No Reserve 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

We’ve seen a few C2 Corvettes come across our desks in recent times here at Barn Finds. However, this 1965 example is one that ticks a lot of the right boxes for serious enthusiasts. Not only is it original and unmolested, but it presents beautifully. The fact that it is being offered for sale with No Reserve has to be the icing on the cake. The Corvette is located in Gadsden, Alabama, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $43,596 off the back of some frantic bidding. It seems that there are plenty of people who want to park this one in their garage.

The Ermine White Corvette presents beautifully. The paint holds an impressive shine, and there is no evidence of any significant scratches or blemishes. The fiberglass is in good order, with no signs of any cracks or prior accident damage. The news is just as good when we delve below the surface because there are no signs of any rust issues. It is as clean as you could ever hope to find, and there are also no visible fluid leaks. The trim and chrome are as impressive as the rest of the exterior, while the tinted glass appears to be flawless. This Corvette is fitted with the optional aluminum knock-off wheels. These were a snip at $15.70 when the car was new. However, only 168 buyers chose to tick the box beside that option.

The L76 version of the mighty 327ci V8 offered buyers impressive performance, and that’s what you’ll find hiding under the hood of this Corvette. It should be pumping out 365hp, which finds its way to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission. Does that make it fast? I think that a 14.2-second ¼ mile ET and a potential top speed of 145mph probably equates to a “yes” as the answer to that question. This is a full numbers-matching car, but I’m surprised that the seller doesn’t provide any information on how well the Corvette runs or drives. The engine bay does present nicely, and this gives us cause to be optimistic on that front. Included in the sale is the original Owner’s Manual, along with some documentation that traces the car’s history.

The interior of the Corvette presents nicely, and if the car is to be used as an original survivor, then it doesn’t need anything. The carpet is slightly faded, and a perfectionist might choose to replace it. The trim on the front of the glove compartment door has a dent in it. It may be possible to straighten the trim, although replacing it or the door might be an option worth considering. A door will cost somewhere around $210, but a trim kit is available for under $50. Beyond those couple of items, the interior needs nothing. The upholstery is in good order, and there are no issues with the dash, wheel, or console. The Corvette is equipped with factory air conditioning, but this currently doesn’t work. There is also an AM/FM radio, along with a beautiful teakwood wheel.

As an original survivor, this 1965 Corvette would seem to need very little. It presents superbly, and although it has a couple of minor interior trim flaws, there is nothing that demands urgent attention. That raises the question of where the bidding is likely to go. I suspect that what we’ve seen to this point is merely the beginning, and I won’t be surprised if the bidding goes well past $60,000. I also wouldn’t be ruling out a figure of $80,000 because its condition and specifications would justify it. This is an auction that could be well worth watching. Alternatively, this is a classic that you might want to own so badly that you join the bidding war. If you do, then I really can’t blame you.


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  1. Moparman Member

    *SIGH*!!! ANOTHER beautiful C-2 that I’ll only be able to drool over and dream about!! GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Same here. Even with the left front bumper slightly askew.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      That might be the result of the camera, not the car. If you look at the rearend shot, it looks to me like the bumper on the passenger side appears a little skewed also. Both on the right side of the image so could be the camera.
      Overall, I like it though I undoubtedly can’t afford it.

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  3. dirtyharry

    I bought into an informal time share so I could afford 4 weeks on the beach. Now these cars are so expensive, we should just form “buyers groups,” say 12 guys and each gets a month per year. Everyone also pays an agreed mileage charge for maintenance, so it always in top shape. I would pay 5-7k for a month, better than no months.

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    • Ike

      I’ll take two months; Summer!

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    • Kevin Costello Member

      I’m in for at least a month or two…

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  4. OhU8one2

    First year for 4 wheel disc brakes which is a plus. Very nice car. Should go for good chunk of money.

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  5. doug

    Solid lifter with factory air is pretty hard to find. Nice car.

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  6. gbvette62

    I’m not a big fan of white cars with black interiors, but I could make an exception for this car.

    A 65 365 with AC is pretty rare and desirable. The 65 327/365 and 72 LT-1, were the only solid lifter Corvettes ever offered with air conditioning. I came across an original owner 65 365 air coupe in Florida a few years ago, in similar unrestored condition. The asking price was $46K and I was interested in it, but instead turned a friend on to it, who’d been looking for a mid year coupe.

    I don’t care for all the rattle can black paint underneath, and don’t know why the column’s not attached to the dash correctly, or why it has a 66-67 grill, but overall it looks like a decent car. I don’t know where the writer got his info on knock off wheels, but the list price was $315.95, and 1,119 buyers ordered them.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      And an original set of knock-offs might be worth what today? $10,000 seems possible. Maybe higher.

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      • bucky66

        Yes, I would agree with the $10,000 if they are real Kelsey-Hayes knock offs in good condition. It does not say that in the ad. It just says knock offs. In 1965 less than 5% of Corvettes left the factory with this option, today 50% wear the reproductions which are worth considerably less.

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    • ruxvette

      I agree with everything you said and would add the front bumpers/license plate bracket are wonky, it looks like flex pipe on the exhaust but, most important in my mind, is the rusty turn signal stalk, rust on the chrome seat sides, and just the overall appearance of (minor?) rust in door jambs, etc. The car was sold new in Indiana and, depending on how many winters it enjoyed there, it could have some frame rust issues. A thorough inspection should be done. Easily a $60k+car.

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  7. jokacz

    Front end has been hit, and repaired badly. Those wheels are reproductions.

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  8. Derwood Shrub

    That’s no survivor! It’s been painted and that black all over the underside is hiding what we all know. Someone is buying a money put here.

    • Big Drag 49

      Absolutely been repainted and as stated, why all the undercoating? NOT what we call a survivor.

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  9. jimjim

    If this is real, it is a very rare car, with the 365 and a/c. One of like 200something that year.

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  10. John Smart

    I know the the term “Survivor” gets thrown around loosely in reference to collectible cars. It’s my understanding the term “Survivor” is copywrited by the Bloomington Gold Corvette Corporation. In that context, the Survivor designation is only awarded by the Bloomington organization to VERY original and UNTOUCHED cars. Yes, this ‘65 Covette has “survived” for many years, and is currently in an original CONFIGURATION, but does not come close to the true Survivor designation. Having said that, it is an interesting car with good options.

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    • triumph1954

      No where in Ebay ad does it say original survivor. Adam Clarke may have added that to story?

  11. Sid Member

    Today it is hard to look at the photos and description of this nice looking Corvette.
    Three years ago I sold my fresh restomod 1965 Fuel Injected Coupe to a nice guy in Ohio. It was beautiful and I wish there was a way to post a photo of it here. Yesterday I got an email from the buyer telling me that this summer he hit a gigantic pothole. It hit so hard it broke one of the Chip Foose Legend aluminum wheels, the car spun around and then rolled multiple times. He spent several days in the hospital but has since recuperated. The beautiful Corvette was, of course, a total loss. I’m not sure if it helped but I had installed 3 point seat belts and heavily bolstered C5 Corvette seats with head rests. Maybe that helped prevent further injury. Sad to see another C2 bite the dust.

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  12. benjy58

    Front bumper is twisted may have a front end hit.

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  13. Steve Clinton

    No mention is made of the wonky front bumper in the eBay post, but sure has been mentioned here! (They can’t get ANYTHING by Barnfind readers! LOL)

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  14. george mattar

    Never mind the front bumper and other issues, nobody so far noticed the damaged and overspray painted trim tag. These tags were riveted to the bottom of the birdcage under the glove compartment. They were plain metal. This one looks to have been sideswiped with a spay can and seems to be missing a corner and bent.And there is scale on the lower bird cage where the tags are located. These were painted with a baby puke green primer back in the day. It would take a heckuva water leak for this section to rust. I have looked at hundreds of C2 Corvette tags and this is a major red flag. Yes, 365 hp cars are rare with factory air. As one reader said, this engine and the 255 hp 1972 LT-1 are the only Corvettes with solid lifters to have ac available. I worked in a Chevy dealer 45 years ago and can tell you, I saw several ac belts thrown off the pulleys at 6,000 rpm.

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  15. JoeNYWF64

    Ready for the modern world with modern black wiper frames that will fade soon even in the sun of the north, tho this will be a garage queen.
    I would not corner too fast with those skinny tires, tho the original bias plies were even skinnier back in the day. Not sure how all the u-joints react to burnouts on any IRS vette.
    I would think all those knobs are awkward to use/perhaps even confusing with the a/c option, tho at least they are to the right of the driver for the passenger to play with.

  16. Mary Polansky

    I think 65 K will be it

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