Non-Factory Yellow: 1984 Pontiac Fiero

When it comes to Fieros, the color scheme can sometimes seem rather consistent among those cars that come up for sale. Red, black, white – these are the shades I seem to recall seeing the most. Yellow is far less common, but I don’t think this 1984 model here on craigslist left the factory looking like this – the yellow and black combo was only available in 1988 on the desirable GT models.

And those 1988 models tend to look killer, with mesh wheels painted black contrasting against the bumblebee-like exterior. This one retains the stock “slicer”-style wheels, along with its customary trunk luggage rack, as found on the earlier models. Sadly, this Fiero is not running, and was purchased by the seller as a track car project they won’t be getting to any time soon.

The body looks quite nice, even if it’s a repaint. The interior is holding up well, but these Fiero cabins tend to be incredibly hard-wearing from what I’ve seen. The Fiero is the less desirable automatic transmission model, but then again, depending on the severity of the non-running condition, the trans could be junk along with the motor.

The seller notes that the 1963 Hydro Swift boat the Fiero is parked next to is also up for grabs, so perhaps you could arrange a two-fer if that’s your thing. The Fiero seen here is a standout for its color, but not for its originality or options list. As a cheap track rat, is it worth making an offer at $1,700? I’d rather hold out for a later GT or Formula spec myself for just a few dollars more. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jerry for the find.


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  1. Jimmy

    I’ve never seen under the hood of one of these so I don’t know how hard it would be to do a engine swap but $1700 doesn’t sound too bad for the condition of the body. Can a SBC fit in it ???

    • Ralph

      I’ve seen an LT1 swapped in, still transverse, with the 6 speed manual from the Pontiac G6 GTP used.

      Though, really, in my opinion, the best swap is a supercharged 3800.

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  2. Pookie Corvettejamie

    The engine is in the back. So under the hood is an understatement. No room for a V8 swap unless you are really that good. I liked these cars when they first came out. I still want one but this one can have someone else

    • CanuckCarGuy

      V8s have more recently become a frequent swap in these, with the Cadillac 4.9 being a popular choice.

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    • Donald

      You can buy a V-8 kit here.

  3. Ike Onick

    Where there is a will…

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    • Marko

      This Lambo Orange Fiero, has an Olds 455 with supercharger, and a TH-425 auto trans. Builder had to cut the firewall between the seats to get the snout pulleys into the cabin, and make a lexan shield to hopefully protect the passengers if the belt grenades. Notice I said “hopefully”.

      Wicked transplant.

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  4. James Schwartz

    My ’88 GT in factory yellow.
    Also of note. The yellow color (one year only… 1988), wasn’t exclusive to the GT model.

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    • nycbjr Member

      Wow nice! Lil jealous :-)

  5. David Miraglia

    Not my cup of tea along with the MR2. Prefer the X1/9 or a 914.

  6. KawiVulc

    Remember getting into it over whether the Fiero was available in silver with a girl I was dating. Don’t think she ever did admit I was right…

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