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Nicely Preserved: 1936 Ford 5-Window DeLuxe Coupe

Ready and raring to go would be the best way to describe this beautiful 1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe. It isn’t perfect, but it is a classic that is ready to be driven and enjoyed right now. If you would love to own a classic Ford that you can hit the road with and enjoy some leisurely weekend cruising, this one is located in Hollister, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN price for the Ford has been set at $36,000, but the option is available to make an offer.

The owner claims that the paint on this old Ford is original, and if this is correct, then it has survived remarkably well. He does say that it now has some light spider cracks, but these really aren’t visible in the photos. There are a number of photos provided of the underside of the car, and it is absolutely spotless. The Ford also has a couple of really cool features, like the roll-out front window, and the roll down rear glass. The next owner can have that fantastic wind-in-the-hair experience without the need to buy a convertible.

The presentation of the Ford’s interior is also pretty impressive. The wheel shows some wear on the rim, but the rest of the upholstery and trim is in good condition. The car has been fitted with the optional radio, which fits nicely into that art deco center section of the dash where the ashtray would normally have been. I did notice that a couple of controls are missing out of the dash, and the owner doesn’t provide any explanation about this. Thankfully, really high-quality reproduction components are available, so it shouldn’t be a big job to get that side of things back into order.

Powering the Ford is the 221ci flathead V8 engine, which is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. The engine is the original unit and has recently been treated to a new fuel pump, new water pump, and new plugs. The owner says that the car runs and drives perfectly and that it has a genuine 60,000 miles on the odometer. This is an area where the owner is a bit vague because he doesn’t indicate whether he holds any verifying documentation for this claim. He also describes the car as an amazing barn find, but doesn’t elaborate on this either. Even if we ignore those claims and just treat this as an 83-year-old survivor, it is still a pretty amazing car.

The 1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe is a car that is enormously popular, and today they command some pretty respectable prices. If this particular car is as solid and original as the owner claims, then the asking price is probably about right, or maybe even slightly low for a car in this condition. It looks like a car that has been driven and enjoyed but has also been well cared for. It’s a car that I wouldn’t mind parking in my own driveway.


  1. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Love this car! I wouldn’t do a thing to it but drive it and have a good time. If it’s got 60K miles on it I have no doubt that the engine has been gone through and at least treated to a valve and ring job; they didn’t hold up like they do now. I’d like to have a close look at the block and see if it’s an LB or a full-fledged modern one; a lot of those blocks got changed over to the ’37 block and ran blanks over the lower water pump ports. There are very few original ’36 (and earlier) blocks with the babbit mains out there. Just the same, I like all flatheads…

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  2. Avatar photo dirtyharry

    I guess being a sucker for a pretty face is my downfall. It always costs a lot. I have memories that include the 5 window coupe, virtually a sports car in its day. They made a lot of other models in 36, but 5 window coupes were rare and more so today. Always nice to see a flathead instead of a resto mod.

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    • Avatar photo Little_Cars

      “Rare and more so today” (??) I’d be curious to check the production number of 5 windows in 36 to back up the claim. I almost never see a 3 window 36 Ford, and that includes countless Early V8 Ford meets, and Hershey going back to the mid 1970s. I’m sure it’s more about the survival rate than actual factory numbers. I’ll go to Dr Google for a quick check…..
      Deluxe 3-Window Coupes : 21,446
      Deluxe 5-Window Coupes : 29,938

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  3. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m in love. Like a beautiful woman though, it’s going to cost and I don’t have the money unfortunately.

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  4. Avatar photo moosie

    A beauty for sure, maybe just and upgrade to juice brakes and that’d be it. Nope,, gotta have some “Blue Dots” too.

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  5. Avatar photo Bing

    Very, very nice coupe.

    Asking price seems a little rich to me. In the last five years I have owned a 35 three window, a former senior car with Trophies and grill badges. Literally a number one car. Paid 30 K in an estate sale, and after four years and a few hundred miles, I got 32 for it. Another estate sale I bought was a 36 phaeton, with every option under the sun, radio, heater, clock, luggage rack, etc… paid 43K Ford script tires and glass and all. Former senior car, but really a 2+ 10 footer. Wonderful car, that I struggled to get 40 for.

    Not complaining, but the generation that loved these cars has aged out. That includes me!!!

    Younger folks want Vettes, mopars, 409’s, etc., and so on.

    Back to the coupe, if you love it, buy it, but the days of the pre war fords being appreciating classics is about over.

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      I thought younger people are going for vintage Japanese stuff now.

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  6. Avatar photo TimM

    Period correct right to the plug wires!! A true time capsule on wheels!!! Get in turn the key and drive into the past!!

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  7. Avatar photo Del

    This is the type of car that should be presented with a fairly recent professional appraisal.

    If its a licenced insured driver there must have been one done.

    At any rate, I would want one done befire buying.

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  8. Avatar photo Bing

    Interesting comment about three windows vs five windows. As a kid, I spent a lot of time hanging around dirt tracks in the late fifties and early sixties. I saw many, many three window coupes used as modified and sportsman bodies… This prevailed till the “Gremlin” body type took over in the early 70″s.
    There has to be some of those old pre war coupes sitting in the back forty of farms we pass each day.

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  9. Avatar photo Little_Cars

    Gremlin stocker

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  10. Avatar photo Little_Cars

    Ford 3 window stocker

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