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Needs Some Love: 1973 Plymouth Gold Duster

It is fair to say that most people like a bargain and will seldom look a gift horse in the mouth. Vehicle manufacturers recognize this, which is why so many release special editions. Those cars effectively cost the company nothing because they delve into their parts bins for the required components. Combining the right options at the right price gives buyers the perception of value while turning a tidy profit on every sale. Plymouth followed that path with its Duster range, releasing several models to capitalize on the underlying sales success. This 1973 model is a Gold Duster, and while the package didn’t offer any performance upgrades, the cosmetic additions captured buyer imaginations. The seller says it needs love, but any faults could be relatively minor. The first thing it needs is a new home, with the seller listing it here on Facebook in Wichita, Kansas. It could be yours by handing them $8,000, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J. for spotting it.

While Plymouth offered the Gold Duster in various paint shades, it seems fitting that this one wears Honey Gold Metallic. It shines nicely under the garage lights, although the photo quality makes it hard to confirm its overall condition. It shows promise, but I feel an in-person inspection could be justified. There are a few minor paint imperfections but no evidence of significant panel damage or rust. The car wears its correct wheel covers, stripes, and grille. One notable omission is the canopy-style vinyl top. It was a free feature the company provided in black, white, or a rather funky reptile pattern. Plymouth emphasized the top in its sales brochures, and with no evidence of the required chrome border strips, someone could have removed it, or the original owner deleted it from the order. That question is worth asking, particularly if potential buyers focus on originality.

Although buyers could order their Gold Duster with a V8 under the hood, this car’s original owner selected the 225ci slant-six and a three-speed TorqueFlite transmission. The slant-six didn’t possess the power and torque of an eight, but in pre-emission form, it punched above its weight against the opposition. This car should have a modest 98hp at the driver’s disposal, meaning a ¼-mile ET of 19.3 seconds is what most owners expected in 1973. The seller says the odometer shows 56,000 miles but seems unsure whether the reading is genuine. They say the motor runs, and the embedded video in the listing supports the claim. It rolls on new tires, but it isn’t clear whether this Duster is roadworthy. A classic listing comprising less than twenty words will almost invariably raise more questions than it answers, and that is the case here.

If this Duster has a genuine highlight, that honor could fall to its interior. Plymouth marketed the Gold Duster as an appearance package, with the interior receiving pleated upholstery and cut-pile carpet. The Gold vinyl upholstered surfaces look great, with no evidence of wear, physical damage, or abuse. The carpet is slightly dirty under the driver’s feet, but a deep clean should make a significant difference. The dash and pad are excellent, as are the painted surfaces. There are no aftermarket additions, although the only creature comfort is an AM radio.

Plymouth hit the right note with its Duster model, selling an impressive 1,332,846 cars during its seven production years. It is unclear how many of the 264,974 Dusters sold in 1973 were the Gold Duster variant, but given the perceived value, it is a safe bet it sold respectably. This one shows promise as a project, but the seller hamstrings themselves with their photo quality and lack of information. If they are approachable, asking a few relevant questions or negotiating an in-person inspection could be worthwhile. It may not be the most potent car on the planet, but it should be a reliable vehicle capable of providing years of enjoyable motoring. After all, isn’t that what owning a classic car is all about?


  1. Smokey Smokerson

    Guy near me is selling a blue Gold Duster with the slant 6 replaced with a 340 and manual trans….$28k….

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    • Grant

      I would rather have the slanty and pay 8 for it. There is no legal way to use all that power anyway.

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  2. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Wow nice Gold Duster with a running 6. I had a 73 Dart hardtop 2dr. Same as the Duster except this is a fastback. From the the front hard to tell except the grille. This is a fair price for a running Duster with low mileage. It’s worth buying. Get it detailed inside out and would look great. The 6 is a great dependable engine. Good luck to the next owner.🐻🇺🇸

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  3. David A Sanford

    I used one of these as a work car for years. 73 Gold Duster with the /6. Lots and lots of road trips in all weather’s. Took a beating from lots of different drivers and virtually no maintenance but tough as nails and always dependable. This will make someone a nice rig. I wouldn’t be afraid to use it as a daily driver

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  4. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    This is nice and another priced right vehicle.

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  5. karl

    I think this car was posted here a long time ago – While this may be a gold Duster, its not a Gold Duster . Gold Dusters had a half vinyl roof with a snakeskin pattern ,with chrome drip rail moldings. The side stripe is not what Gold Dusters had either ; they had smaller stripes that were only on the Gold Duster package and were never black . They also had a special “Gold Duster” sticker emblem on the fenders , this one just has the “Duster” sticker that would have been on earlier model Dusters. The 1973 Duster had a metal emblem , unless it had the gold “Gold Duster” sticker.
    The dash pad is a replacement too, it should be the same color as the upholstery , and the painted over body plugs in the trunk lead me to believe its been repainted, or at least some of it has.
    Unless someone removed all the things that make this a Gold Duster , this is basically this is a base model Duster which has some modifications over the years , The stripes are being reproduced now, so those may not even be original to the car .

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    • David A Sanford

      Sharp eye, but doesn’t take away from its merits as a car, even if it is a knock-off “gold” duster.

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      • karl

        Very true, but a buyer would really want to look it over well if its had a new paint job in case its hiding something …actually look it over well either way !
        I guess owning these cars for almost 50 years you tend to see a lot of differences in things . A friend of mine is heavy into old Indian motorcycles ; what looks great to me he can pick apart , changes done to a certain year bike that shouldn’t be on it , color differences ,etc.

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      • Harry

        Stay gold pony boy, stay 🥇.

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    • SpontaneousOrder

      It looks like a 1974, which I have owned.

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  6. Homer

    I drove a 1963 Dodge Dart in 1963, with the slant six and stick shift for about 6 months. It ran very well but very anemic on performance.

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  7. MoparDoug

    Facebook page says “SOLD”

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  8. Aj Rodden

    My grandfather sold Chrysler and Plymouth in the 60s and 70s, every gold duster sold the dealer got a fake gold color medallion coin to put into a plaque. The Gold duster sold so well he filled his plaque and then some I have at least 2 in storage I will get a picture of the coin to post. Just another sales incentive on a product good enough to sell it self

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  9. SuperSoap

    Memories! Bought a 74 Dustet w/225 for $800 in 1980. With Army service, drove it cross country 4 times and sold it in 84′ for $900. Tough engine.

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  10. Davi Kobisky

    I like dusters

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  11. Al Bundy

    Car for for a shoe salesman. Can’t believe no one else has mentioned this.

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  12. Greg

    My grandmother had a duster when i just a few years old. Not sure what year it was but it was the blueish purple & I remember the dust cloud with eyes on the trunk lid.

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  13. Chris

    Nice car but no slant 6 for me .had a 74 Duster could not get out of its own way . Someone else can enjoy this one

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