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NoDak Beauty: 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car


This 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car is, no, I can’t tell you where it is because I want it! What’s that, Jesse? Ok, I guess, if I have to.. This fantastic car is in Carrington, North Dakota and is listed on the Central City Auto Auction site. It’s set to go live on the auction tomorrow and you can register to bid online if you can’t be there in person.


This car looks like it’s perfect, with only 42,771 miles on it since it rolled off of the showroom floor 39 years ago. It was a two-owner car that was originally owned by Plunkett’s Furniture in Fargo. The auction house mentions that there is some minor rust but I don’t see anything from the photos. For a guy who loves tiny, oddball cars, I sure love these big Town Cars. This car is twice as long as most of the cars on my master wish list. It’ll be interesting to see what this gorgeous Town Car sells for.


I’m not a huge fan of blue interiors, but man, what a beauty! And, that back seat, wow! I wonder how many of those rare, blue cows gave their all for this interior. She sure is a beauty. From my experience with huge cars, however, I’m guessing that I’d have more legroom in my Audi TT coupe than in the driver’s seat of this car, but I could be wrong. Believe it or not, this was the world’s largest mass-produced car in 1977, at 19.5-feet in length.


This is a fifth-generation Lincoln Continental and they were made from 1970 to 1979 with an upgrade/facelift coming in 1975. The design touches on the later cars like this one are my personal favorite. The rear side oval windows are an absolute must-have for me. Jesse and Josh have a lot of experience with these cars. This engine would be a fun couple of weekends of work to detail it to perfection. A 6.6L 400 V8 was the standard engine but a 7.5L 460 V8 was a $150 option. There is no mention which engine is in this car, can anyone tell from this lone engine photo? I absolutely love this car, are there any fans of these humongous luxury cars out there in Barn Finds land? Any guesses as to what this car will sell for? What would you pay for it?


  1. Fred W.

    The 460 is very likely, as buyers for these cars did not tend to leave an option box unchecked. This will go in my 1920’s garage with 2.5″ to spare on either end!

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    • Blake Ray

      It’s a 460. You can tell by the location of the accessories on the motor. 400 has the AC compressor located on the top right of the motor, 460 has it directly on the right side of the motor and the power steering pump is located towards the top of the motor

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  2. Rob

    I remember the one my dad had when I was in Junior High. Two tone tan and brown. Light tan interior, 460 under the hood. Riding in the backseat was like having your own La-Z-Boy chair. It just floated down the road. It actually stopped us from buying a house because the garage wasn’t long enough.

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  3. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    Great car! I had a dark blue 1977 and have now a 1979 Town Copupe (being converted into a pick-up) 1979 was the first year for the RR style grill. I’m not sure but I think that only the 460 engine cars had thr hydro boost brake system.Perhaps someont can clear that up. I’d be bidding if it were not so far away. My guess of the sale price is $4,450.

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  4. grant

    Had a black on red Continental coupe when the kids were little. Best part was the speedometer, it had a bar ahead/behind the needle that changed color as you sped up. Trippy.

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    My friends mom was 5foot nothing and 100 pounds soaking wet. She was a terrible driver, and we put on our seatbelts at a time when nobody did. She went from a Datsun B210 to one of these Towncars,. It was a nightmare, she couldn’t handle ten feet of car let alone 20. Needless to say, the local body shop was a frequent flier. But nothing on the road could ride like a Lincoln.

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  6. Chebby

    I’ve heard that the 400 doesn’t live past 100k in these, they need the 460.

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  7. Jumping g

    I had a few of these and I don’t think you can buy them any other way but fully loaded . Ford Must of got a good deal with the blue leather because everyone of the lincolns I did have had that same blue leather interior . I did love the way they floated down the road.

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  8. Craig Rubacha

    Its def. a 460 because of the blue air cleaner – the 400 had a silver air cleaner

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  9. G 1

    The 77’s were the last year of the fender skirts. 460’s had the oil filter looking thing on the air cleaner and the 400’s had an aluminum air cleaner cover. No 460’s in 79.

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  10. Prowler

    A real highway star….I’m not sure how many pounds of sound proofing material went into these cars but they were quiet and really truly float down the road

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  11. Kevin

    My wife bought a 1978 Town Coupe in June for me as a way to get me back into the car scene again. I got pretty sick in 2007 and by 2008 I was in a wheelchair full time. I had been a director of a local car club for several years and restored many vehicles and trucks as a hobby. I always loved these cars and remember them in the new car lot and thinking I’ve gotta get one of these. I was very surprised when my son drove up in the car. Its burgundy with white half vinyl roof. I’ve had various Camaro’s over the years but given my current challenges I can easily transfer into this car. My wife asked me how fuel efficient and I replied “A spirited steed requires more feed” and she reply “That bad huh”. Since having this car I have put double the mileage on it compared to my specially made wheelchair van. Wonderful car for sure and my wife and I often go on mini dates in it. My oldest son is a police officer and one night he had one of his buddy’s pull me over and drummed up ridiculously funny charges. I had given up on too many things to quick, nice to rejoin this hobby again. Kev

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  12. ADCF

    Did anyone happen to notice its been sitting at the auction site since 3/23/16? I wonder why? Unreasonably high price expected by seller never meeting reserve?
    It is nice, but its a boat! A 2 door Mark V would be better to collect.

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  13. LD

    Lots of other fun cars on that site too. LD71 :D

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  14. Ck

    Nice boat .I like boats.

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  15. Rod Eslinger

    I have owned a 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe (2 door model) for over 20 years. Took it as trade for work done for a customer whose husband passed away. I am the third owner. Have almost all maintenance and repair records going back to the original purchase of the car. Spent several years rebuilding or replacing all that was needed on the mechanical end and also enjoying road trips. Placed the car in storage 12 years ago. Took it out of storage almost two and a half years ago to begin the process of restoring the exterior of the car. Hope to have the exterior completed next year. Here is a link to photos of the car taken after I removed it from storage. https://www.flickr.com/photos/95193304@N08/albums/72157633395043930
    The engine in my Lincoln is a 400. The engine in the Lincoln for auction is a 460. The air cleaners are of different configuration. My Lincoln has 111,000 miles on the odometer.

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  16. Scotty Staff

    Auction update: The fine folks at Central City Auto Auction were kind enough to divulge the selling price of this great car. Are you sitting down? This fantastic car sold for a painfully low price of $2,000! Ouch, another missed opportunity.

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