No Reserve Wonderful! 1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28

Sometimes it seems that the third-generation (’82-’92) Chevrolet Camaro, such as this 1985 IROC Z28 example, is the Rodney Dangerfield of Camaros, they get no respect. Everyone is caught up in the original first-gen (’67-’69) and early second-gen (’70-’73) so these very popular, sales-wise, third-gens get overlooked and ignored. Well, this Camaro is one that shouldn’t be ignored, it’s well equipped and in survivor condition. Want to see more? Of course you do! This Chevy is located in Nine Mill Falls, Washington and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $21,666 with nineteen bids tendered as of this writing.

This Z28 also has the new for ’85 IROC (International Race Of Champions) package which the seller details as including, “SUSPENSION UPGRADE, 16X8 INCH 5 SPOKE WHEELS, LOUVERED HOOD INSERTS, GROUND EFFECTS, AND IROC Z GRAPHICS“. This is a 79K mile example and it certainly is clean! The finish appears to be Copper Mist and there is no indication of fade, oxidization, scratches, scrapes, rust, etc. While the workmanship on Camaros of this generation can be inconsistent, this example looks well aligned and illustrates no sign of crash damage, parking stop entanglements, or other foibles. You know it’s the ’80s when you see a car wearing a bra!

The big news is the 215 net HP, 305 CI “TPI” V8 under the vented hood. Connected to a four-speed automatic transmission (a manual wasn’t available with this engine selection), this top dog ’85 performer is described as such: “THE ENGINE SOUNDS GREAT AND RUNS FANTASTIC! THE CAR STARTS RIGHT UP AND JUST PURRS. IT DRIVES GREAT. THE ENGINE PERFORMS
WITH NO ISSUES AND THE TRANSMISSION SHIFTS NICE AND SMOOTH AS WELL“. The 305, introduced as a 140 net HP smog motor in ’76, was initially considered another weak performer, in a similar vein to its 307 CI predecessor. But as the years, and technology moved forward, this 5.0-liter mouse motor proved that it could learn some new tricks and this incarnation of the Camaro is proof that it did!

Camaros, and GM cars of this era, in particular, take it on the chin for cheesy interior materials. I cannot attest to the quality of what has been employed in this case but the images present a bright, clean, lightly used interior environment. The saddle-hued fabric upholstery is perfect for displaying retained dirt but there’s no indication of that issue or sun damage from open T-tops. Nice to see is the inclusion of the original GM marked storage bag for those T-tops along with the original Delco radio. This has been a well-pampered car!

Well, if you had misgivings about this generation Camaro, it’s time to stop. Part of the problem for their reputation, as with many cars of this nature is, as the seller states, “THESE ARE HARD TO FIND IN THIS SHAPE AS MOST WERE OWNED BY YOUNGER PEOPLE THAT RAN THE C$@% OUT OF THEM” – so true! And if you are one who never had a misguided thought regarding a third-gen Camaro, here you go, you’ll have a tough time finding a better example, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. George Mattar

    Very nice car and far better looking than that pile of s×_t GM calls a Camaro today. Yes, the seller is correct. These things were beat to death in the late 80s by scum bag kids. I saw it in my town. After the 70 to 73 models, these are the best looking Canaros EVAH.

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  2. Tim

    1. Lose that bra!

    I like the color.

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    • RKS

      If you take that bra off your gonna have to repaint every panel that it touched.

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      • Tim

        Maybe not. I recently bought a 370Z with one and first thing I did was take it off and throw it in the trash. Underneath the paint was dirty and a little scuffed but a few minutes with some paint cleaner and a buffer and it looks fine. Much better than the stoopid bra, IMO. I had always heard the same thing; that the paint underneath would be ruined. YMMV

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  3. Melton Mooney

    Third gen F-bodies may be ignored by the first/second gen guys, but they have a huge following among younger hobbyists. Last weekend at a Goodguys show near Nashville, several of the vendors were showcasing third gen Camaros, and they were well represented in the show and on the autocross course.

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  4. Rw

    Lost a friend who was passenger in one back in the day,it was t-top car,folded in half in crash,bad memories.

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    • JC

      Ugh, you just brought up one for me as well. Guy driving lost control and wrapped it around a tree if i recall. I think there were 4 in the car. They were graduates of the high school I attended.

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  5. Mikefromthehammer

    I’m not sure how a car with an Auto Check rating of only 14 can be considered “wonderful”?

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  6. mh

    I just watched a black…78… with 3000 actual miles..sell on Mecum for 18 Grand… it looked brand new too….

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  7. Motorcityman

    Over 20K in bidding shows some “respect”

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  8. Vern Hoke

    The author needs to do a bit of research. First in 1985 the IROC only came in 5 colors black, white, red, yellow and bright blue metallic. I ordered mine in the blue in early ’85.
    It came with the carburated 5.0 with either 165 or 190 hp, auto or 5 speed and the 5.0 tpi with the 4 spd auto. The wheels were either silver or gold, no red or body color paint on them.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      OK Vern, here’s the brochure advertising the 215 net HP 5.0 TPI engine. Maybe you’re the one that needs to do some research…

      As to the color, it’s red and as far as the wheels go, it’s not my car, take it up with the seller.


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