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No Reserve: 1964 Triumph TR4 Project

Some project builds require more dedication and bravery than others as owners grapple with paint, panel, and mechanical issues. This 1964 Triumph TR4 represents a major build as the winning bidder tackles its significant rust issues. However, it is complete, comes with a range of excellent parts, and is listed here on eBay in Elkton, Maryland, with No Reserve. It has received a single bid of $4,000, meaning it is only days away from finding a new home.

Triumph introduced the TR4 in 1961 as a worthy replacement for its TR3A model. It featured more aggressive styling penned by Giovanni Michelotti, giving the car a more purposeful appearance. This car’s history is unclear, but the seller admits they purchased it last year and will never have the opportunity to return it to its former glory. The faded and peeling Signal Red paint and missing soft-top are the least of this Triumph’s problems because it has been beset with the rust issues that often plague these classics. It has consumed the floors and significantly impacted the rockers and other aspects of the sheetmetal. However, it isn’t all bad news. The frame is rock solid, making the possibility of a nut-and-bolt restoration worth considering. The metal to replace the rot is readily available and very affordable, but potential buyers will need to have confidence in their welding skills to tackle this restoration. The top frame is present and looks salvageable, with the same true of the trim and glass. The car retains its beautiful wire wheels, although they will require a thorough inspection to ensure they are safe for active service.

Powering the TR4 is the 2,138cc four that produced 100hp and 126 ft/lbs of torque in its prime. The winning bidder receives a bonus with this car because it features a four-speed manual with the optional overdrive. The TR4’s performance was slightly better than its predecessor, being nearly two seconds faster to 60mph and able to hit 106mph. This Triumph is mechanically complete, with the engine wearing what the seller believes are custom headers. The seller also holds a set of Stromberg carburetors but supplies no information about when the car last ran or if the motor turns freely. Budgeting for a mechanical refurbishment as part of this build would be wise.

The Trimph’s interior is a sad and sorry sight, but the news isn’t as bad as it might first seem. The seller includes an almost complete interior with Black-trimmed seats and door trims that are in good order for a driver-grade build. The tired dash and aftermarket sound system can be consigned to the bin because the buyer also receives a new timber fascia still in the box and a correct factory radio. The new owner will probably need to source a few small components and a carpet set, but whipping the interior into shape could be the most affordable aspect of this build.

Returning this 1964 Triumph TR4 to its former glory will be a significant undertaking that won’t be for the fainthearted. The new owner will probably have to be hands-on in their approach because, depending on the sale price, the budget could blow out beyond the car’s potential final value. It is worth noting that it is possible to find some nice driver-grade examples for under $25,000, and that figure must be kept in mind when considering this project’s financial viability. However, that hasn’t deterred one person from submitting a bid, but are you tempted to join them?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    These are great little cars. Not so sure I’d bet on the frame being good as even though boxed they are not completely sealed up. Might be a big job to save this car but worth it in the end.

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  2. Troy

    Hey barn fines folks I can’t read this completely because the adds that normally play in the background are popping up over the pictures and text

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  3. bobk

    Had one and loved it. My dad hated it with a passion. Of course, that would probably have something to do with the parts run he made for me immediately after I purchased it. Rural Kansas in the early 70’s. Not too many sources for Triumph parts. He had to make trips to Wichita, Topeka, and Lawrence to gather all the parts needed to rebuild the brakes. This was immediately after my post purchase trip home (in the Flint Hills) with brakes that were intermittently failing along the way. Stupid, yes. But I was young.

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    • bobk

      Then, there was the incident where all of the lights went out on the way home from a party. That was another exciting drive. Who designs a car with the wiring for the lights run across the front side of a lower crossmember?

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      • tompdx

        Hmmm, the wiring for my TR lights were behind the front facia, just below the grill opening. I wonder if a previous owner “redesigned” the wiring on your TR. On the other hand, my TR was a TR250, so maybe Triumph relocated them later on.

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  4. GSP Enthusiast

    As an owner of a TR4A, at $4 grand it might be a fun project. The parts you’ll need are out there and not terribly expensive. If you’re an ok welder you’ll be a very good welder when done but it will be much fun to drive in the sunshine. Forget taking it to Concourse condition, not worth it and with some tinkering, that tractor four-banger will run forever.

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  5. H Siegel

    My heart says I should buy this it’s not far from me. Alas my age and health says not possible. Over the years I restored 3 triumph spitfires and they were a blast to drive. Now with the spitfires you could purchase almost everything to build one including the frame and tub. Parts for this car should be easy to aquire. This will be a great car when done and fun to drive. When done get it on a old country road with top down and drive it like you stole it.GLWTA

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