No Reserve: 1975 Lancia Fulvia 3 Coupe

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

This Series 3 Lancia Fulvia is a recent import direct from Italy, and is listed with no reserve. Thse pretty coupes combine gorgeous Italian styling with some level of motorsports pedigree, given its success on the international rally circuit. Although this example sorely needs to return to its original wheel and tire package, it looks quite tidy. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $3K.

Although the wheels are period correct, a set of correct Lancia steel wheels with polished hubcaps would be far more appropriate for the car. Still wearing its Italian license plates, the Fulvia shows clean lines and unmarked chrome, but it’s almost impossible to know from this angle if any body filler resides in that Piero Castagnero-designed shape. The seller does say the car was “…rebuilt in Italy,” but doesn’t elaborate as to what that constitutes.

The interior presents well, with very nice bucket seats, an uncracked dash, original steering wheel and shift knob, and similarly-preserved door panels. The seller says the car will come with “…Italian papers and customs forms,” but we’d want further clarification on whether any additional documentation is needed. Obviously, this Fulvia is over 25 years old so importation is certainly legal, but we’d want to ensure all paperwork is present before taking delivery.

The 1.3L found in the Series 3 cars didn’t make a ton of power, but it’s a fascinating design: a DOHC, narrow-angle V4 engine mounted towards the front of the chassis at a 45 degree angle. The seller doesn’t elaborate on whether the engine was rebuilt while in Italy, but the painted engine cover is an unusual choice in an otherwise stock-appearing car. Hagerty says one in good condition is worth $13,800 – will this Fulvia make it that far?

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  1. Sam

    Cool car to tear around in…ditto the wheels and tires. If you squint, you’ll see gen ll Corvair styling cues in the Lancia.

    • Brian Jackson

      Holy smokes, you’re right. The roof line is proportionally much taller but it does share lines with a late model.

  2. Steve65

    Why exactly are factory steel wheels and hubcaps “more appropriate” than period correct alloys? Or modern alloys for that matter? Aren’t cool old cars supposed to be about what a given prison likes, not rigid adherence to orthodoxy and “authenticity”? I can’t think of many more-annoying traits than nitpicking other people’s preferences.


      Because black wheels are ugly on ANY car.

      • Steve65

        That’s not a universally shared opinion. I prefer black wheels on most of my cars.

  3. giorgitd

    Wheels are ugly, period correct or not. Front seats look like the stay-puft marshmallow man. Still, very cool car!

  4. Wolfgang Gullich

    Why buy an overpriced ALFA Guilia when these are cheaper, reliable, more advanced and not as prone to tin worm attacks.

    • Klharper

      I currently have a 1.3 Giulia and a 1.3 fulvia in the garage. Do you really want me to give an assessment.

      • Steve65

        I’d want to read that comparison…

  5. Tim Troyer

    Hagerty stays about 14K, so it’s got a ways to go

  6. Joe Backer

    Ah What do you do for parts? Rockauto has brake pads for a ’74 Fulvia. Thats seems to be about it. I like the body style. Yet the car needs to go back over seas for proper care.

    • Klharper

      Parts are fairly easy, not as good as Alfa but I can get most anything for a fulvia in 3 days.
      More and more Lancia’s are coming to the states, part of this has to do with the 25 year rule and part has to do with demand for vintage Italian machinery. A lot of customers are buying these for tours as they check all the boxes but are not as expensive to own and maintain as vintage Ferrari’s.
      American Lancia club east will be holding its event in West Virginia in a few weeks for those that are interested. I will be driving a Fulvia for about 8 hours to get there, and no worries on it making it.

      • Wiley Robinson

        That’s good to know, I love these cars

  7. Will Owen

    Service and parts – there’s a guy in the East SF Bay area who specializes in Lancias, and seems to favor the Fulvias.

    If you’re any kind of engine freak, find a cutaway and/or design drawing of this engine. It’s a total marvel of packing four cylinders and all the rest into a chunk about the size of a concrete block. And Lancia did their first V4 in the 1920s!

    These are pretty cars, though this is not a great color for it … and I hate black wheels too. I wish that fad would just go away.

    • Klharper

      That is probably Jaan Hjorth at Eddins Moto. Good guy

  8. John

    Parts are available from Mike Kristick at Lancia Spares in PA too.


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