No Reserve 1975 Chevrolet C10 Silverado

Finding a classic vehicle with a known ownership history is generally reassuring. When that vehicle comes with a mountain of documentation that you would struggle to pole-vault over, that makes it more tempting still. That is the case with this 1975 Chevrolet C10 Silverado because the comprehensive collection of paperwork included in the sale traces the pickup’s history right back to Day One. That has to make it an interesting proposition to anyone seeking this type of vehicle, and the fact that it is being offered with No Reserve has to be the icing on the cake. Located in Winston, Montana, you will find the Silverado listed for sale here on eBay. Solid bidding has pushed the price to $4,850, and with No Reserve to consider, this pickup is set to head to a new home very shortly.

Finished in Grecian Bronze, the seller indicates that most of the paint on this Silverado is original. He says that the original owner had some panel and paint work performed on the C10 and that the clearcoat is beginning to peel from the hood. Otherwise, this Pickup remains pretty presentable for a vehicle of this type and age. The panels are straight, with no significant dings or dents. The Silverado has some rust that the buyer will need to tackle eventually, but it seems minor. There are a couple of spots in the bed, an area in one lower cab corner, and a spot around the brace behind one front wheel. Beyond that, the C10 is structurally sound, and its needs appear to be largely cosmetic. The original owner ordered the C10 with tinted glass that remains in good order, while the external trim is in excellent condition for its age.

For an original survivor, this Silverado’s interior looks quite presentable. The slipcover on the seat hides upholstery that is ripped and damaged, the carpet has some slight wear, the headliner has begun to sag, and there is a small crack in the pad near the speaker grille. That seems to be the worst of the problems because the remaining trim and plastic have survived well. The original owner fitted a different wheel. While it should make for a more comfortable driving experience, potential buyers seeking originality might want to search for a correct one to substitute. There is also an aftermarket stereo that sounds nice, but there have been no other additions. The C10 was equipped with air conditioning, but a previous owner removed the compressor around three years ago when they performed some other work, and it hasn’t been refitted. The owner includes it in the sale, so getting it working again could be an easy task for the buyer to tackle.

While the C10 is no longer numbers-matching, its engine bay still houses a 350ci small-block as it would have the day that the vehicle rolled off the production line. This is a crate engine that a previous owner purchased and installed around three years ago. At that point, he also sent the three-speed Htydramatic transmission for a professional rebuild. The result of this hard work and expenditure is that the C10 runs and drives extremely well. The owner admits that the buyer will need to budget for new tires to replace the ancient ones that are fitted now, but that seems to be one of the few tasks they will need to consider. Included in this sale is one of the most comprehensive collections of documentation that I have ever seen. It includes the Owner Card, Owner’s Manual, Warranty Booklet, 20-day sticker, maintenance schedule, copy of the original title, original Purchase Contract, registrations, and the warranty for the rebuilt transmission. That’s merely a snapshot because there’s plenty more for the buyer to read and enjoy.

Older pickups continue to perform strongly in the classic market, and this 46-year-old Chevrolet C10 Silverado should be no exception. It is not a trailer queen, but one that appears to have been used for its intended purpose. While it has its flaws, there is no evidence that it has been abused or neglected. It has sparked enough interest to attract twenty-three bids at the time of writing. Interestingly, the owner indicates that he might bypass the auction process if someone submits a suitable offer. That is a tantalizing option and makes me wonder whether one of our readers might be tempted to make that kind of strategic move. It is certainly something to think about.


  1. Big Al

    I hate the color, but otherwise this looks like a very solid
    truck. The owner took great care of it. Someone is going
    to get a good truck for a good price.

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  2. Howard A Member

    “I’m in the money, I’m in the money”, just kidding , mom said never gloat, but always nice to start the day like this. I’ve since made another one of my whirlwind decisions, and mine is NOT for sale. This is a good find, but like I’ve said many times( everytime one is featured here) they aren’t that rare. I see a different one practically every day out here. I’ve decided, I’d be a fool to sell mine, and and in a crumbling economy, it’s so refreshing not to have to play into the car repair game. That truck of mine is a rock, as the old GMC ads portrayed, and while many may not get the deal I got, you simply can’t go wrong with these. While it looks nice, I can almost guarantee, you’ll be replacing many items, but it gets to a point, like mine, where I can almost be assured, it will start and get me where I want to go. These were the epitome of reliable trucks. Just costs a bit more to feed, but take it from me,( sorry, not literally) it’s well worth it.
    Word to the wise, if you are thinking of giving the auto industry the giant middle finger, like I did, don’t drag your feet on these. You ( and I) aren’t the only ones fed up with the offerings today.

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    • Johnny

      You said that right How. I,d rather have this truck—Then any new one today. Alot easier to fix,see what can be work,made in America parts. Reasonable priced,good shape . Yeah I ,d rather have this one. Get tired of driving.Pull over and lay out in the seat and take a nap.

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    • PeteMcgee

      Howard A This 1975 model should be Kalifornia smog exempt, thus giving the new owner a chance to give the middle finger to both the Big 3 and the People’s Republic…..

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  3. Troy

    Guess this shows that eBay is no longer the place to auction a car if this was listed on Bring a trailer it would be up to $20k already might be good way just to flip it buy it here and sell it on BAT

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  4. angliagt angliagt

    It’s nice to see these “No Reserve” auctions,rather than all
    of the grossly overpriced ads I’ve seen for trucks like this lately.
    It’s a great market right now – IF you’re a seller.

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  5. Steve R

    It’s nice, but it’s a long bed, which limits interest. Short beds are what enthusiasts want, they are and have been willing to pay a premium, that’s not going to change. It’s over $5,000 right now, it has room to run, but probably not much since this configuration is still easy to find in dry states. That’s not the case for trucks with 6” bed sitting behind the cab.

    Steve R

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    • PeteMcgee

      Steve R long beds are consistently bringing $10k and up on eBay and $20k and up on Bringatrailer. I think a lot of enthusiasts have given up on the dream of finding a clean short bed anything at less than a stratospheric price, and are moving to long beds now. Actually I think that trend has been going on for years.

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      • Steve R

        Only a few of my friends will consider a long bed, they aren’t married to square body’s so they have more options. Standard cab short bed 88 through mid-2000’s can be found at reasonable prices for those willing to put in the work, that’s where the market is shifting. I’ve got a couple friends that bought 68 through early-80’s long beds, non are happy with their decisions, they are now married to their trucks because the spent more fixing them up than the market will pay. The long beds will never get the same respect as short beds, aesthetically the proportions don’t work nearly as well, that will never change and will always impact the value.

        Steve R

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    • Howard A Member

      I agree with Pete, however, Steve is right too. As an owner of a short bed, naturally, I notice all the squarebodies( just saw’r another different one today) and without question, long beds outnumber short beds like 100 to 1. Fact is, of all the ones I’ve seen out here, ( dozens), mine is the only short bed I’ve seen. Whether or not that makes short beds more valuable can be debated, I think a squarebody is a squarebody, and the bed size won’t be a deal breaker if someone wants one bad enough.

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  6. PeteMcGee

    Steve R I guess we’ll start seeing more short bed conversions, like this one. Not my cup of tea, but with OEM shortbeds getting so pricey, some will take this route.

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  7. GM nut

    I paid my long bed 1984 c10 $500.00 9 years ago and still going strong. People are telling me to slam it to the ground…no!…..slap in a LS ….no!….chop the roof…no! I just put in the key and enjoying it quite often and thats what the next owner of the Silverado should do

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  8. DON

    A guy a used to work with used to say that Long beds were made for working , short beds were for hauling groceries

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