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No Reserve & $99 Opening Bid: Low Mileage 1961 Thunderbird


Surprisingly, this “Bullet Bird” is being offered here on eBay for no reserve with an opening bid of only $99! It’s a pretty clean and mostly original car that is currently located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and it can be yours if you bid here.


With vestigial fins reminding us of the 1950’s, the restyled 1961 Thunderbirds also reflected the jet/rocket styling that was popular at the time in many different industries. It’s not hard to see two rocket engines in the tail lights, is it?


With the original wheel covers in place, this looks like a period picture from 1961, doesn’t it? The selling dealer says that it was a one owner car prior to them selling it, and that the car has power steering, power brakes and four-way power windows. Do you believe the 61,375 actual mileage claim? I’m sure the car has been repainted, but I think it is the original color.


There are some split seams in the seats, and the dash has a few issues, but the interior is very presentable. I can hope that it’s leather, but I suspect vinyl. While I enjoy period accessories in my vehicles, I’m not sure I can buy into those floor mats. What do you think?


Under the hood, we have a Z-code V8. What does that mean? Actually, it’s the only 390 V8 that was available apart from export Thunderbirds according to this page. It does mean that it has a four barrel Holley carburetor (assuming it’s still stock) and offered 300 horsepower when it was new. It would be nice if the engine looked as nice as the car, but at least it appears very original. Are you ready to make a bid? I wish it would stay near that opening bid, but obviously it won’t. What do you think it will go for?


  1. Roselandpete

    The bullet birds are some of my favorites in the series.

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    • Ctideis1

      How much does it cost to bring to US? Just shipping or sur charge?

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  2. boxdin

    Beautiful car. I might go as high at 10 grand??

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  3. RayT Member

    I loved these when they came out! Even in the day, I wanted to have one with beefed-up suspension and whole lot of horsepower, which I think back then meant a NASCAR-ized 406.

    Would still dig doing that today. No changes to exterior or interior, but tires, brakes, suspension and engine upgrades to make the ‘Bird as mean as it is beautiful.

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  4. RollerD

    A very nice old car. Same seller has some other nice cars for sale.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    I have never been a real T-Bird fan, but for some reason I like these bullet birds. Maybe it has to do with the guy down the street having one when I was growing up, and I thought it was cool.

    After something in the muscle class like an early GTO or a couple of other cars, I could see this being my choice for a cheap cruiser on summer Saturday nites.

    And being in Canada there would be about a 25% discount, less the ship cost, and it’s old enough to be easy to import.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Sorry, but I’m wrong about the discount. There won’t be one because it’s on Ebay, not CL, so bids are in US$.

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  6. Fred W.

    A Bullet Bird would have been my first choice, didn’t find one so got a “Flair Bird”…

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  7. ClassicCarFan

    I have to agree with Dolphin. I don’t really care for most generations of Thunderbirds except the “bullet birds” (maybe the “Flair birds” if in convertible form?). The bullet birds do just have a certain style. I particularly like the rear styling and the jet engine tail lights which Ford was using at that time.

    According to my reference books the “Z”-code 390 in 1961 was rated at 300 bhp gross not 330 as stated in the Ebay listing. still perfectly adequate I’d guess.

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  8. CanAm

    This company lists a lot on eBay. I’ve followed a lot of their auctions. Often use ‘no reserve’ but the cars re-appear several times?

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  9. Bob S

    Bought one many years ago thinking I could flip it in Finland. Nice soft White 62 with a Red interior. Found out the motor was blown and running poorly as I pulled it in my driveway. Bought it off a Tow truck driver from Newfoundland who had it gleaming when I first saw it. Told me how little he paid in Arizona after he had my cash. Did a hasty rebuild of rings and heads at the Do it yourself garage and sent it on a container to Helsinki. I Remember they were well supported parts wise by T Bird specialty businesses. A year later it finally sold….and I really don’t want to add that up. From working on thus one I found the body to be very fragile and not liking to be jacked up. Very interesting to ponder the advanced metal fab and design of the interior. It also was pretty cheaply built, but really interesting design wise. Nice cars and the 390 ran pretty nice when I drove it.

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  10. dj

    These are nice cars. They can be had cheaper than restoring one. I’m doing a 62 right now and he has 25k and counting in a 10k car. I tried to get him to just buy one but he wanted to restore this one.

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  11. ZeitGeist

    (Shown with incorrect ’62 knock-off center cap).
    Sharp Bird but I would opt for the ’64 K-H wire wheels as the wheel covers were rather drab for my liking.

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  12. Rick

    What the heck are 4-way power windows? Never heard of such a thing. Do they mean 4 way power seats?

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