Mustang Sally’s Mustang! 1967 Ford Mustang

Back in 1967, Sally wanted a new car. Her husband Gene took her to the local Ford dealer and she promptly fell in love with this 1967 Mustang. She’s had it ever since, only just recently selling it to the current seller, who has listed it here on eBay for sale. Bidding has risen to just under $3,400 but hasn’t met the reserve, and if you want to bypass the process you can buy it now for $7,900. Sally’s Mustang can be found in Issaquah, Washington.

Since my Mom had (2) ’67 Mustangs while I was growing up, this is familiar territory for me. While the Mustang grew a bit for the ’67/’68 models, it’s still remarkably small compared to it’s modern day equivalent. For example, the curb weight for a 1967 is listed as 2,758 pounds in one reference I found. On the other hand, a 2017 model weighs in between 3,469 to 3,825 pounds. I realize a lot of the difference has to do with safety, but that’s a lot of difference! But I digress. This particular car is still wearing its original Acadian Blue paint. Unfortunately there’s enough body damage that unless you love this look and are willing to let rust progress (I’m not) you will have to repaint the car.

Based on the 1602/2002 next to it, the Mustang is currently at the home of an enthusiast. Since these pictures they have purchased new whitewall tires for the car. It’s also said to run well now.

The seller seems very forthcoming about the car’s shortcomings: “There is a rust spot at the front bottom outside corner of the doors (common) and the worst is the inside rear wheel arch (from dirt sitting in the bottom of the 1/4 panel/wheelwell). There are also some pinholes near the sail panel at the bottom of the rear window as well. Minor, but FULL DISCLOSURE!”

There’s also the matter of the dent that Sally put into the car from backing into a pole. The seller has sourced both a brand new and a good used rear bumper (should you wish to keep the current level of “usedness.” No, I’m not using the p-word.

Here are some closeups of some of the other damaged areas. Nothing that can’t be taken care of but certainly stuff that I’d want to do quickly before the rust gets out of hand.


Apart from the cracks in the steering wheel (I found reproduction black wheels, but not this light blue hue) the interior really looks spectacular, and since Mom’s was this same color scheme on the inside it brings back a lot of memories. Somewhere I still have a molded piece of clay that I impressed with the horse on the right hand side of the dash when she was selling the car (hey, I was 9).

The 200 cubic inch six cylinder will be fine once it’s cleaned up, especially if the 25,000 original mile claim is true. A lot of paperwork comes with Sally’s car as well, meaning that claim may well be legitimate. And if you want to look over her car further, there are over 100 photos at this link. So tell me, do you want to “ride, Sally ride” like she did?

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  1. dan


    • Suttree

      Commerce has always been based on speculation. Buying low, selling high?
      What’s the problem? Where’s does the animosity come from. I’ve done it. My dad did it. I bet more than a few who frequent this site have too.
      So really, what’s the harm?

      • Rx7turboII

        There is no harm at all in flipping! The guys on this forum that bash flippers are mainly just jealous because somebody else got the deal before them or they don’t trust flippers because they think all flippers are scam artists and out to take advantage of people and make tons of money! What a joke… just like you said what happened to good old American Ingenuity and buying low and selling high? No different than the stock market! I guess all day Traders are all flippers too then right? Lol!!

      • jw454

        I don’t mind if a person want’s to flip a car. I’ve done it myself. What many people here object to is the flippers who fabricate stories about the car that they believe will allow them to ask a much higher price. We’ve seen it a few times and it casts a dark shadow over the old car hobby. It adds to mistrust between buyers and sellers.

    • Suttree

      Commerce has always been based on speculation. Buying low, selling high.
      What’s the problem? Where’s does the animosity come from? I’ve done it. My dad did it. I bet more than a few who frequent this site have too.
      So really, what’s the harm?

  2. Chris Kennedy

    It’s a 6 banger…not a good investment for that money….$4000, then you would have a good platform for a GT clone if your into the coupes?

  3. Nrg8

    Is it me or does that apron and frame on the right front look like swiss cheese?

  4. MH

    The flipper probably only paid $500. I wouldn’t give him a dime knowing he’s a worthless flipper.

    • Fred W.

      This isn’t 1975. Sally has access to Kelly Blue Book and is fully aware of what her Mustang is worth.

  5. stillrunners lawrence Member

    But then Freddy….maybe not….

  6. Murray S.

    Why all the upset over flippers….what happened to the saying that a car is only worh what someone will pay. Every time I buy a car I pay what I think it is worth to guess who…..ME. Buy what you dig to keep,or to sell. I just bought a 1980 Toyota 4×4 short bed from a little car lot along side the freeway. Guess what…I paid what I think it is worth and the taxes as well. Love cars and love flippers, dealers as well as private owners. I just love cars. Who cares where you get it from if you want it. Thanks to all you out there who have the time to hunt these cars down and offer it to the world. Oh yea. I never thought profit is a naughty word. Buy it if you love it. Who cares where it came from

  7. dan viola

    didn’t someone write a song about this car “mustang sally”

  8. joeinthousandoaks

    Yes Dan. Notice “Sally” in parentheses. Not her real name. Just a reference to the very popular song from 1966. And would have been interested until I saw the 6 under the hood.

  9. Jack Quantrill

    Bought a ’67 like this for $3010, out the door at Ralph Williams ford, Encino, Ca. 289 V-8, PS/PB/ac. A beauty! Had it 3 yrs, sold it for $3000.

  10. Jim Z Member

    It may be a one-owner, but I don’t recognize that it’s gotten much love over the years. I buy cars that primarily need mechanical work (retired mechanic, still likes getting greasy), but looking at all the rust, gonna have to pass. Sorry, “Sally”!

  11. Fran

    I just laugh, guys defending the same people that ruined the hobby. And no, it is not about being jealous. I have over the years bought cars, owned them a while, yes titled them in my name, then upgraded to perhaps a better/nicer car.

    55 tbird, upgraded to boss 302
    67 gt350 to a better gt350
    Boss 302 to a boss 429
    Boss 302 to gt500 convertabe

    That’s called fun!

    • Rx7turboII

      Sorry I “ruined” the hobby Fran! Just trying to support my family and enjoy cars at the same time but again I apologize for ruining the whole hobby for all of Americans who love cars.Again, My apologies…..

  12. John C Cargill

    Over priced.

  13. Marty

    This is an example of excessive pricing. The condition is poor due to rust. I watch barnfinds frequently and find car conditions rated too high and therefore overpriced. This is a disservice to folks who like to save these cars.

  14. Gay Car Nut

    (singing) All you wanna do is ride around Sally now (Ride, Sally Ride). I’ve always loved this generation Mustang, between 1965 and 67. :)

  15. Randy

    I don’t see anything here but a tired, old, underpowered car. Pass.

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