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Nicer Than It Looks? 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass “S”

For five years in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Oldsmobile Cutlass would be the best-selling car in America. Quite an accomplishment for an automobile that began as a compact (F-85) in the early 1960s. By 1968 and the third generation, the F-85 moniker was on the way out and the Cutlass taking dominance, with the Cutlass “S” being the mid-range model. This edition is said to have been recently restored, yet the photos provided show a faded, possibly original paint job. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, this Cutlass is available here on craigslist for $23,999. Thanks for the lead on this one, Gunter Kramer!

The Cutlass was produced by Oldsmobile from 1961-99. In 1964, the car shifted from a unibody compact to a body-on-frame intermediate. The Cutlass was named after a type of sword, which was common during the Age of Sail. By 1968, Olds sold more than 562,000 cars, with 190,000 of them carrying the Cutlass name. Within that group, 14,600 were Cutlass “S” sport coupes with a V8 engine, usually the 250 hp, 350 cubic inch Rocket V8.

We’re told this ’68 Cutlass was acquired from the estate of a collector. It’s been garage-kept but is covered with a layer of dust. The seller says the car was recently restored to its original condition and that work would have included the paint and interior along with conveniences like the air conditioner (which looks to be aftermarket) and radio. But the single photo of the whole car doesn’t look as though it’s received fresh paint in quite some time. If you were going to show a restored car, wouldn’t you wash it first? However, the photos do show what could be a nice interior, although they’re a bit blurry.

The car’s 350 V8 is said to run but will likely need a tune-up. The mileage is indicated at nearly 16,000 though the odometer has turned over at some point. The seller interjects that the NADA resale value for a ’68 Cutlass “S” should be in the same territory as his asking price. A Cutlass Supreme runs higher than that and a 4-4-2 considerably more.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    Check out the window sticker in the pictures, this has the L74 HP 350 4bbl (310 horses?), handling suspension (FG2) and 3.08 rear. No barn burner, but no slouch, either. I see overspary on the tail pipe. Do you think it was originally red?
    Some dual exhaust…I know, not every classic needs them…but, the reproductions are sooo nice! They fit great! So, you almost HAVE to! Quiet mufflers? fine with me.
    Then over to Wheel vintiques for some Rally I upgrades…
    And then, drive it!

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  2. Steve R

    The price is very aggressive for a dust covered car with bad pictures and lacking background information that would justify the ask.

    If someone is looking for a big payday on a quick flip they need to put in the work to earn it. Nothing about the way the car is presented in this ad suggests it’s worth the close to what the seller wants.

    Steve R

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  3. Will Fox

    IMHO, it sounds like the seller really doesn’t know if the car was ‘restored or not. He took someone’s word for it to some extent. The car may have been repainted, but not totally. Case in point: The original selling dealer’s tag on the deck lid. No overspray. If it was a complete paintjob, who removes/re-installs that tag? Nobody. It would have been removed and the 2 holes for mounting filled in prior to paint. The white interior looks like new, and very well may be; who knows. I see about $16K of car in my view. it’s nice, but too much in question to justify $24K.

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  4. Harvey Member

    Remembered billboard from when I was a kid, Hottest Deal In Town $2999.Dad looked at one 350,bench seat,floor shift.:-)

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  5. Vance

    The last time I commented on a dirty car, a BF reader chastised me. Bad photos and a car not being washed and vacuumed,leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Selling the car on BF or the driveway, You never get a second chance for a first impression. I sold an 84 Riviera in Michigan in February years ago, it was cold but not sloppy as February can be. I ran it through a full service car wash, took it home and waxed it, door jams, trunk, hood and cleaned the wheels and tires. It was spotless, the first person to come see it, ran to the car screaming, ” I love it, I have to”.The poor woman’s husband just rolled his eyes and looked at me like a guy being executed.I just smiled and threw him the keys. Didn’t budge on the price and made $3500.00 profit for a couple hours of prep. In 1991, that was a good days work.

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    • Ralph

      You said a ton there Vance. A friend was selling his Ferrari 308 about a decade ago. I took it home, spent a week on the paint and detailing. A guy came 400 miles to look at it and offered 2,500 more than the asking price…Sold!
      It pays every time to at least do the minimum of cleaning before trying to sell most anything.

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  6. Bud Lee

    Car wash = free if you do it at home
    Windex = $5.00
    Turtle Wax = $10.00
    Electric buffer $15 – $30.00
    4 hours of your time = $2500 – $5000 more for your asking price

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    • martinsane

      Agree yo a point Bud, but obviously im in the wrong line of work as 2500-5k for 4 hours labor, oof. Thats more than most make in a week.

  7. David

    This is a sweet set up. A high school kids dream back in the day. You could buy one like this for $1500. Today these GM body styles take a good price

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  8. Ron Ron

    I’ve always been a huge Oldsmobile fan, so I can catch a lot of things others may not. This car has definitely been repainted. I’m not sure if it’s an original color. The steering wheel has been changed. And why is it covered? It’s not a bad looking car, but should be priced accordingly.

  9. Ron

    Looks like a $6,500 car to me…

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  10. Ron Ron

    I apologize. The steering wheel is original.

    • bighorn6942

      I had 2 68’s and that steering wheel looks like it’s off a later model 77’79’?? But this noted is not factory A/C as all v-8 where installed on the passenger side and the air cleaner should have the Olds 350 Rocket 🚀 and that had 3 different sets of tail light notice the chrome ascent is correct for this car along with the solid bumper so no 442 parts here as it was sold as for bucket seats they may have added them to the restoration and looks as if it suffered some water damage at rear window

  11. James Martin

    Nothing wrong with a guy making a buck, but this guy is trying to skin the goat. Probably paid under 10 grand, telling previous owner that the car needs a bunch of stuff including motor work. Then turns around and advertise it without even cleaning it expecting to make any where 10 and 14 grand. Sad part there some cluck that will probably pay it.

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    • Steve R

      The ad says it was bought at an estate sale. That could have meant it was auction based or a “tag” sale. Their goal is to sell things, not necessarily maximize the amount of money coming in. Fort Collins Colorado, there is a good chance it came from a more rural part of the state where there was little interest. It’s safe to claim his price is unrealistic, that shouldn’t translate to him taking advantage of the previous seller without any evidence.

      Steve R

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  12. Steve Weiman

    I nicely optioned cutlass, too bad the original owner didn’t pony up the extra 188 bucks for the four-speed. The two speed automatic absolutely kills it. 12,500 dollar car the way it sits, on a good day….

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  13. Vance

    Thanks for the affirmation to everybody, its much appreciated and probably silenced the lazy guy forever. The weird thing about this car is bucket seats with no console. I bought a ’69 set up the same way, and I was a stupid teenager, and drove it and sold it. For a1k in 1979, I could have had a sweet car for years. Too many cars too few years, I loved that car .

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  14. Paul

    Oh yea one of my favorites. Had the 71’ Cutlass S. 32,000 miles on it in 79’. Still remember the sound.

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  15. Chris Webster

    Even if it’s a POS beater, I’ll still wash it & make it look as presentable as possible.

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