Mustang V8 Powered! 1971 Ford Bronco Festiva

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Alrighty then, this one is.. different! This is a custom creation, a 1971 Ford Bronco Festiva and it has a 1960s Mustang V8 and a three-speed manual! If it didn’t look like such a nice job on creating this monster it wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time. Hopefully it is. It’s listed here on eBay with a current bid price of just over $1,100 but the reserve isn’t met.

Now that’s a bumper! This is like throwing a bunch of assorted Ford parts into a giant mixing bowl and seeing what comes out. It looks like the builder did a nice job, talk about custom work: a Ford Festiva body on a Bronco frame with a Mustang V8! This one is in Jefferson, North Carolina, a good place to try out the 4×4 capabilities of a home-made mini-monster.

This won’t appeal to everyone, of course, but I think (hope?) that there are enough folks with the knowledge and experience here to at least appreciate the work that has gone into this vehicle. The seller has dubbed it the Festibronc and it was made by his dad, a gentleman with 40 years of welding and fabrication experience. I thought it was red primer but they say that the paint is “dead” from sitting out in the sun and it should buff out nicely.

It looks almost normal inside, I bet it’s quite a view from up there. The Bronco had a three-on-the-tree manual so they kept it but put the shifter on the floor. The interior looks good, probably fairly original-spec Festiva. They used a lot of them around the seller’s area for postal vehicles so they had a few laying around waiting to be turned into something.

Ha! That’s just cool. Apparently, the Bronco was so rusty (big shocker) but the chassis was in great shape so they came up with this idea; I think it’s a hoot. This is a 1960s Ford Mustang engine but they aren’t sure exactly what size, but they can find out if anyone really cares. I think a V8 is pretty much a V8 when it’s in a Bronco frame surrounded by a Festiva body and it’s all jacked up a couple of feet. “You can do burn outs or climb a mountain with this vehicle”, according to the seller. That sounds pretty good to me. Have any of you made a custom anything like this Festibronc?

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  1. MH

    That is cool. Those cars were good back in the day. No power but good milage. I like the 4×4 conversion. I would make it a daily driver.

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  2. Mark

    They did a really great job with the conversion!

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  3. jcs

    Must be a real head turner, but at 73 years old, I would never be able to get into the darned thing.

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  4. Jeffro

    Ok. Will this fit in my Christmas stocking?

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  5. Bingo

    The work up title alone made me laugh out loud. I love good old American inginuity.

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  6. Fred W.

    My first reaction was “What the…”, but I’ll bet this thing would be a blast to drive, on any terrain.

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  7. Rustytech RustytechMember

    Another well engineered project the the builder doesn’t have a snow balls chance in %#@& of recovering his investment. Great job, I admire him.

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  8. Larry K

    Love it..

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  9. Larry K

    Is it just me, or does the engine bay look huge for having that motor in it.

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    • CarNut from WinnipegMember

      Appears the body lift just leaves a lot of room in the bay.

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  10. DrinkinGasoline

    I’m likin’ this Bronctiva.

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  11. Kralik

    It’s ridiculous, and I want it!

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  12. Coventrycat

    Looks fun.

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  13. JW

    My sister had a Festiva when I had my 73 Bronco and my wife had a 95 Mustang GT, I would have never thought in my right mind anyone would combine all three. Like I’ve said before I admire the creativity but despise the thought of using a first generation Bronco frame / suspension and a Mustang V8 in a Festiva, should have wasted a Bronco II and a SBC motor. That I could deal with.

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  14. CapNemo

    Awesome! Each beer makes me want it more and more lol!!

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    • Al_Bundy John m leyshonMember

      LMAO, i have to borrow that quote nemo !

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  15. Cowboy Eric

    Here’s the exact same type Ford Festiva that they made into the festy Bronco and they say you can’t do anything with these little cars that’s not true if you notice in the pic I can pull my pop up camper with it that’s not too shabby for a little thing like that that’s smaller than the camper happy holidays all !!

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  16. tom biederman

    heres my winter ride

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    • tom biederman

      sits on a 99 gmc yukon frame and running gear , named CHEV-KON

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      • Rocko

        Too cool….this one i like. A real man’s ride.

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  17. Paul R

    It looks like a well executed conversion.. I don’t know if conversion is the right word, but I like it!

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  18. Alex B

    Next step, build it into a Monster Truck? :D

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  19. Mike

    There was a Guy in near by town of Bismarck, Mo., that did the same thing but with a Chevy Chevette and a Chevy full size Blazer, well cut down Blazer. He had mounted a snow plow on it. You would see him up a St Joe State Park out 4 wheeling in the slime fields everywhere.
    Haven’t seen it in years wonder whatever happen to it.
    He also did a Pinto and a Full Size Bronco.

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  20. Jay E.

    Put a number on the side and a flag on top and double the bid offer.

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  21. Stiffler4444

    Lift it more. And then a bit more. Why not at this point?

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  22. Jody

    So awesome…hell yea on the yea

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  23. Rolf Poncho 455

    Nice yes it’s cool for the jungle/Africa

    To all the Barn Find readers and the team Merry Christmas!!
    and a happy and prosperous New Year

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  24. Wayne S. K.

    One word coms to mind. Just one. WHY?

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    • Wayne S. K.


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  25. kenzo

    In reply to a couple of statements.
    You say why……..I say why not
    I don’t believe the builder of these ever expect to get their investment back. They are done for the challenge, fun and creativity. Go on line and look at hot rods for sale in the 15k to 25k range. The vast majority cost a lot lot more than that too build.

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  26. mars2878

    auction ended w/ a $3,927.00 offer. reserve not met

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  27. Steve hagebusch

    I dig it its different and funky enough to turn heads and get questions every where you drive it….around where im from a guy took a late 60s beetle turned it backwards ish and set it on a s10 blazer frame so the engine was in front had the 4.3 v6 in it and looked to be a blast had it setting on 33in tires all winter you could him “tearin up” the snow with that lil bug always wanted it disappeared few years back always wondered what happened to it…….
    ******tom beiderman…….nice 57 theres a 57 4dr wagon runs around here thats 4×4 on 31s love the look of that grill at windshield height

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