Could Be Nice: 1956 Chevrolet 210 Hardtop

This Chevy looks great in the eBay auction. It is an original car except for a repaint in the 1980s. It runs and drives well but is leaking a bit. There are no pictures provided of the interior and no there is mention of its condition beyond rust on the passenger side floor. Bidding is over $12,000 at this point.

The engine looks original from here. If that is a 4 barrel carburetor as the owner says, the engine is rated at 210 HP.

It would be great if this is a real survivor, but without more information perhaps one should assume the worst. It certainly looks great in the pictures. One would think if the seller wanted to get the most money for his car, he would at least provide pictures of the interior so I’ll have to assume it’s not what it seems. So far, someone is willing to pay over $12,000. What could this Chevy be worth if it’s a real survivor?


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  1. Tom Justice

    There are some interior shots on the e bay site, not the best but you can see it. It looks “okay” on the inside. A four door 210 is not a big collector car and I really can’t comment on the price with respect to true value. Some people like 4-door cars over 2-door so maybe this will be a good car for someone.

    • JohnRyan

      It is a 4-door HARDTOP. Which i think makes it cooler than the plethora of over accesorized 2-door hardtop Tri-Five Chevs you always see… and it’s the first year for that body style. Sleek low and, gasp, unique!

      • Tom Justice

        I certainly agree John.

    • David

      Good to see the seller finally posted some interior shots! I did ask nicely. I’m a bit less skeptical that this might really be a decent car. Not likely, but possibly.

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Had 55 & 57’s in the family before, but they were all 4 dr sedans, much less desirable. Looks pretty good overall for a 60+ yr old car. Looks like some small surface rust spots around the trunk lid and would have been nice to see that ‘soft’ spot referenced. Could be a good one for someone wanting this era car but had to take the kids along, 4 dr hdtop fits that description to me.

  3. Crazyhawk

    4 doors just look bad. They do. That’s why when I see a car ad and the first pic only shows the front end of the car, I skip it because they are always hiding the 4 doors.

    • Fred w.

      Matter of opinion. Mine is that 4 door sedans are not that attractive, but I do like 4 door hardtops. In fact, at first glance I thought it was a 2 door until the text here mentioned it was a 4 door.

      • Rick Rothermel

        And, ’56 was the first year for the 4-door hardtop body style, which was very rare in the 210 trim level.

        Kinda neat, and I have never seen another.

      • alan leonard

        Spot on Fred…4 doors RULE!!!!!!!

    • Dovi65

      The more collectors that pass by a 4 door, the better it is for those of us that prefer cars with “too many doors”.. it translates into a lower purchase price!

      • alan leonard

        Spot on Dovie65,,,4 doors are affordable…and they RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JohnRyan

      No they don’t. Just your opinion broski. 4-door hardtops are super cool!

  4. Had Two

    Nice car for its age but, c’mon, it is not 40,000 original miles!
    Someone has dolled up the engine compartment a bit and the valve covers.
    The repaint may be hiding some Bondo and rust.
    Some research on numbers built, thank you, but no records of cylinder compression or rebuilt anything. It would be pretty easy to drop another $15,000
    into this.

  5. Rustytech Member

    To my knowledge Chevrolet never painted their engines black, so that’s not original. I have always liked the four door hard tops, and this one looked pretty good. I’d want to do a good inspection, but if all is good then $15k doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

    • Andre

      ‘56 265’s were red in passenger cars/Corvettes. Someone has dolled this up.

  6. Leman H. Wilson

    I don’t think the first 2 years of the 265 engine was rated at 210 hp more like 160 and all came painted red

  7. Leman H. Wilson

    I did some research in the last 5 min.and found out the 55 to 57 265 ci engines were rated at between 162 to 195 depending on individual setup 2 bbl 4bbl fuel injection was the 195 hp rating.GM did not make any engines with 210 hp

    • Marty Parker

      The ’56 2 barrel engine with standard transmission was 162 HP. Powerglide was 170 HP. 4 barrel was 205 HP. A 225HP with two 4 barrels was also available.

  8. Gray Wolf

    Chevy did paint their engines black, sometime in the 80’s. The word around then was it would hide the oil leaks!!

  9. Ken Carney

    Sure looks nice from here! I would, however, offer the seller much less than
    he’s asking for it. After looking closely at the pictures he provided, you can
    clearly see that this is a pretty good ameteur resto that to me is only worth
    somewhere between $8,500 and $9K. At least that’s what I would dangle
    in front of him–in cash of course. After sorting out any problems with the
    mechanics, I’d just let Mom enjoy driving it as is, and begin fixing whatever
    wears out with the correct parts later on. Oh sure, it’s not concours ready,
    but it would make a great daily driver for someone…like Mom.

  10. Wayne

    4 door hardtop Chevs 56 and 57 have a much better profile than the 2 door. The 2 door hardtop has the same profile as the 4 door sedan. The rear window in the 4 door hardtop is a much better look than the 2 door hardtop which shares the sedan rear glass.

  11. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Dec 27, 2017 , 4:58AM
    Winning bid:US $12,600.00
    [ 8 bids ] Radio delete?

  12. Bob C.

    Chevy hit its stride with the 283. That little beast powered many of their cars for the next 11 years in different forms.

  13. Pete

    I have a 62 Impala and a 62 Belair. Both 4 doors. My Impala is almost this nice. If I can finish it up I would be lucky and happy to get 7500 out of mine. Maybe more. If it was a 2 door it would sell for almost double what he got for a 4 door. If you want a nice solid chevy to drive round you could do far worse than this one for the money. Not everybody wants a top of the line 2 door they are scared to drive around. There is a lid for every jar.

  14. Harold Wood

    This was the first car I ever own, except mine was solid red. Bought it in 64 when I was only 14 years old for $100. was wrecked my dad was a Paint and body man we bought cars and repaired the damage and sold them I never got to drive it on the road before I sold it just around the Yard, lol. My next two care were a 55 four door sedan and a 57 Two door. the 56 four door was the only one that was a Hard top. Buying and selling and swapping cars got in my blood at a very early age and I am still doing it today, Have had several thousand to date with most being Muscle and exotic cars. Today I am more into trucks and Luxury cars. I have a few classic trucks I hope I live long enough to restore IE. 69 C10 SWB, 71 C10 LWB, 79 Ranchero GT, just finished and sold last year a 71 and a 72 Blazzer.

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