No Reserve: 1958 Pontiac Bonneville

The owner of this 1958 Pontiac Bonneville purchased the car from an estate sale, but it is a restoration project that has managed to stall before it started. He has now decided that it needs to go to a new owner who has the means to do the car justice. If that person is you, then you will find the Pontiac located in Delson, Quebec, Canada, and listed for sale here on eBay. The listing has been set to open at $6,500, but there have been no bids up to this point in this No Reserve auction.

The Bonneville rolled off the production line finished in a combination of Patina Ivory and Redwood Copper. The vehicle is essentially quite straight, although it does sport a pretty sizeable dent in the passenger side front fender. There are also some rust issues, and some of these are showing in some slightly unusual places. There is some pretty nasty looking rust in the passenger side door (especially under the handle), along with some appearing from under the chrome molding on the driver’s side rear quarter panel. The floors look to be quite good, with the only real problem being some spots of rust in the floor on the driver’s side. The frame and trunk appear to be solid, but the trunk reinforcement is said to be quite rusty. There are also some trim pieces missing from the car’s exterior, along with the lenses from the tail-lights and backup lights.

The original 370ci V8 resides under the hood of the Bonneville, and this is backed by a 4-speed Hydramatic transmission. The vehicle also features power steering and power brakes. Interestingly, the original intake and carburetor are missing off the engine, but the rest of it remains complete. The owner doesn’t specify when this happened. At first, I began to wonder whether this was a Tri-Power equipped Bonneville and that the original components were removed for use elsewhere. However, I can see no evidence of the fender badges that would have been part of that package, so I’ve ruled that out as a possibility. The owner also doesn’t indicate whether the engine turns freely, but given the fact that the vehicle has been parked since some point in the 1990s, there is sure to be some work involved in returning the car to a roadworthy state.

The interior of the Pontiac is a bit of a surprise because it is actually relatively tidy. To compliment the exterior finish, it is upholstered in a combination of Redwood Copper and Patina Ivory cloth and vinyl. Interestingly, if the interior had been specified with front bucket seats, then the option would have been available to have the seats upholstered in leather. The dash pad has suffered some noticeable fading over the years, but apart from one small hole in the edge of it in front of the driver, it is actually in good condition. The cover on the front seat is quite faded, but it appears to be free of any significant rips or tears. The cover on the rear seat looks distinctly better, and I think that it could look good if given a deep clean. The remaining upholstered surfaces look to be in good-to-excellent condition, which is a real plus. The carpet is generally worn, and it is showing some staining and rot on the driver’s side. Given that this is in the same area where the only significant rust in the floors has appeared, it makes me wonder whether there has been some sort of leak or fluid spill in that area at some point. The Bonneville also comes equipped with a Wonderbar radio with rear speaker switch, along with power windows.

There is no doubt that this ’58 Bonneville is going to be in need of a complete restoration, but it does seem to possess strong bones as a starting point. It has some rust issues, but these don’t appear to be too severe, and once restored, it should be a pretty stunning looking car. If this were equipped with the 370 Tri-Power engine, then once restored, it is a car that could potentially be worth in excess of $60,000. However, even with the more “garden variety” 370, it is still a car that would be capable of being valued at $50,000 or more. If the car can be secured for a reasonable price, then it should represent a project vehicle that promises both a stunning end result and a project that makes sound financial sense.


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Hey! A rusty 58 Pontiac in need of full restoration out of Quebec for at least $6500! Cut me off a slice of that!

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  2. Howard A Member

    Nah, too far gone. These have to be nicer, and they are around. With restoration costs, you be under water in no time. If this car had at least something going for it, ran good, or clean body, but this needs everything. These sellers better lower their sights. Anybody know what that thing is behind the door?
    In a related subject, when I was a kid, the guy across the street had a ’58 Bonne just like this. It was blue with white coves and had the script “Fuel Injection”. Being a kid, I had visions of 8 syringes injecting fuel somehow. Turns out, I wasn’t too far off. He kept it in the garage, and only brought it out on sunny days( in Wisconsin, not many). He passed away, and the widow moved. I always wondered what happened to that car.

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    • Will Fox

      Howard, if I’m seeing what you are referring to, the item behind the door is a bit of rocket-like trim Bonnevilles had in `58, with the rear edge of it a red reflector; handy for other drivers to see when passing.
      And actually Howard, on ANY car of this general condition/vintage, in doing a full restoration you’ll ALWAYS be under water finance-wise. This one would easily take $80-$100K to do, with a market value of probably about $65-`$70K when done. These aren’t terribly rare, but unfortunately get over-shadowed by the `58 Impalas in popularity. Had this been the ultra-rare `57 Bonneville cvt., NO cost would be too great in restoring. THOSE are $150K treasures.

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  3. local_sheriff

    I spotted this Bonnie on an EB ‘treasure hunt’ a couple days back and quickly realized it has rust in the most unthinkable places – while at the same time some panels look far better than what one should expect…?

    Personally I find the Poncho to be the best-looking of all GM cars for ’58, but this one needs a builder with way above average skills and founds. Good thing is most of its trim seem to be present and fairly straight, best use would probably be as a parts car – and a couch in a rockabilly home !

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  4. Little_Cars

    I wouldn’t mind owning the dropped, period custom blue 1939-40 Ford on the flatbed next to this!

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    • Dirt Track Doug

      er, ’39 Ford my friend… but you’re close… ;-)

      • Little_Cars

        What was the clue? The molding on the side of the hood? LOL Dad had a 40 deluxe that he put a 39 hood on and painted the whole thing flat black before it became the “in” thing to do.

  5. J_Paul Member

    I’m just amazed that the actual paint color of this is “Patina Ivory”. It’s just a few steps away from being a Laurel & Hardy routine for gear heads:

    “What color is your car?”
    “Patina Ivory”
    “Patina? I meant, what color is it?”

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    • v

      dont call me ivory

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      • Mike

        Ivory’s on second.

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  6. Tom Bell

    At last, a correct usage of the tired, over-used word “patina”.

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  7. John

    I’m more familiar with 50’s Caddies than Pontiacs, I’ve also always liked Bonnevilles, but I don’t think that Dashpad is original, there shouldn’t be any sewn seams.
    A nice car but dollars needed to put it right make this a labor of love only

    • v

      who would have thought 58’s had a unibody section …

  8. ACZ

    Interesting…….. I never realized the Bonneville had the roof trim style in common with the Impala.

    • d

      The 1958 Pontiac and Chevy were virtually the same body shell – the front clips will interchange, as will the 1955-56 cars. The door skins are different, but the frames are the same. The fuel injection was the same Rochester unit used on the Corvette and ’57 Bel Air. My Dad had a ’58 Star Chief, and when the trans started to slip, the tranny guy told him the “Slim Jim ” trans was a poor design, too weak to begin with, and that it would cost more to rebuild it than the car would be worth when it was done.

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  9. TimM

    Nice looking car!! I would be more worried about the rust you can’t see!! A can of worms!!

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nice Bonnie…..and that 1939 Deluxe has been around……..funny it doesn’t get the cover up….

  11. Mountainwoodie

    What a sweet car..too bad it was left out in the snow or inside a running carwash with the windows down…..for a long time. Great color and love the rear ( bucket)seats.

    Damn shame………really

  12. kozy

    road salt and lots of it you get into that car and you will a more rot

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