No Letter Project: 1962 Chrysler 300

While the “letter cars” are interesting and desirable, non-letter cars can often be a bargain, but still offering the unique styling offered by Mopar in the 1960’s. This 1962 300 looks to have been parked for a few years, but this classic is actually a driver! Offered for $4,500 this 300 seems worth a look. Check it out here on ebay out of Richmond, California.

Packing a 383 V8 instead of a 413, this no letter car still has some scoot. Featuring air conditioning, power brakes, Power steering, and a push button auto, this Mopar has all the creature comforts you could ask for. Having recently received a tune up, the engine does run, and in fact, this Mopar is a driver! Certainly needing a few odds and ends to be a true street goer, this Chrysler is interesting simply for the fact it is mostly complete and that it can be driven.

From here, the view isn’t too shabby. The seller claims that the dash and front seats have been recovered at some point in time, and they do look nice. The dash looks excellent, and the front seats look very nice as well, but could stand a good cleaning. The carpet was removed by the seller to prevent the spread of rust, and it would appear that the rear seats are missing.

With very interesting styling and only two doors, this Mopar is certain to stand out no matter where you may go. The seller has offered some fair information about this car that otherwise would be obscured by the images. Described as having “funky” doors, I don’t think that the seller is trying to drop hints about the disco era. It looks like the doors don’t shut quite as well as they should, or that there is something else going on that isn’t discernible from the images.  The bottom edge of the trunk lid has some rot, and there is rust present on the rockers. Inside the floors have some rot as well, but it seems to be a minor concern based on the seller’s description. The quarters look nice, and the majority of the body is covered in paint leaving little in the way of surface rust. Certainly needing some beatification, and some elbow grease, this 300 seems like reasonable project car that you could work on while keeping it a driver. Would you jump on this no letter project?

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  1. Sam Sharp

    Ok. One more time. If this were a GM bubble top (always liked ’em), the price would be three times the price advertised
    For the Chiz. . Squint just a little at the ‘c’ pillar and the Chizzler has the bubble top effect.

    Go ahead and blow your nose at the 383… didn’t the 68 Road Chicken have a 383 with 440 heads? How about making a Hurst 300 clone out of it? Or, if you are Leno, put a crate HEMI in it.

    Cars like this one are the reason that I’m broke.

  2. Madmatt

    My dad had a white 61 “300”G ,that he bought out of a wrecking yard in about 1977 in northern Ca.He bought it for less than $300.00,and had it about a year or less,and sold it for $1500.00 ! — boy he thought he won the lottery!!,and ever since then,has kicked himself every day for selling it,as values skyrocketed ever since.I was about 9-10 years old at the time.
    It had the 413 ,with log style?/dual quad intake/ the carbs sat over the fender wells!A real beast of an engine !
    Swivel buckets and all the goodies,it did run but had a “rod”knock,and smoked.
    He has never been a mopar guy,but he sure wishes he had that one back again,as do I !! I love the style of these,nice find !!

  3. Brian Gould

    Saints preserve us! This will be the first automotive saint that I ever heard of. I wonder which will take longer, the restoration or the beatification? I suppose once the beatification is completed, canonization won’t be far behind. I’m guessing that will add all sorts of power to that old 383. Handy for outrunning the hounds of hell. ⛪

  4. Gunner

    Yes, Matt those early 60’s letter cars with the “long ram & short ram” engines were damned impressive, and a thing of beauty to look at. Very unique in the motoring world. This particular body is not my favorite, but it definitely has good bones.

  5. Dave

    Any one else lovin’ that 3D instrument panel? One of the coolest ever.

  6. Eric Gerren

    This was on craigslist a few months ago for 2500 bucks. Then he raised it to 4K. Now it’s even more. But it’s all good. He has another 4 door too. Or at least he did when they were on Craigslist

  7. Neal

    Of all the cars I have discovered or “rediscovered” here on barnfinds, these early 60’s Mopars have really made an impression on me. I love the lines and the lore. From Darts to Letter cars, coupes to wagons. I want more.

  8. stillrunners lawrence Member

    With a Brain – just continue mechanical repairs…..and enjoy driving it !

  9. Ed P

    The non-letter 300’s may not have been as fast as a letter car, but they still had get-up-and-go and looked the part.

  10. Pete Kaczmarski

    My ’62 300 Sport Convertible came from Nevada two years ago. It has the 413 option etc but most important no P.S. or P.B. but it has the 3 speed manual floor transmission. It is in terrific driver condition.

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