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Museum Find: 1964 Lincoln Continental

I’m not sure how you feel, but I have always believed that while preserving classic cars is essential, designers and manufacturers never intended their creations to spend their lives as museum pieces. That has been the fate of this 1964 Lincoln Continental Sedan. It is also why I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder MattR for referring this classic to us. It offers the opportunity for somebody to release this Lincoln from captivity and return it to its rightful place on our roads. If you feel that you could be up to that challenge, you will find the Continental located in Hollister, California, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. You can experience the joy of unleashing this luxurious survivor by handing the owner $29,500.

This little Continental is a deceptive creature, and I use the word “little” with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek. In most of the photos, the paint appears to be white. However, it is a pale shade called Diamond Blue, and it tends to bleach in bright light. If you saw this car in person, you would not doubt it is blue. The paint is in excellent condition, with a depth of shine that is instantly appealing. There is one minor flaw on the rear quarter, but this should be an easy repair. Otherwise, the exterior of this Lincoln is spotless. There are no faults beyond the one just mentioned, the panels are straight, and as you might expect from a museum piece located in California, there’s no evidence of rust. The exterior trim shines as impressively as the paint, and the tinted glass is flawless. Overall, this Continental will make a bold statement when it returns to our roads.

When a car tips the scales at more than 5,200lbs, it will require something special under the hood if its progress is going to be anything beyond glacial. Lincoln delivered with the Continental, because its engine bay is occupied by a 430ci monster that produces 320hp. With a three-speed automatic sending the power to the rear wheels, this luxurious classic could cover the ¼ mile in 17.3 seconds before winding its way to 125mph. Those figures prove that this classic has some muscle below that classy exterior. It isn’t clear how long the car has been sitting in a museum or whether it has been maintained during its tenure on display. It would probably be wise to treat the Lincoln to a thorough inspection and service before returning it to active duty. The tires may also be suspect, depending on how long the vehicle has been inactive. The listing indicates that this classic is about to turn 70,000 genuine miles. Given the longevity of the drivetrains in these Continentals, it should have many years of faithful service to offer its new owner.

The owner-supplied photos of this Lincoln’s interior at the greatest, and it seems that this one probably tells the best story about its condition. He describes the condition as great, and it is hard to argue when looking at the photos. The pale blue leather seat upholstery looks flawless, supple, and very inviting. The dash and pad are in excellent condition, as is the headliner. Glimpses of the carpet show promise, and there are no signs of cracks on the wheel. For those who like their luxury touches, this classic features air conditioning, power windows, a power seat, and an AM radio. It may not sound much by today’s standards, but I think once you sink back into those leather seats with the air conditioning blowing cold on a hot day, you won’t care if this car doesn’t have the latest state-of-the-art stereo. I know I wouldn’t. What it lacks in equipment, it makes up for in sheer presence.

Locating a rust-free and original luxury survivor from the 1960s can sometimes prove challenging. However, this 1964 Lincoln Continental appears to be such a vehicle. It presents well, with only one slight cosmetic flaw. Its interior is in excellent condition, and returning it to the road should be easy for the new owner. There’s time enough between now and the start of summer to get this classic ready for a bit of relaxed weekend touring, which sounds like a tempting proposition. If you have yearned for a classic car with luxury leanings, would you be tempted to pursue this one further?


  1. Linton

    Had one in 1969. Horrible gas mileage. What a barge!!

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    • William Hall

      IF you were looking for fuel economy something like a Lincoln is at the bottom of the list.

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  2. Jerry Zawacki

    Totally Awesome. My most favorite Lincoln ever…😎 ⛽🚦🚗

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  3. Dave

    Over priced by 50%

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  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    Interesting looking 4-post lift with what appears to be adjustable ramps for different widths of cars? Curiously, the ramps don’t look like they are spread out very far, despite the wide width of the Lincoln. Does anyone know who makes this lift?

    • Bound4Glory

      Sri Lanka Lift Company, available on Amazon with free shipping to the lower 48

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  5. Blake

    Looks to have an updated 90s model ac compressor. Usually see a box type compressor on this old of a lincoln.

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  6. lawrence loffredo

    Magnificent Motorcar

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  7. jeff

    Decent price for condition

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  8. Richard Hollis Member

    I bought a 69 for $1.00 and sold it a year later for $3,500.

  9. Kenn

    Why the AC extension cord poking out the grill on the right front? For an engine heater?

  10. Sidejob53 Member

    Same year that Odd Job drove in Goldfinger!

  11. Bob Mck Member

    Love the style of these. Seems like an agressive price, but what do I know?

  12. JB Larson

    The AC cord protruding from the gill is most likely for a trickle charger…..

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  13. Ensign Pulver

    I love this and would buy it….but $29k is just top of the top and then some. I would think 15k is the right number for me. I actually had a 64 convertible in great shape that I sold for 17500 in 2007. But with 5 kids, 2 mortgages…and the need for meat to combat rickets….something had to go !

  14. Mountainwoodie

    Had a ’63 in absolutely perfect condition…. a slightly darker blue. I liked the ’63 grille and rear end better than the ’64. Of course gas was.38 a gallon and I couldn’t always afford to fill up the tank! I loved that car. Paid $250.00 for in 1974 dollars. A guy tried to t bone me at a stop sign and he bounced off the fender lol

    The leather interior was like nothing else and the ride was divine especially over the streets of the city. I think I sold it for 700 bucks back when I could count on coming out on top of a sale :)

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