richard Gaskill

      4 speed was never an option in the Maverick

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      • Bill

        Is that so, no four speed available? I had no clue

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      • Todd

        I bought one just like it when it was 8 months old and I know for sure 4 speeds were not an option. I had the Bronze with the orange trim around the twin hood scoops.I added Crager wheels for looks and a 500 two barrel Holley and 411 rear end. It was a screamer from light to light when street racing.

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  7. Bob's your uncle

    Putty = bondo, you know what that is, yeah?

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  8. John K

    Just get a replacement 302 crate motor.

    I am smitten by that hood. I remember these cars but didn’t realize that twin scoop was from the factory.

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    • Steve McQueen

      yes that is a factory hood, I have had a couple Mavericks

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  9. EB

    The hood reminds me of 96-98 era Mustang Cobra hood.

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  10. Richard Gaskill

    Hagerty doesn’t provide a value for the ’72 Grabber V8 . NADA low retail is $2,375. Average retail is $7,100. This car is way overpriced.

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  11. z28th1s

    The car has definitely been repainted if there is ‘putty’ in the 1/4’s and the inserts for the hood scoops should be body color, not black. Overall, a nice looking example and would love to have it in my garage!

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  12. Paul Masson

    The price of everything is going up… bread, milk, 1970’s Ford compact cars…LOL

    I’m not saying this car is MINT (and it is NOT mine, BTW), but it has a lot of features that are very desirable among Maverick enthusiasts: bucket seats, grabber hood, rear spoiler, small bumpers, sport mirrors, V8, manual trans. Like others have said, upgrade the 302 to a 4bbl, swap in a T5, throw a set of Maverick/Granada front discs (I put 4-wheel discs on my 71) on it and you’ve got a nice little car that you can drive safely and reliably.

    It has obviously been painted, as it has the 71 Grabber painted treatment on the hood instead of the proper 2-pc 72 vinyl decal on the hood. If the cowl and floors are good, the rest is all doable on a low budget.

    I know the seller is ASKING $8000 but when is the last time you saw anything on Craigslist sell for the asking price?? LOL

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    • Steve McQueen

      A good condition Maverick Grabber will go for around 4 to 8,000 on the Market. This car here , I believe is Paul Masson’s Maverick. a very clean car like this would go between 6,000 to 8,000 US funds. the older they get the more value they have. My Maverick isn’t perfect, absolutely no rust or body filler. I would not ever think of getting rid of it for anything less than 4,000.

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    • Walt

      My family had a ’71 Grabber, new. Our hood had a flat/textured black paint on it. Gloss black, IMHO, is a definite re-paint.

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      • Paul Masson

        Walt, you are exactly right about 71 Grabbers having a textured satin black paint on the hood, as well as the tail light panel and bezels. In 72, the hood treatment was done in two separate vinyl decal panels with an outline stripe. My car is original paint.

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  13. CarBuzzard Member

    This could be just as much fun with a six. There were all kinds of hop-up stuff for the six and if you were able to glom onto that, a hot Maverick I-6 would be a real attention grabber (sorry) at a cars and coffee and fun to drive as well.

    But for what I’d do with this one? Make a period correct hotrod out of it. Putting a modern crate motor in it would just be eh.

    I drove a ’72 Comet GT a while back and going down a long hill, the owner told me, “The brake pedal is going to start pulsing in a while. Don’t worry about it. It’s just the brake drums heating up and getting out of round. It’s OK. It will still stop.”

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    • Paul Masson

      Agreed @ 6-cylinder but mine is bone stock… the only upgrade when I refurbished the engine bay was swapping in a Pertronix ignition and tossing the original points…

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  14. Rustytech Member

    I like these car. “The poor mans mustang” better looking and handling than the 72 mustang too. This is over priced, especially if quarters need replaced. Lots of eng upgrade options available. I like it.

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  15. Randy Verburg

    Do anyone out there ever see what a dealer in the Grand Rapids Michigan area??
    He made up some by jacking the rear end up add chrome to the motor place wide tires on the back skinny ones on the front. I can not remember the rims he place on them. Real nice sound to the motor of them. He put a decal on the back, quarter panel and it read
    Mod Maverick !!! They got up went pretty good, and did not look to bad all either.

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  16. James

    Having owned and sold several Mavericks over the years, I think you guys are under estimating the market for that car. I think he will get close to his asking price. Great color, very rare floor shift manual, clean bucket seat interior. The hood alone will bring $1,000 in some circles. They make a reproduction that fetches $750

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    • Brian Cody

      Not that rare, it’s attached to a puny 3 spd tranny. 8K is asking price, I would be asking 3500. I had a Comet GT. 302, 3 spd. Great for 1/8’s then you run out of carb. Fun and affordable

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      • z28th1s

        I will buy all the Maverick Grabbers and Comet GT’s you can find in this condition for $3,500!

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  17. RoughDiamond

    I agree with some others, this is a rare Maverick Grabber. The manual transmission really makes it desirable. It’s factory, but that is one odd looking shifter.

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    • Rocco Member

      My brother in-law bought a ’73 blue two door Mav. with 302 three on the tree with bench seat(family man) new. He just wanted a reliable car. He had it for many years. These are great cars. The floor shifter is unique.

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  18. z28th1s

    Looks like somewhat bought it, the listing has been taken down.

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  19. Rolf Poncho 455

    Well I like this ford it look s good and nice shape
    just tune the 302 a cam , headers , carb and of u go
    I LIKE!!!

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    Put a coyote in it…fuuuunnnn

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