Muscle Survivor: 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 427

It isn’t clear just how many years this 1966 Impala SS had been parked in this barn, but judging by the layer of dust that it is wearing in this photo, then I suspect that it is somewhere in the vicinity of quite a long time. It has now emerged from hiding, and what a car it is. It has been returned to active duty, and if you have gasoline pumping through your veins, then I can guarantee that this is one classic that you would love to have parked in your garage. If you are serious about that idea, then you will find the Impala located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the vehicle has been extremely strong, and has pushed things along to $33,100. At that price, the reserve has not been met. However, I suspect that if any of the 125 people who are currently watching the listing decides to have a say in the matter, that’s a situation that could well change.

The Impala has undergone a pretty substantial transformation since it emerged from the barn, but the owner is very quick to point out that it isn’t perfect. The Marina Blue paint is believed to be original and is showing some of the sorts of wear and tear that you might expect to see on a 54-year-old classic that has been parked in a barn for some considerable time. There are a few marks, chips, and blemishes on the paint, and it is also a bit thin in spots. However, the body is free of any significant dings or dents. The owner has gone to the trouble and expense of replacing the vinyl top because as you can see from the first photo, it was looking somewhat dilapidated when the car was dragged out of the barn. He does say that the steel beneath the vinyl was spot-on, with no signs of rust or any other issues. So, how does the car look when it comes to rust? Well, that isn’t a problem. The owner claims that the Impala is completely rust-free, and is as solid as a rock. There are certainly no signs of any visible problems, so it would seem that if the next owner wants this car to really pop, then achieving this shouldn’t be a huge drama. The Impala features a tinted windshield, and unfortunately, this does have a crack in it. The good news though is that the remaining glass seems to be okay. The external trim and chrome appear to be in good order, but it is that little badge at the front of each fender that tells you that this is by no means an ordinary Impala.

It’s said that there is no substitute for cubic inches, and you certainly get plenty of those with the Impala. The original owner must have been pretty serious about performance because this Impala is a full numbers-matching car with L72 427ci V8. This monster was designed for sheer performance, with an 11:1 compression ratio, 4-bolt mains, and a forged crank and forged pistons. This allowed the engine to bring an official 425hp to the table. Making this car all the more desirable, you will find an M21 4-speed manual transmission, a 4.10 rear end, F41 suspension, a K66 transistorized ignition, and power steering. This really is one serious piece of equipment, and the performance that this package provided was nothing short of astounding. At 4,017lbs, the Impala is a big and heavy car. However, in this guise, it was capable of accelerating from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds, while the ¼ mile could be demolished in a mere 14.3 seconds. That is some pretty serious performance and tends to support rumors that were doing the rounds back in 1966 to the effect that the quoted horsepower figures were somewhat conservative. The Impala is none the worse for its time in storage. The owner has had the car very carefully and meticulously revived, and the only component used that wasn’t genuine was the replacement fuel tank. The brakes were treated to a rebuild, as were the original distributor and the original carburetor. Even the exhaust was replaced with one to the correct, original specifications. Obviously, the fire extinguisher mounted in the engine bay isn’t original, but given the relative rarity of this car, I find that to be some pretty sensible insurance. I mean, I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Otherwise, all that you will find is originality as far as the eye can see, right down to the radiator, and the correct belt pulleys. Of course, it isn’t all about looks, and the owner states that the Impala runs and drives perfectly

Generally speaking, the interior of the Impala presents quite well. Its biggest issues are some tears on the passenger seat, along with a seam separations on the rear seat. The carpet has also been replaced, which helps to give the interior a clean and tidy appearance. Otherwise, the rest of it is said to be original, and interior presentation is more than acceptable for a survivor of this age. As well as performance, the Impala does offer its owner a level of comfort, thanks to the inclusion of bucket seats and a console. The vehicle also features a factory 7,000rpm tachometer mounted in the dash, along with a nice original gauge cluster in the console. The speedometer is large and clear and reads all the way to 120mph. However, if the mood took the Impala’s owner, then this could be pegged as the vehicle made its way to an ultimate top speed of 140mph.

When you look at this ’66 Impala SS, it gives little hint as to what it really is. If ever the expression “an iron fist in a silk glove” was used to describe a classic car, then it would seem to be appropriate for this one. With only around 1,838 full-sized Chevrolets scoring the L72 motor in 1966, there can be no questions about this Impala’s relative rarity. For Impala SS enthusiasts, this car has got to be close to the Holy Grail, and the fact that it is so original makes it an incredibly special car. I am a blue-oval man myself, but I don’t mind admitting that I will seriously envy the person who eventually parks this beauty in their driveway.

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  1. SMDA

    A great car to use in a prison break.

  2. Buffalo Bob

    This caught my eye because my first (legally registered) car was a 66 Impala SS. This one’s nicer than mine was in ’79, with 100 more cubes under the hood to boot. Somebody’s going to get one heluva Chevy in this sale.

    • Buffalo Bob

      Oh…..and two more speeds.

  3. Ike Onick

    Two survivors in the picture.

    • petemcgee

      Ike Onick the ole fella appears to be holding the envelope full of cash in his left hand?

      • Cattoo Member

        Probably not near the $33k the new owner is gonna clear.

  4. bobhess Member

    Nice clean design. Big mother power train. What’s not to love?

  5. Tom Member

    Where do I start! THANK YOU! First, what an AWESOME car. Finally a great color too. Unmolested. 427 4 speed. Maybe I missed something here but I find this as TOTALLY BELIEVEABLE. 56K miles.

    Ok, 56K miles. My opinion is THIS IS what a Barn Find of a car of this age with this mileage SHOULD LOOK LIKE by in large. Yep, had to go through all the mechanicals as they did for drivability, great. Passenger seat needs some work BUT the interior looks GREAT AND….it should for 56K miles.

    Repaint it…..NO WAY! Only original once. you can drive it and if you get another chip in the paint you won’t want to kill yourself! Put your $25K plus rechroming, new gasked, grommets, emblems…on and on. probably more like $40K additional BACK IN YOUR POCKET.. This IS the way you want to find, buy and own a car like this. NOW, our market, again this car is optioned really well AND I could see this car selling for $50-60K. I don’t know that it is worth more than that but again, you would have the right money in the right car and not OVER invested by spending a ton more money on a resto the car really doesn’t need.

    It is not perfect but ORIGINAL is more important to many collectors AND you don’t spend all that extra money. I personally find original cars like this more interesting to look at. Detail the heck out of it, do some PDR for the dings, maybe put a windshield in it, fix the seat. Done.

    HECK I was made in 1966 and I am NOT perfect either!

    • ruxvette

      ” Unmolested. 427 4 speed.” Almost. Hurst shifter. And why would you pull and inspect the transmission?

      • MB

        Because it had a crappy shifter in it at one point. Crappy shifter equal worn syncros and chipped gear teeth. Very prudent to inspect the trans.

    • Skippy

      If you look at the front fenders, you can tell that the front clip has been repainted at least once. That kind of color mismatch really needs to be fixed. Buyer can decide, though….

      • A-body Fan

        At least painted once? How can you tell it’s been repainted at all let alone multiple times.

    • mike paquin

      classic cars should stay the way it came no modern crap ive seen these cars with oversized rims with an ls motor which is a cardinal sin to classic cars every where

  6. Stan Patterson

    I remember I was reading meters one day back in the eighties when I heard a car as I was walking around. Then the car rolled up next to me it was one of these. It was so unassuming in beige with dog dish hubcaps. As I admired it I heard it, and asked myself why does it sound like that. Then I saw the flags, the 427 marking, and smiled. As it rolled to a stop at the sign I was walking towards I saw the 4spd stick being gripped by an older gent with a stooge hanging from his lips. He saw my smile gave me the nod, and I gave him a wink. He grinned, and rumbled off from the stop sign. It was one of those things I guess I’ll never forget it was so nice for a young gearhead to see an older gearhead still out enjoying his ride. He’d grin if he knew how much of an impression he made on me, and that I’m looking for one of those cars now lols 😆.

    • Cattoo Member

      Here’s your chance.

  7. petemcgee

    I’ve got a 66 Impala with the 327 4 speed. It really rips. I can only imagine what this beast would do!

    • ccrvtt

      Mid ’60s 327s are truly awesome engines.

      But a 427 is the holy grail…

    • Jost

      427 is beyond awesome but I always preferred small block cars, especially the 327

  8. Gaspumpchas

    Like Bogey said- its the stuff that dreams are made of. B@lls to the walls performance, 427 4 speed. I too am a ford guy but Like ’em all. The only thing I would be leery of is the frame. Would love to rip thru the gears one time. Good luck to the new owner!!

    • Fred Alexander

      Leary of the frame? I must have missed something.

      • Gaspumpchas

        Fred, up here in the rust belt the ironworms got the frames on these at a young age. Not knowing where this beauty came from, I feel its good to know all you can going in. Probably ok, but forewarned is forearmed. I have seen so much fraud from buying cars on line and on fleabay in the past year its shaken my confidence. Caveat Emptor, and happy motoring.

  9. Camaro Joe

    Wow, that’s a nice piece. I wouldn’t want to own it or ride in it if you tried 140 MPH with the 427 and 4:11 gears. I did that once with my original motor 69 Z/28, low miles but drag raced. That’s was way too many RPM ‘s for a numbers matching big block.

    Mine was dusting the top end of the 8,000 RPM tachometer going up a steep hill and gaining speed. I figure it was running close to 140 MPH when reality set in and the rear end (I said it was drag raced) was making more noise then the solid lifter 302. Then there were the “junk yard” tires, the best I found in Dad’s junk yard.

    The worst part of that is it happened 1/2 mile from my parent’s place where we used to watch deer in the back yard when we ate Sunday dinner. I quit going fast a couple years after that one when I had a had full throttle third gear close encounter with a deer in the same area. Who’d have thought that could happen?

  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Good looking car, very desirable color and the top goes well with the body color. The 427 and 4 speed will trip a lot of triggers but remember this thing is going to be very thirsty for high test fuel so hopefully the ultimate buyer will have a deep wallet.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Sad to say the previous owner is not holding the CASH this flipper is looking for..

  12. Troy s

    Everytime I see a blue ’66 Chevy I can’t help but think of the movie Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, although I don’t remember a whole lot about that movie car.
    Very sharp looking car here, just the engine alone has me trembling a bit. As nice as it looks all cleaned up I like the way it looks on the trailer. Strong machine indeed.

    • SMDA

      Great movie! Best of all, they didn’t try to glamorize basically bad people, and the hoodlums got it in the end, as it should be.

  13. Dave

    When we look at these old cars I always wonder why it was ordered like that. Geography plays a role, and where this car comes from my belief is that it was ordered to be a moonshine runner but for whatever reason it never was modified for service.
    It was common years ago for parents to be letting go of cars owned by or bought for their sons who were killed in Vietnam. I wonder if this car is one of them.

  14. John gribb

    How come the wheels were changed to hub caps

    • Raymond Hurst

      Probably because the ones on it when pulled from the barn, were off a 71 or 72 Nova or Malibu. Just saying.

  15. ArchitectureOnWheels.

    Thinking about that fire extinguisher under the hood. ?? Hmmmm. So, when there is an engine fire, access to it may be a bit dicey, especially when its advised not to open the hood when there is an engine fire, introducing more oxygen to the engine bay….. Is the fireproof suit packaged in the interior.?

  16. Del

    Best Barn Find Ever !

    Holy Crow 😎

  17. JEFF S.

    Not sure what the flipper is looking for, bid at $35,100 reserve not met, with a day to go not sure they are going to get any more bids. Too rich for my blood, I like the 64 Impala, 66 not so much.

  18. Bill

    I had a Freind back in 67 bought a car like that a greener colour white interior loaded but no air. His fender emblems said 427 425H

  19. Smokem

    Flashback to the early 70’s, rode along with my 16 year old buddy to look at a 66 Impala SS 427 4 speed that was for sale, the older (20 something) owner would take us for a ride but wouldn’t let the prospective buyer drive it. My buddy said if you won’t let me drive it I have no interest in buying it. Probably a wise decision for the seller and too bad it didn’t work out for both parties… of course otherwise if he had bought it I might not be alive to tell this story, power shift here we come.

  20. A-body Fan

    Made preparation today for a mid 40,000 bid only to discover auction ended 8 hours or so early. Owner went out of his way to send additional pictures and video too. Next time.

  21. TimM

    Nothing bad to say here!! This is one beautiful car!! Price is out of my range though!!!

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