No Reserve: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

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UPDATE 03/27/2023: Failing to sell a classic car at the first attempt can be frustrating, meaning patience is often required to succeed. This 1968 Camaro is a prime example. While none of its details have changed, it is listed here on eBay, with the bidding sitting at $30,100 in a No Reserve auction. I have left the original article details untouched, but I have read your feedback surrounding various aspects of the car, from its engine to its other drivetrain components, seats, and its authenticity as a genuine SS. I will be fascinated to read any further comments because extra sets of eyes are always welcome when assessing any classic.

FROM 02/16/2023: Hiding in this garage is a classic pony car with much to offer a lucky new owner. It is a 1968 Camaro SS Convertible that presents well and is mechanically sound. Its lack of rust means it is ready to provide the successful bidder with immediate classic motoring pleasure. The Camaro is listed here on eBay in Lumberton, North Carolina.

The second year of Camaro production was one of consolidation for Chevrolet as it sought to close the gap to the rampaging Mustang. While Ford enjoyed a sales margin of 251,215 over the Camaro in 1967, the Bow-Tie clawed that figure back to 82,257 in 1968. The gap continued to shrink in 1969 as First Generation Mustang sales fell from the stratospheric levels achieved in 1966. This SS is 1-of-27,884 produced in 1968 and presents nicely as a driver-grade classic. Its Matador Red paint shines impressively and is complimented by a Black power top. The panels are straight, there are no significant paint blemishes, and the top is free from rips or other issues. Pony cars from this era developed a reputation for rust, but that isn’t the case with this Camaro. The exterior is clean, while the underside shots reveal rock-solid floors and rails. Someone added wider Rally wheels, but they don’t look out of place,

The Camaro’s interior provides one of the few aspects of the car I can be critical of, but that is if I mark it harshly. The driver’s seat cover is noticeably stretched and detracts from an otherwise tidy appearance. There are no rips or tears, so it remains serviceable. However, if the new owner wanted a more positive impact, spending $170 on a set of front seatcovers in the correct Red vinyl would make a difference. If they were worried about color consistency, they could add a further $160 for a rear cover, so the seats looked factory fresh. The carpet sports a significant dirty patch beside the driver’s right foot, but a deep clean might address that without considering replacement. Otherwise, it seems to need nothing. The dash looks impressive, with a factory tach occupying the spot beside the speedometer. The console features the sports gauge cluster, while a retro-style aftermarket stereo provides entertainment on the road.

When you lift the Camaro’s hood, you are probably blown away by its appearance. Powering this SS is a 350ci V8 which sends its power to a Posi rear end via a four-speed manual transmission. Despite what the air cleaner decal says, the combination should give the driver around 295hp at their command, allowing this Convertible to cover the ¼-mile in 14.9 seconds. Someone has made considerable effort to dress the engine bay to kill, with lashings of chrome and billet aluminum covering areas like the valve covers, brake booster, master cylinder, alternator, and power steering pump. It looks like a million dollars, and it seems looks aren’t deceptive. The seller says it runs and drives as it should, meaning the successful bidder could fly in and learn about all this SS offers by driving it home.

This 1968 Camaro SS Convertible undoubtedly ticks the right boxes for someone seeking a turnkey classic. With warm weather on our doorstep, now could be the right time for an enthusiast to park a Convertible in their garage. It has no apparent needs, but lifting its presentation to a higher level would not be difficult or expensive if the successful bidder feels so inclined. It has already attracted nineteen bids, and I expect the action to intensify as the end draws near. What do you think the price will be when the hammer falls?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    I had a junior high school teacher who drove a ’68,
    in the same color combination.It was always clean.He was
    a real quiet & semi-timid guy,& I was surprised to later find
    out that he was class champion at the local Samoa,CA) drag-
    strip.U was even more surprised to find out that he raced a
    VW Bug at the SCCA races at Cotati,& later a TR3 at the races
    at Mckinleyville.He was right behind William Snell,who slowly
    rolled his TR3,resulting in his death,which begat the Snell –
    He gave me some Black & White pictures of those races,
    which I added to my collection.Sadly,he developed Alzheimers,
    & died shortly afterwards.

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  2. Horst Burgert

    Love the 1 st gen Camaro’s ;more so w ragtop !! & w RS pkg would’ve made this car cooler but great as is !

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  3. CooterMember

    This is a very nicely preserved Camaro and would love to have it in my garage. I had a very rare 67 SS/RS combo, black on black, no spoilers, 327/350 hp. L-79 code with 4 speed. That’s the one that got away. If we only knew then what we know now, none of us would be working!

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  4. Camaro Rocks

    Love the clean car .

    Those are 1969 high back buckets but look great.

    Didn’t mention numbers match on engine but who cares

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  5. Dave

    It’s not a factory SS, not even a clone. Somebody added SS emblems to the front and an SS gas cap. It’s missing the SS hood, 12 bolt rear end, multi-leaf rear springs, and more. At least call it what it is…

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  6. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Wholly Crap! What a beautiful car!

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  7. Emel

    This looks like the year Camaro, Christine had for lunch. Burp !

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    • Bill D.

      I’m pretty sure that Christine ate a 67 Camaro.

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  8. TPK

    That’s also a GM Performance crate motor under the hood. Put one in my 1970 C-10 pickup in 2007, had the same center bolt valve covers! Sold those quickly as possible and installed a set of aluminum finned units. Looks much better. It is a great motor though.

    Nice looking car but all original? NO.

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  9. rayburn

    Went to look at a Challenger body 20 plus years ago, the guy had a 67 or 68 SS conv Camaro in his garage blue and white. 4-speed with a factory 427! Said he turned down a $35,000 offer on it back then.

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  10. Al

    Had a red ’67 ragtop, black top and interior, 4sp, rally wheels, RS in 1968. Bought it out of NY Times classified. Loved it! This is as close as I’ve seen except for the red interior. Who says you can’t go home? Mine must have triggered something. My garage is now occupied with a red over red C5 Vette convert and a red 07 Mustang convert. Yippee kye yea !!

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    • Arlyn Uhrmacher

      Hey! I’ve got a red over red C5 convertible in my garage too. Great car!

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  11. JV

    Had a ’67 RS/SS 350 back in the day. Non-numbers matching. It had a block out of a 50 series truck. That did mean it had a forged crank and 4 bolt mains. I bought it from a guy, second owner, it was his hotrod project. 12 bolt posi with 5.13 GM high impact gears. 4 speed M22. The car had factory disc brakes, NON-power. Guess the original owner planned on a cam that wouldn’t provide a lot of vacuum at low revs.

    This was in 75-76, and I sold the whole thing for about 250 bucks (with a blown clutch) when I bought a brand new 77 Camaro. Back then I thought I did pretty good since I ran it hard for about a year and had only paid 500 when I bought it.

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  12. JV

    Just to add, the vintage parts alone would probably be valuable now. It had a dual feed Holley double pumper on an Edlebrock intake, a Lakewood scattershield, a dual point distributor out of a fuelie ‘Vette. I bet the gas cap is worth as much as I sold the car for.

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  13. Keith Hagerty

    Really nice looking Camaro. It appears the seller also has it listed a second time with a buy it now price of almost $55k.

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  14. Mountainwoodie

    You could eat off the chassis. It appears that this was built from the ground up. Nice job. The seller has a number of Camaros on YouTube for sale. Looks like a small business to me. I don’t know that I would dress a car to look like a different model but hey….its his car. I had a friend back in the day who would do something similar…….he like to put power windows in Camaros, 68-69. Never got the attraction.

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  15. David Frank David FrankMember

    The museum where I volunteer, has a red 1967 Camaro RS convertible with a 3 speed floor shift. When the engine did the keyway self destruct thing we took up a collection for a crate 350. I often give rides on our Sunday drives to teens clueless to even the crank windows. When they ask, as they often do, what is so cool about that old ragtop it’s great fun to drop it into second and mash the go pedal. It’s mostly noise, but what a glorious noise it is with the open sky and a vigorous breeze! The family truckster can’t do that.

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  16. Corky Aeh

    I had one that looked just like that one except an RS with a 327 engine and a powerglide Transmission , with black black interior , loved that car , wife made me sell it …..The one that got away !! I still miss it !!!!!!!

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    • Glen

      In the spirit of getting even, it sounds like you need to ask her to leave.


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