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New Zealand Car Graveyard

New Zealand Graveyard Field Find

Our friend Lucas, who’s Dirty Dodge we recently featured, sent us this find he made while in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. Somehow he got invited to come see this car graveyard. The owner has slowly been liquidating off his collection, but there are some interesting ones still left and the photos are at least worth a look.

New Zealand Graveyard Pile Of Cars

Over the years the owner of this property managed to collect over 1,200 cars, ranging from Austin-Healeys to Morris Minors. At this point the collection has been thinned down to about 600 cars, but most of them aren’t good for anything more than parts. There are some rare and unique vehicles with some valuable parts on them though. Sadly, Lucas was instructed by the owner to not divulge the location of his collection. Hopefully the owner will change his mind so some of these cars can be saved.

New Zealand Graveyard Car In Tree

Not only is this graveyard loaded with interesting cars, there are loads of interesting sights. We were really intrigued by this car. It appears that a tree has grown up underneath it and is now lifting the car into the air. There are also lots of other random and interesting sights spread across the property. We would love to try to track this place down, but New Zealand is a long trip. Thankfully, Lucas was able to make the trip and share this field find with us. Thanks again Lucas! You can enjoy all of the photos below:


  1. Foxy

    Thanks Lucas, I love old yards. there used to be many of them hid back in the country here in WV, but hard times and good scrap prices have all but cleared them out.

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  2. Evan

    I live in NZ and there are a lot of places like this if you look hard enough, but unfortunately everything rusts very quickly over here due to constant rain. It makes me sad to see these cars go to waste.

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  3. 1962dart

    I videod that place in 1987. Then last year. Lots of good cars gone. The guy is 80+, and it’s only taken 30 years to get to know him. He won’t last long, and the place will be gone.

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  4. James McDougall

    where about in New Zealand is this?

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    • 1962dart

      ChCh. It’s on Marshland’s Rd by the bend. Terry the owner died last week. I predict a mass scrapping, and new houses in no time. Most of his valuable cars went some years back.

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  5. win

    Went there today, high fences outside. A fella Blair answered my knock on the gate with the sign about “dogs bite”, he was nice, apparently didn’t have anything I was after, certainly didn’t invite me in to look around. I asked about all sorts, he said it had all rusted away, I asked him if they were just wrecking them out then. He said no, they are just collecting. Seemed a bit odd to me, looks like a wreckers but apparently not, perhaps if you turned up with a really specific part you were looking for they may be more helpful?

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  6. fhuket

    That be Possums place.

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