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No Reserve Survivor! 1947 Dodge WC Pickup

As Dodge developed its light truck line from the mid-1920s onward, it offered a dizzying array of configurations. Still, its trucks shared car chassis and their bodies didn’t look much different from a sedan with a bed appended. Styling took a leap forward in 1939 when the Job-Rated line was launched. This clean-sheet design employed every streamlining trick in the book – rounded nose, swept fenders, raked windshield. The headlight housing was bullet-shaped. The truck looked as if it were traveling at its maximum of 65 mph while standing still! The attention to cosmetics didn’t distract Dodge from usefulness, as the Job-Rated offered customization for almost every need. The end of the line arrived in 1947 when Dodge once again updated its sheet metal for the new Pilot House series. Here on eBay is this 1947 Dodge WC half-ton pickup, formerly resting quietly in a barn for fifty years but now with a seller we’ve seen before, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The truck is bid to $3925 in a no-reserve auction.

This truck’s long slumber has not favored its interior: a measure of rust is evident in the floors and the upholstery is faded, dirty, and stained. But it has a heater, and the gauges and switches are all present. By 1947, options such as a sun visor, dome light, dual wipers, and an AM radio were available. Buyers could even opt for thicker seat cushioning on some models.

The motor was upgraded a few times across the entire series during production. The half-ton was first equipped with a 201 cu. in. flat-head six-cylinder, but that was dropped in 1941 in favor of the 218 cu. in. six with a horsepower rating of about 85. Not built for speed, the motor did generate 170 lb-ft of torque, underlining its competence for a variety of tasks. A three-speed manual transmission puts the power to the wheels. This motor will turn but has not been started.

Wings out!… this is my favorite “truck pose”, and the Dodge looks marvelous here. Sure, the glass is delaminating, and the bed is infested with heavy rust scale. But all criticisms aside, this is a complete, original example with a few surmountable cosmetic issues and mechanical work required. Meanwhile, here is a driver-quality, no-stories ’47 Dodge half-ton that sold for $16,250 just a month ago, and this one made $13,650 in the spring. For a non-running WC, I’m thinking the current price is about right – what do you think?


  1. Troy

    Looks like they may have tried to start it hopefully its not locked up this would be a fun one to Tinker with and see if you can get it running price isn’t horrible for what you get.

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  2. pixelpusher

    Surprised at the bidding with that much rust damage. Good luck to all involved. Handsome truck regardless!

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  3. RNR

    Put new wood in the bed, restore the interior to like new original condition, install a warmed over 230, and keep the body as is!

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  4. Ricardo Ventura

    These pickups are fascinating.
    Especially under these conditions.

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  5. John Eder

    These may look like they are going 65 sitting still, but on the road, 45 is about it. I had a panel truck version of this, and it was pretty frustrating driving it where I lived at the time. Rural, with two lane roads (few/no pullouts)- building up packs of cars following me was a common occurrence, with few places to get out of the way and dangerous passing conditions. On hills, even VW buses made obscene gestures out the driver’s window if they were behind me. Tension inducing. I owned it a very short time, as it really was not that much fun to drive in that environment. In a different area, this could be fun, as long as you are in the right lane. A funny story- I stupidly stayed somewhere until after dark in the panel truck. Naturally, the headlights failed on the way home. Looking for a solution, I saw my Makita flashlight between the seats. It worked great, held out the driver’s window, lighting my way home.

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  6. Arfeeto

    Maximum speed of 65 mph? Well, perhaps, so long as the wind and grade are favorable.

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  7. James Mulhauser

    Based on the fact I got a 37 Int’l D2 for $15K last year in much better condition than this truck, either I got one hell of a deal or this person is expecting way too much.

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  8. Tony

    Love to see this 47 built intoa custom truck, modern hemi with a new interior, keep the outside the same.

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  9. SLK350

    I believe he said “looks like” 65 standing still. 45 was about the max

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  10. JohnfromSC

    James, you got a good deal. A nicely restored 1940 IHL D2 just sold for $45K fee inclusive on BaT. Hold on to that D2. IHLs are getting more attention lately.

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  11. HKCox Member

    Why can I not find the button to bid
    If this truck is still available?!

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  12. William Beavers

    You can crank 50 different vehicles, and that Dodge “WHINNY” sound will stick out like a sore thumb. Best truck I ever owned was a slant 6 Dodge. It would go anywhere, any time. I wish I had kept it instead of swapping it for a Ford 8 N tractor.

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  13. Ward William

    I love the visuals of this truck. I would retain the patina and lift the body off and drop it on a modern chassis with a modern drivetrain and an auto transmission while restoring the interior to original. Keep the old chassis stored safely so that the process can be reversed.

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  14. Ralph Hensley Member

    In Spring of 1985, I bought a black 47 Dodge with what was left of its wooden bed from a retired CIA Agent for $50. The truck started and ran but the brakes didn’t work. I only drove it around his farm and stopped by downshifting and pumping the hand brake. I left for the Navy in August and my Step Dad sold the truck for $300 while I was in boot camp. I never saw the $300 or the truck again.

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    • Goat wrangler

      Ralph, I too was the Navy. My story is I had a 1968 GTO, 400CU, 4sp, posi etc….that car could burn Gas, Tires, and Oil. On my 3rd tour in Viet Nam, prior to.leaving I gave the keys to my bro to take care of it. When I returned my brother told me he sold it! I could have killed him.
      After 40yrs. Later, I finally found another GTO and now currently restoring it.

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  15. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Gone. Sold for $6200!

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