Neglected Mopar: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

There was probably a time when this Road Runner was loved, and maybe even someone’s prized possession. Whenever that was, it was very long ago as this car has seen some serious neglect for at least my lifetime if not longer. There are the shreds of a vinyl roof still hanging on, and perhaps rust damage though it is hard to tell for sure. The seller also notes that someone cut a sunroof in this car at one time, which reinforces both the prized possession and the rusty roof theories. Find it here on Craigslist in New York state with an asking price of $3,650. Thanks to AMXBrian for sending this one in! 

The engine and engine bay are both things of my nightmares! What is visible of the firewall and fender aprons appears to be solid metal, but with all that nature in the way it is difficult to tell for certain. The engine, which may or may not be the original 383, is little more than a short block rotating assembly, and based on the amount of rust in the cylinders I doubt it rotates! The seller states “heads have been off for many years no transmission,” which suggests that this car was cannibalized for parts some time ago.

From what is pictured, the interior looks mostly complete but is in pretty rough condition. There is probably enough here for a proper restoration to be started with, and maybe a few useable parts if it were to be parted out. To the ambitious Mopar enthusiast, this could be the perfect project! The seller assumes that this was an automatic 383 car, and the column reinforces that, but the seller also correctly notes that there is a clutch pedal. Perhaps this was a halted auto to manual conversion project? Additionally, this Road Runner has bucket seats and a factory tachometer.

This photo reveals nothing more than years of sun and rust damage, as well as perhaps a different paint color underneath? The seller notes that the fender tag is missing, but the VIN is still on the dash. Without the fender tag, it will be harder to track down the original options for this car, but the VIN will surely be of some use. This car will not be an easy project, and some metalwork of one kind or another will surely be involved, but in the right hands this car can be like new again. Though the typical rust areas are not pictured, from what is shown this Road Runner looks fairly solid. Are you ambitions enough to take this one on, or would you keep looking?


  1. grant

    $3600? Seriously?

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    • PatrickM

      I agree…. $360.00 tops. Bad engine, no tranny, a lot of rust, no underneath pics, horrific interior, finish someone else’s project…which means more removal, etc.

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  2. Dan

    Always hated that body style….no offense…

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  3. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If I were to ever get another classic “muscle” car, it would be this generation RR or a Javelin/AMX. I think that these 2 models are still reasonably (not yet overboard) priced.

    Not this one, though.

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  4. Boatman Member

    Actually, this Road Runner has MUSTANG bucket seats!
    And it’s in MA., not New York!

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    • Rustowner

      It’s listed as being just north of Albany NY, not in Mass. There’s more than one Worcester in the world

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  5. cyclemikey

    Looks like the local junkyard went out of business, and some of the inmates escaped into the wild.

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  6. Fahrvergnugen fahrvergnugen Member

    Owned by Willard.

    Driven by Ben.

    Too young? IMDB them…and send this one back to the pack.

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  7. Steve A

    Wow. Just, wow. Is this guy serious?

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  8. KevinLee

    Send it back to the depths of the swamp they pulled it from. Pass!

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  9. Kurt Richard

    Maybe $900.00 max!

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  10. Keith

    Oh H#LL Naw…… Looks like the same Mopars I’ve seen back in the day, rust buckets then and rust buckets today…..Same old junk.

  11. Kevin

    What a shame to see the neglect…
    My first car was a ’71 Satellite 318, Orange, 3 on the tree… what a fun car to drive.

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  12. Poptheclutch

    I’d buy those cragars off him.
    The rest is toast!

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  13. Mark Folchert

    Grave Yard cars may be baffled by this one…

  14. poseur Member

    uh, yeah.
    not the best looking Mopar even when new.
    i understand if some folk dig the shape but always seemed like trying to hard versus the beauty of earlier designs.

  15. ShoelessTrucker

    I’m quite certain most of that will buff right out. Lol! Always loved the looks of the grille surround.

  16. Sirpike

    Nice set of cragar 5 spokes , about the only thing of any worth !

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  17. Del

    This car is an example of why profanity should be allowed.

    Just snafu Junk

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  18. Troy s

    Still a valuable year for these, someone is sure to snap it up and make something out of it, not everybody’s favorite body style but that’s a matter of personal taste.
    A case of where removing that pine needles covered pile of junk short block should have been performed before taking pictures.
    Nice steering wheel, maybe the cleanest part on the car once the race wrap is removed completely. Rims are cool too, I’m telling ya it ain’t all bad.

  19. Steve

    500 to 700 if the frame is good.

  20. THEAZT

    Why?????Why subject us to trash that these owners think have value? These guys should be embarrassed to have held on for years with no type of care for the vehicles and think high sale price can be jammed down someone’s throat. Ridiculous. Whoever is doing these Barn Finds stop sending in weathered unsalvageable rust buckets.

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  21. Del

    Those are not Mopar bucket seats.

  22. Del

    If those are Mopar bucket seats I am going to recant and offer him 10 bucks.

    They are not9

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