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No Shrinking Violet: 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler “Scrambler”

AMC is a manufacturer that I have always admired. Although it always lacked the development budgets that were available to the “Big 3” car makers, it seemed to have the ability to produce some really good cars on a relative shoe-string. While the Rambler was designed by AMC to be essentially an economy car, a bit of massaging, combined with input from Hurst Performance, saw the Rambler developed into the Scrambler. This Scrambler is completely original, right down to the redline tires. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Branford, Connecticut, and is being sold with a clear title.

When AMC introduced the Scrambler, their original intention was to only produce 500 cars, but, in spite of a paint scheme that tended to polarize opinion, demand soon outstripped supply, and AMC eventually produced 1,512 car. Of these, 1,200 were finished in the distinctive paint scheme as seen on this car, while the remainder only featured a simple stripe on the rocker. This car looks to be in nice condition, and the overall appearance doesn’t suggest that there are any real rust issues to consider. The owner does state that the car wears its original paint and that it has only covered 30,000 miles

The interior of the car reflects its budget heritage, with the car fitted with the standard Rambler gauge cluster. However, AMC supplemented this with an 8,000rpm Sun tachometer mounted on the steering column, and a Hurst shifter for gear changing duties. There are no wide-angled photos of the interior, but the detailed shots provided suggest that the interior is also in very nice condition. The car also comes with some significant documentation, including the window sticker, build sheet, and the original sales agreement.

The Scrambler recipe was a simple one and involved taking the Rambler and fitting it with the biggest engine that they could lay their hands on. In this case, it was the 390ci V8, producing 315hp. The car also felt the benefits of a 4-speed, close-ratio manual transmission, a 3.54 Twin-Grip rear end, heavy duty brakes with front discs, and numerous suspension upgrades to allow the car to handle and to put those horses to the road. While the owner doesn’t disclose any information on the mechanical state of the car, the engine bay does present really well. Hopefully, performance will match the presentation.

This AMC is no shrinking violet. This is about as in-your-face as a car comes, and it leaves you in no doubt that this car has a purpose, and that is to take on the best that the “Big 3” had to offer. With bidding currently sitting at $50,000, it appears that there are some people out there who like a car with a bit of attitude.


  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    What $3058 could buy 50 years ago, eh? The town I grew up in had a (small) AMC dealer, not much bigger than a gas station with a couple of extra service bays. I was driving by one summer day and saw one of these in a bay, hood up. Just had to stop and have a look.
    The mechanic was just finishing up a complete (warranty) engine overhaul! I think the problem came from a failed rod bolt or something similar… Anyway, I remember him commenting that after all of that work, there was just a prayer going along that he had done everything right, not forgotten something, and that it would fire up, drive away, and never come back! :-)

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Loved these. had a customer at the Sunoco station I worked at who would come in for some 260. That car is currently waiting resto. Say what you want about AMC, but they made some groundbreaking muscle cars. Finding one in unrestored condition with low miles would be a one off!! Will be interesting to see what this beauty brings! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  3. mainlymuscle

    I sold one of my SC/Ramblers at BJ 2 years ago.I have 2 left,including a “B” scheme project.My favorite is my “A” paint scheme ,with mostly original paint and 30,000 miles.The original 390/4 speed sits on a pallet,in favor of the very built 1970 401/Tourqueflight combo.We run consistent 10:20-10:30’s on stock suspension.Best pass of 10:07 at 140 on drag radials ,so street legal.We hope for a few single digit passes in 2019 !Ran low11’s with the mildly warmed over 390 on nitrous.
    Regardless,it is the coolest car at the track.

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    I prefer the B scheme cars but the hp rating was a joke at 315, more like 400 hp

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  5. the one

    35000 miles, a quarter mile at a time…

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  6. jdjonesdr

    Anybody think the seller will see $50k?

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  7. irocrobb

    I was 10 years old when this car came out and have never saw one being driven on the street. What a great looking car and to think 3000 bucks new, just wow.

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  8. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Glad to see another old car survive the scrap pile. I love most old cars and like most others, hate to see the ones be doomed to permanent retirement. I purchased my SC from a 34 year barn slumber in 2012 with 53k miles on ticker. Any rust was minor but needed the typical stuff like rubber, brakes, exhaust. I drive it unrestored and most people love it. The only way it sees a barn now is when driving past. Drive em if you got em! Keep bringing us these great relics rust or shine! Remember guys and gals, its not always about the resale, enjoy the cars for what they are and could be again. Ive seen cars that were almost nothing left turn into gorgeous show cars and some that were just drivers. Point being, just cause something has rust doesnt make it junk.

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  9. Walter Joy

    They never became a dream car for me until last year when I found one rusting away behind a local shop. The shop owner is a huge AMC guy, as he had a Rambler Rogue that was 1 of 32 in that spec. The SC/Rambler was a parts car for his other one (he had a B scheme and this one is an A). I will go back when I have money and get it

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    I remember when a friend bought his new in 69, it would easily light the tires, bone stock, eventually he put a Rebel Machine engine in and went drag racing with it, best time 12.67 at 107. I bought it from him in 1978 with that engine, eventually we built the 69 390 with the 70 heads never raced it on track, but scary fast on the street. I’m sure this car would be just fine with only 30,000+ miles.

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  11. Robert Dwyer

    I remember these when they came out. I thought they were pretty cool.. I had a friend that bought the AMX with the 390 instead. Same powertrains. I wish I had either one now.

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  12. michael h streuly

    I like it

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  13. Mike

    Great looking car except for that ugly hood scoop. Yuck….

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  14. mainlymuscle

    The scoop ,and graphics (all bone stock,standard,NOT an option ) were all part of the ridiculousness of the era.Superbirds,Pink Cudas,the Judge,Louvres on Torinos etc.Check out some of the crazy packages available on Mercedes a few years later.You either get it or you don’t,there is always a grey bmw out there for you.

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  15. RicK

    I was in Jr. High in ’69 and me and all my other adolescent non-driving gearhead wannabe friends laughed at AMC performance cars like this one, especially when compared to what the Big 3 offered in ’69 (i.e. 428 Mach 1, L88 Corvette, Hemi Charger etc.) but in retrospect, the Scrambler was a really fast car for not much money. When adjusted for inflation (according to the CPI) $3000 in ’69 is the equivalent of $21,000 and change today, so yeah the Scrambler was a screamin’ deal back in the day.

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  16. Karl

    Pretty darned nice piece of AMC history and just plain darned nice rare car!

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  17. Jimbosidecar

    Nothing to do with the SCrambler, but in high school a neighbor who worked at the Porsche-Audi dealer bought a brand new AMX with the 390 and 4 speed. He used to take me and a couple friends for short, quick rides. He was forever powershifting that car and blew the engine at least 6 times that I knew of. But under warranty he got a brand new engine each time. He took be for a ride once where he hit an indicated 140 mph.

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    • Jett

      Sounds like he should’ve taken some driving lessons to go with the first replacement engine…

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  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like em a bunch….kinda like my mom’s last sRambler wagon.

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  19. StangMan

    These cars appealed to people that didn’t care about style, that’s for sure.

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  20. Del

    Always loved AMC muscle

    Wow. Look at the price go Zoom

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  21. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Looks like someone struck a deal, ended.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Highest canceled bid was $49,999.99 (Geez, just bid $50K!)
      With a Retracted bid at $50,200.00

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