Nice Options! 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

You may be seeing red when you look at this 1970 Dodge Charger R/T in Port Richey, Florida, but picture it in FC7 Plum Crazy purple with a white vinyl top and white transverse stripe. The original 440 cid (7.2L) V8 is gone, but a later 440 runs enough to get this genuine R/T onto your trailer. The listing here on eBay includes some interesting original options decoded from the body tag. Most of the car is intact, and bidding has eclipsed $17,500.

Despite the Sunshine State address, lower body rust suggests time spent in a more northerly region. What look like clear windows are unusual for a factory air conditioned car. One of two cars stored over 30 years, this R/T deserves some attention.

The nondescript “’70s 440” inhabits the lair of the original 375 HP single four-barrel 440. A three-speed automatic may or may not be the original heavy duty unit. Eagle-eyed Mopar fans may spot the N88 Speed Control module. Though not showing a compressor, this car also came with air conditioning. Tip your hat to the buyer for decoding the options and showing plenty of undercarriage pictures; they don’t look bad!

The white vinyl bucket seats, black (original) carpet, and white door panels form one of my favorite interior combinations. Other interesting options include the light package, console, three-speed wipers, and hood-mounted turn signals. Throw in power windows, additional chrome exterior trim, and an 8-Track radio and you’ve got one well turned-out muscle car. Reversing the thorough color-change will be the least of the new buyer’s worries, but let’s hope this project gets the front burner and plenty of money thrown its way. Would you go all the way back to stock on this long-forgotten R/T?

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  1. TimM

    It’s intact with all the parts there!!! No thanks a rust bucket but there is some rust!! Under the hood doesn’t look original but like I said it’s all there!! The interior I sent clean and the price isn’t through the roof yet!!! It won’t last long!!!

    • Steve Bush Member

      TimM, I hope you’re ok as you seem a little confused about this car. Please put your glasses on and reread the text and look at the pics on it’s eBay listing.

      • TimM

        I looked at the pictures Steve am deathly the floors of the car don’t look to bad the rear frame rails look like they need to be replaced and the gas tank looks to be leaking but the bottom line is we’ve seen much worse here go for much more! We’ve seen rollers at this price!! I won’t pay this much for this car!! It needs everything addressed but at least it’s a whole car!!

  2. Bill McCoskey

    I’ve seen plenty of people ADD power windows to a car, but this is the first time I’ve heard of where someone installed crank windows onto a car!

    It looks like the replacement engine came out of a car without A/C, so it will need all the engine parts required for A/C.

  3. dave

    The coolant jug is a sweet addition and should push the price up.

  4. George Mattar

    I was at Chryslers at Carlisle yesterday and saw possibly the best 1970 Charger in the world. Factory TX9 black with tan buckets, 440 Six Barrel engine, 4 speed, Dana, red tail stripe, owned 42 years. Virginia car. Owner restored. It was ready for the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, probably better than what GYC turns out. Owner said he refused $140,000. So I guess there is potential with this rust bucket.

  5. Steve Bush Member

    Certainly not the worst Charger we’ve seen here recently, but give me a break, the current bid of $17.6k is already way too much for this thing. It’s not running with a NOM of unknown provenance, has faded non original paint and is missing it’s AC system. Also, the seller claims it has power windows but I don’t see any switches for them. It continues to amaze me what people are willing to pay for Chargers like this one.


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