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Mystery Pre-War BMW

We have found many interesting and mysterious projects stashed in people’s barns, but this one could be the most mysterious we’ve ever found. The seller claims this car is a 1934 BMW 315 Roadster, which is a rare machine, and even more incredible is the body, which they believe to be from one of the extremely rare 328s. If you’re up for a good investigation it is being offered by SignificantCars.com or here on eBay.

This car is pieced together using parts from various BMWs. The chassis is claimed to be a 1934 BMW 315 Roadster, the engine is from a 1936 315, and the body is claimed to be a 328. The 315 was powered by BMW’s 1.5 liter straight six producing 34 hp. The 315 evolved into the sporty 328, which is one of the most sought after pre-war BMWs. If the body is really a 328 shell it could be worth a small fortune alone, as there were only 464 of these cars ever built.

This car is going to take a lot of investigation and research to figure out exactly what it really is. It’s going to be a challenge deciding what to do with this car, as both the 315 and the 328 are rare cars. Most would agree that a real 328 should be restored to as original condition as possible, but then again this may not be a real 328.

Complete and original BMWs from this era tend to sell for considerable money, but as you can see this car is neither complete nor original. However, this project is still worth something to the right buyer. Getting this car running is going to be an expensive and challenging project, but the end product would be worth it. We have tried to verify the seller’s claims, but without identification numbers or seeing the car in person we have been unable to do so. If anyone knows more about this car, please share!

Source: SignificantCars.com


  1. James Wallhauser

    The mystery and possible rewards of discovery are tantalizing indeed.

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  2. scot c

    ~ a daunting challenge! without mystery the universe would be mighty dull and boring, indeed.

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  3. Dolphin Member

    The BMW 328 roadsters get most of the attention when it comes to prewar vintage BMWs, but the little 315 roadsters are just as appealing and perhaps as important. They are truly little jewels, and seeing one up close at the BMW museum in Munich brought this home to me. Here is that car:

    The one on offer in this auction will require a lot of work, $$$, and more original 315 parts than are present in this auction. These cars are coming somewhat late to the big-money collector scene, so there are still people who have prewar BMW parts and who might have what’s needed. Then there are craftsmen who can fabricate just about anything. It will cost more to properly restore this car than it will be worth, but values will surely catch up with the restoration costs in time, and in the meantime the owner will have one of the rarest and most appealing prewar sporting cars. It will certainly be a centre of attention at any BMW gathering it is brought to.

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  4. mikey

    Anyone here know what a restored one cost? I like them, but, am not fond of extremely hard to find parts, as in, I take no joy having my feet held over an open flame to exact large amounts of money from my wallet.

    On a separate note. Bring a Trailer has now become a congested L.A. freeway mess. So I will be throwing in my two cents more over here. Much like small towns, I enjoy the more intimate conversation with y’all. I tend to be a realist which many perceive as negative….their loss.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    Restored BMW 315s are so rare that the current Sports Car Market Price Guide doesn’t even list it. The only prewar BMW in there is the 328, and the range for a restored one is $320K to $500K. The 315 would be lower, and I have seen restored ones offered in Europe for between $200K and $300K. I would guess that over here they would bring less. The 315 is smaller than the 328, with a smaller engine displacement, but it predated the 328 and it has a straight-six engine, so it was important for the later 328 and other similar cars that came out during the late 1930s.

    BTW, I know what you mean about BaT congestion. BarnFinds is a good place to be.

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