Only Needs 2 Percent? 1972 Corvette

The seller describes this 1972 Corvette as “98% restored.” This reminds me of how my definition of rust differs from some sellers’ definitions. Submitted by Barn Finds reader Streamliner, this disassembled Corvette might be a project worth saving–or it might be a parts car–or even yard art! We’ll let you decide in the comments. It’s for sale here on craigslist and is in Elliott, Iowa.

I’m still trying to figure out how this car is 98% restored? The seller does show what look like new brake lines in one picture, and it’s possible that the engine and transmission have been worked on (although the seller tells us the engine is not the original one). But I still think there’s an awful lot to do. Remember, it is on Craigslist, so no offer is too low to make–perhaps some $100 bills waved under the seller’s nose might change the price for the better.

The engine actually doesn’t look bad, although it bothers me that the exhaust ports have been left uncovered. I guess the carburetor, headers, and a set of tires must be in the 2%. Really. Honest.

Hmmmmm. Isn’t there supposed to be a windshield pillar on this side, too? Oh well.

Somehow, the headlights on this one look like a set of dead fish eyes to me. It’s sad, but I think this C3 is a parts car at best, and I’m thinking the decimal point needs to be moved one place to the left in the $4,800 price. But maybe I’m wrong? I know folks that have taken on worse cars than this and completed them as home restorers, but usually those were either much rarer cars or vehicles that had a lot of sentimental value to the owners. What do you think? Are we looking at yard art and parts, or would you rebuild it?

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  1. Chris Kennedy

    98% restored????? What??? Now I have seen everything!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      I’m with you, Chris :-)

    • Mike

      To this guy, the glass is not just half full, it’s 98% full.

    • Al

      I think the price tag is still 2 decimal points out. It should be $48.00.
      The 98% should read 0.98% complete.

  2. Marty Dippel

    That’s a pig.

  3. Kincer Dave Member

    I think he meant 2% restored lol

  4. AirBoss

    9.8% restored for $480. (Fixed those typos for him.)

  5. jcs

    Maybe the engine is not original to the car, but it certainly appears to have an original paint job. I didn’t realize Ronald McDonald painted engines for Chevrolet.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      And the Hamburglar took it apart….

      • Mike_B_SVT

        I hope it has / had a yellow interior, to complete the Ketchup & Mustard motif!

  6. Steve R

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the seller bought it at some form of house clean out or scrap yard.

    There is no mention of title. It’s an overpriced parts car, at best.

    Steve R

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    It is 2 % restored. The seller obviously struggles with dyslexia as well as delirium. I agree that the 5th photo looks more like a dead catfish on the shore. Far cry from a Mako Shark. This isn’t even yard art…more like “my lawn doesn’t crap on your dog so why does your dog crap on my lawn ?!”

  8. RoselandPete

    The seller has a great sense of humor. This reminds me of when I was looking for a 72 Riv. I contacted one seller and to hear him describe the car, it was the greatest thing. So I went to look at the car and if I had a pistol, the humane thing would have been to put the car out of its misery. I actually felt sorry for the car.

  9. ccrvtt

    Somebody oughta be embarrassed…

  10. jw454

    Looking at the seller’s advertisement, if I try to be as positive as possible, maybe the seller means that the frame is 98% restored. Maybe?
    Unfortunately, this one would take a sizable amount of dollars the get it in any kind of condition to drive. It may be worth more as a parts car. Sad.

  11. James Larck

    If I’m not mistaken, that looks like a later model front clip. Where the egg crate vents are, it looks more like late ’70s to me

    • Steve

      James…good eye…but the grilles are detachable. Hopefully they are in a pile of parts necessary to complete.

  12. Joe

    All the heavy work is done! LOL

  13. Stephen Dycha

    98% sure it’s not 98% restored.

  14. Pa Tina

    If someone is willing to give 110% on the last 2% of the project we might end up with a beauty.

  15. AMCFAN

    Yea, another Corvette

  16. Marty Wilke Member

    Did he mean 98% disassembled?

  17. Darrun

    I have to think , he meant the Chassis is 98% restored. The body may not even be worth restoration. That windshield post to me would be a red flag that screams…Rusty Bird Cage.

  18. BiggYinn

    Oh man ….glass is half full…..erm what glass

  19. VR LIVES

    .2% blood alcohol maybe.

  20. 86 Vette Convertible

    Maybe the seller thinks the frame is 98% restored! Stick a fork in that one, it’s done.

  21. john

    Worth $800. I’d buy it and part it out.

  22. Jeffro

    I’m 98% sure the seller is nuts!

  23. Travis Boggus

    Common core math…

  24. LAB3

    Yeah, I remember MY first beer… Good thing there weren’t any on line ad resources back then.

  25. A.C.Z.

    Good intentions gone bad. A real shame. This guy should have sold it before he started.

  26. streamliner

    I was the one who submitted this to BF. I had such a hoot when I first saw this that I just had to share with the BF community. So far, all 31 Comments are in agreement! Dare I say — that may be a BF first! The only thing that would have made this listing funnier is if photos were slightly out of focus, or my all-time favorite — photos shot at night using a smartphone with another vehicle using high beams to light.

  27. wiliam rudd

    the frame is 98% restored the other 2% is putting the body bushings and body back on and making sure the engine runs and have a complete interior and the original paint job back on it

  28. Rolf Poncho 455

    To me 98% is add some gas=1% a battery=1% and of u go 100%

  29. Alford Pouse Member

    Thanks for that one!! Laughed so hard fell out my chair! LOL

  30. rbtempe

    I would be interested but I think the headlights are stuck in the open position…

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